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You know, I’m not going to lie to you.

I used to be extremely envious of other guys who were in better shape than I was.

More specifically, I was envious of guys who were able to build their chest muscles with seemingly little effort.

I remember a guy who I went to high school who wasn’t exactly the most built guy in our graduating class back then.

But when I ran into him, he looked like the kind of guy who had been living in the gym for the past decade.

I had always been the kind of guy who would stay in reasonable shape, but this guy was on another level entirely.

He looked like a legitimate bodybuilder.

We exchanged pleasantries and I told him about my struggles with building a more muscular chest.

The conversation between me and him went like this:

Me: “Dude, how do I build my chest like you? Whatever you do, it’s clearly working!

Old High School Friend: “What do you normally do to work out your chest?”

Me: “Umm well I normally do pushups, bench-press, and chest flys. Like I was able to build some muscle, but I’m not completely satisfied with the results. I feel like my body completely plateaued and I haven’t made any progress since then.”

OHSF: “You mentioned chest flys. Can you be more specific?”

Me: “Well, I use a chest fly machine. I set the desired weight that I want and I press the two bars together and hold a few seconds. I usually do about 4-5 sets and 10 repetitions for each set.”

OHSF: “Hmmm well I was doing that too and like you, my body plateaued and I wasn’t seeing any progress. That is until I incorporated another chest exercise into my fitness routine.”

Me: “What is it?”

OHSF: “I started doing an isometric chest fly exercise using a Swiss Ball.”

Me: “Really? I always thought of Swiss Balls as nothing but oversized dodgeballs. I never thought of doing an exercise involving the use of them.”

OHSF: “Yeah bro, you should definitely give it a try. It worked for me. It could work for you too!”

Me: “Hmmm I think I just might. If it helped you build your chest like that, then why not? Yeah. I think I’ll try it. Thanks man!”

And that was the end of our conversation.

And I actually did try it afterward.

And it worked really really well.

As a matter of fact, T-Nation called this, “The Best Chest Exercise You’ve Never Tried”.

And that brings me to today’s exercise topic, isometric Swiss ball chest fly exercise.

So without further ado, let’s get into how to perform this simple yet highly effective exercise.

How to Perform the Isometric Swiss Ball Chest Fly Exercise

1. Stand holding a Swiss ball between your forearms with your upper arms parallel to the floor.

2. Pull your elbows in against the ball until you feel a contraction in both pecs.

3. Squeeze and hold.

4. Start with a 20-second hold and then gradually increase the time.

5. Do this exercise 6 times a week and increase the hold time with 5 seconds for every third day.

6. Day 1 and 2 will be 20 seconds. Day 3 and 4 will be 25 seconds. Day 5 and 6 will be 30 seconds. Continue this pattern until you can do a 60-second squeeze.

Isometric Swiss Ball Chest Fly Excercise Video

If you’re not sure how to perform this exercise or if you’re not sure that you’re performing the exercise correctly, then don’t worry! I got you covered.

Just check out the video below and you should be good to go!

Final Thoughts on Isometric Swiss Ball Chest Fly Exercise

If you want a chest exercise that will literally make your chest feel on fire, then this exercise is definitely for you.

If you’re looking to change up your fitness routine in regards to chest exercises, then this exercise is also definitely for you.

I never knew that a Swiss ball could be so effective in helping one build a muscular chest.

Just like my old high school friend suggested that I try it, I’m going to do the same thing and suggest that you try it.

So go ahead and give it a try!

It might be just the exercise you need to take your health and fitness to the next level.

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isometric swiss ball chest fly exercise

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