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bigger biceps workout

Building huge biceps is one of the most common goals of guys looking to get fit.

And there certainly is no shortage of advice, either in books or on the internet, telling you how to do this…

While there literally thousands of different biceps workout plans out there, in this post you’ll discover the key things you want to keep in mind no matter what biceps exercises or workout plans you are following.

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Let’s take a look at four things you must keep in mind when building bigger biceps.

How to Build Bigger Biceps

build bigger biceps

Bicep Building Tip #1: Don’t Overtrain

Many people who are trying to build bicep muscles make the mistake of overtraining.

It’s really easy to overtrain the bicep muscles because they don’t fatigue as quickly as other muscles which can lead to causing an excessive tear on the muscle (I’m sure you’ve had those times where you can’t move your arms the day after?).

One good way of ensuring you don’t over stress your arms is to keep a journal of your last biceps workout and just progressively improve with each workout.

Also, for multi-muscle workouts, leave isolated bicep exercises until the very end of your workout routine.

Bicep Building Tip #2: Lift Slowly

If you want to build your biceps effectively, you will want every single rep you perform to be as effective as possible.

The goal is to get as many muscle fibers involved as you can. If you can bring as many muscle fibers as you can into play, you will not only develop stronger muscles, they will be more even and have a better tone.

When doing bicep curls, be sure to lift slowly so that you are focusing all of your efforts on the bicep muscle and not bringing any type of swing force or other muscles into the equation.

A really cool trick, next time you do a standing bicep curl, stand with your back flat against the wall… I guarantee the exercise will seem much more complicated.

Bicep Building Tip #3: Maintain Complete Control

The correct extension of the weight is critical, but control is equally important, throughout the whole of the lift.

The strongest determining factor here is the weight itself, so don’t defeat yourself by using a weight which is too heavy. In order to make your exercises as effective as you can, make sure the lift is executed as quickly as possible, while you still have the weight under complete control.

As you release the weight, try to do so as slowly as comfortably possible (as recommended above).

If you can make this downward phase take at least two seconds, you will be recruiting a lot more muscle fibers.

Bicep Building Tip #4: Go Beyond Bicep Exercises

One point which is often overlooked by beginning muscle builders is that there is more than one group of muscles, and you need to work them in a balanced way to achieve optimum results.

So many people who are just obsessed with their biceps tend to focus solely on their biceps exercises and ignore their triceps which can lead to unnatural/uneven arm development and possibly even injuries.

Also, focusing on more compound movements, such as pull-ups, will give you a more balanced workout hitting multiple muscles, including the biceps.

If you have been struggling to build massive biceps or hit a plateau, then try to tips in this article and I’m sure you’ll see more muscle growth and bigger biceps quickly.

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