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Isaiah Mustafa was your typical Hollywood working actor, earning bit parts here and there…

Then, the former National Football League (NFL) journeyman (1997-2000) stumbled upon an opportunity that changed his life…

All because of a little Super Bowl commercial in 2010 promoting a deodorant company best identified with your granddad, or your dad…

Thanks to his hysterical, deadpan delivery and athletic physique (he was a football player, after all!), Mustafa’s three “Old Spice” body wash/shower gel commercials have become the talk of the advertising world, gone viral on YouTube and other websites, and propelled him to mainstream fame, with appearances on CBS’ “The Early Show”, “The Ellen Degeneres Show”, and “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno”, among others.

Isaiah Mustafa’s Diet and Exercise “Secrets”

In his July 28, 2010 appearance with Leno, Isaiah reveals that he is being personally trained by P90X guru Tony Horton. He admits to being a P90X exercise devotee for the past three years, and credits Horton for putting him on a strict “vegan-cleansing” diet that demands:

1.  No Alcohol.
2.  No Caffeine.
3.  No Processed (i.e. white) sugars.
4.  No Gluten (N.B. Tough if you like breads and cereals)
5.  “Nothing with a face” (i.e. no animal products)

Has it worked? Well, P90X is well-known for offering a great aerobic workout and encouraging weight loss. It’s safe to assume that Mustafa was in decent shape prior to hooking up with Tony Horton, but judging from his abdominal development, perhaps the video workouts gave the thirty-six-year-old the extra edge to earn his “Old Spice Guy” contract.

The results speak for themselves…

Where do you go from here?

We know that Isaiah Mustafa has parlayed his “Old Spice Guy” fame into numerous opportunities including:

  • A talent deal with NBC that includes a guest appearance on “Chuck”.
  • A role in “Horrible Bosses” (2011), starring Jennifer Aniston and Jason Bateman.
  • A role in Tyler Perry’s “For Colored Girls Who Have Considered Suicide When the Rainbow Is Enuf”

Just rewards for his performance in the Emmy-nominated commercials and 58 million YouTube views, don’t you think?

We may not be as fortunate as Mustafa when it comes to showbiz, but we do have options when it comes to improving our bodies and getting that lean, ripped (a.k.a. “Hollywood”) look.  Remember, Isaiah paid his dues before making it big.  Old Spice may help you smell great, but for long-term health and fitness benefits, consider how P90X can make you the man you always wanted to be.

Chris Cannon
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