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When it comes to working out and building a great body, it’s no surprise that building a massive chest is one of the top priorities for most guys.

Not only does it look good, but having a strong chest is vital in building overall strength, posture, and a well-rounded

With that said, let’s look at how you can build a bigger chest in four simple steps.

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4 Simple Steps to Building a Bigger Chest

1. Hail the Almighty Pushup

When it comes to building a bigger chest, sometimes simpler is better.

You don’t necessarily have to do a lot of incredibly complicated exercises to build chest muscles, and in many cases, they can be counterproductive.

A perfect example, in my opinion, the simple pushup is one of the best exercises to build your chest. Though not the coolest exercise in the gym, this simple exercise can be much more effective than many of the most popular exercise machines in the gym, including the fly machine.

Pushups are a great exercise for both building muscle mass and muscle definition in the chest. There are so many variations (regular pushups, incline pushups, etc.) that you can you literally hit your chest from just every angle; recruiting a full range of muscle fibers.

2. Use Free Weights Not Machines

One piece of advice that you would do well to heed is to build your chest muscles (or any muscle for that matter) using free weights rather than machines.

It is sad to note that free weights are losing popularity in many gyms to the weight machines, but the reality is that using free weights is still the best bet for the serious muscle builders.

Your muscles benefit from a more comprehensive workout the weight is lifted through several different angles, and more muscles are exercised in this way, leading to a more even development.

3. Hit Your Chest from Multiple Angles

Let me guess… when it comes to working out your chest… your go-to exercise is a flat barbell bench press, and maybe sometimes you finish it off with a trip to the cable fly machine?

The reality is the muscles in your chest belong to diverse groups, and if you can work each group, you will gain better results than the average person who ignores this factor.

Specifically, your chest has an upper and lower part. Incline dumbbell flys and incline barbell presses are effective ways of developing the upper chest, while the lower part responds well to declined barbell bench presses.

Your chest is also divided into an inner and outer section. The inner section can be worked with standing cable crossovers, and the outer section with flat bench press and flat dumbbell flyes.

Finish it off with dips and you’re really hitting the chest from multiple angles.

4. Train Your Chest to Failure

By far the most effective way of maximizing the effect of your training time when you build chest muscles is to lift until you simply cannot lift anymore. Lift right up to your limit.

This can be a problem if you aren’t careful, and you should ONLY attempt this if you can find someone prepared to spot for you. The other person is then able to grab the bar and stop it doing you any harm, or pinning you down.

You could potentially train to failure on your own with dumbbells, but it’s still probably a good idea to have a spotter (plus your gym may not be cool with you throwing the dumbbells on the floor!).

Follow these four tips and you’ll be sure to see better results with your chest building workouts.

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