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Don’t even think about trying to build lean muscle without using this supplement

If you’ve been into muscle building for any amount of time then you’ve surely been inundated with hundreds of supplements all promising the moon and the stars… touting all these new scientific breakthroughs to help you build muscle faster.

The reality is that most of it is pure garbage and isn’t backed by any real scientific research.

There is, however, one supplement that’s the most researched supplement proven to help you improve your workouts, endurance, strength… and build muscle faster.

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creatine for muscle building

Creatine Monohydrate

Creatine monohydrate can rightly lay claim to being the most popular and arguably most effective bodybuilding supplement currently available.

The beauty of creatine is that it is 100% natural and occurs in many foods so it doesn’t come with any adverse or unknown harmful side effect (unlike other supplements on the market… which are not regulated by the FDA).

What is Creatine?

Let’s first establish what creatine actually is.

In brief, creatine is produced naturally in our bodies to help supply energy to the muscles.I t is produced in the liver, pancreas, and kidneys before being transported in the blood to our muscles. It is then converted into phosphocreatine which is a powerful metabolite used to regenerate the muscles’ ATP source of energy.

From a muscle building perspective, creatine can significantly increase lean muscle mass quickly, improve performance in high-intensity exercise, raise energy levels and speed up recovery rates.

How Does Creatine Help Build Muscle?

Creatine’s ability to raise energy in muscles is due to its muscle protein synthesizing action whilst reducing the breakdown of protein. This happens because creatine has the effect of super-hydrating muscle cells with water. It also improves muscle growth by adding size and strength to muscle fibers.

How Do You Take Creatine?

Creatine is normally taken in two ways.

The first involves loading the muscles with 20 to 30 grams of creatine per day for four to seven days. At the end of this phase, maintenance involves a regular intake of 5 to 15 grams per day.

The other method is more gradual in that it skips out the loading phase and simply involves supplementing with 5 to 15 grams per day for an extended period.

Does Creatine Work and is it Safe?

Two questions remain to be answered – does it work and is it safe?

Creatine has undoubtedly been proven effective in recent years – over twenty scientific studies have concluded that creatine can increase energy levels and result in enhanced strength, endurance levels, and recovery rates.

As a training aid, it, therefore, has many merits.

In terms of safety, no study to date has shown creatine to be anything other than safe, provided manufacturers’ instructions are followed.

The bottom line is that it may not be the newest supplement. It may not be the “sexiest” supplement. But no doubt, it is the most proven, reliable, and safe supplement to help you build muscle and see the gains you deserve in the gym.

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