PowerBlock Kettlebell Review: Here’s What I Really Think!

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Adjustable kettlebells promise a solid kettlebell workout without having 6 different kettlebells sitting in your home gym space. For people who have limited space for their equipment or just don’t like clutter, these products seem like the holy grail of exercise equipment.

Today, I’ll be reviewing the PowerBlock Kettlebell. The PowerBlock Kettlebell is a HUGE step up from the previous version of an adjustable kettlebell by PowerBlock – the PowerBlock Kettleblock.

I’ll show you where it’s improved over the last version, who it works well for and why it may not work for you.

Note: My favorite adjustable kettlebell is the Bowflex Adjustable Kettlebell, which I review here.

Overview of the PowerBlock Adjustable Kettlebell

PowerBlock is a well-known and well-respected brand in the fitness business. They make the well-regarded PowerBlock Dumbbells and have recently upgraded their kettlebell offering so that it is smoother and sleeker than their old product.

I’ll go over the features in detail in this article. Here’s a rundown of what you’ll discover in this PowerBlock Adjustable Kettlebell Review.

  • First, I’ll tell you about the features and the benefits that are the most useful.
  • Next, I’ll take a look at the downsides that you should know about before purchasing.
  • Then, I’ll tell you a little bit about the PowerBlock company.
  • Finally, I’ll show you a sample of the different reviews and feedback this product gets from real users so you can make an informed decision.

Features and Benefits of the PowerBlock Adjustable Kettlebell

  • Sturdy all-steel construction – no plastic parts!
  • Steel selection pin with magnetic lock – extremely quick to change.
  • No base – 3 stacks of weight inside the bell.
  • Very compact.
  • Ergonomic and comfortable to use.
  • Replaces 4 separate kettlebells.
  • Traditional kettlebell style handle.
  • Weight increments of 18, 22, 26, and 35 lbs.
  • It feels like a solid metal kettlebell.

As you can see there are a lot of benefits that the PowerBlock adjustable kettlebell offers. The key things that stood out to me as the all-steel construction and the kettlebell handle.

Special Features and Pros of the PowerBlock Adjustable Kettlebell

There are several special features that make the Powerblock Kettlebell stand out from others in the adjustable kettlebell category. The key ones being its size, feel, and handle. Let’s take a look a closer look at each of these.

Extremely Compact
One of the big challenges with adjustable weights is that they can take up a lot of room. At 5.8 x 4.2 x 10 inches, carrying a maximum weight of 35 pounds these matte black finished kettlebells are extremely compact. That makes them easy to use and maneuver in traditional kettlebell exercises like the Russian twist, the deadlift, snatch and swing.

Feels Like a Traditional Solid Kettlebell
I can’t even tell you what a big advantage this is. The miracle workers at PowerBlock have somehow created a fully adjustable kettlebell that feels almost identical to a solid one. That means no feeling of shifting or moving parts while you are working out!

Traditional Kettlebell Style Handle and Smooth Case
This seems like a small detail, but if you want to perform the many kettlebell exercises that have the kettlebell on your forearm, shoulders or otherwise touching your body it’s huge. PowerBlock has designed their kettlebells to feel good in your hand and be smooth against your forearms.

Drawbacks and Cons of the Powerblock Kettlebells

NOTE: The old Powerblock Kettleblock was awkward and had uncomfortable plates that didn’t work well for kettlebell style workouts. Most of the problems with the old style have been fixed in the new Powerblock Kettlebell. With that being said, there are a few things you should know.

Some Users Want More Weight
For most beginner to moderate kettlebell users, the Powerblock Adjustable Dumbell offers a perfect combination of adjustability and weight.

But if you are strong enough to do exercises that require a kettlebell that is greater than 35 lbs, you are usually better off with individual bells such as the Yes 4 All brand or the Amazon Basics brand. In the adjustable kettlebell category, the Bowflex Kettlebells also offer more weight and go up to 40 lbs.

Handle Welded On
This is a small detail and one that doesn’t affect the performance of these kettlebells. But the handle isn’t cast as part of the body as it is with many traditional bells – it’s welded on.

What About the PowerBlock Pro Series Kettlebell Handle?

This is a product that PowerBlock sells that turns the weight stacks that are the core of their Adjustable Dumbbells into a kettlebell. It works with many of their pro models and functions well.

The big downside to this is that the stack isn’t ergonomic or smooth. Still, if you want higher level weights than the PowerBlock Adjustable Kettlebell offers then the kettlebell handle can a good choice if you already own PowerBlock stacks.

PowerBlock Kettlebell Video

If you want to see the PowerBlock Kettlebell in action then check out the short 17-second video below.

About the PowerBlock Company

PowerBlock was established in 1993 and prides itself on making what it calls the “world’s best dumbbell.” While they have a limited range of equipment that they make, what they do manufacture is of excellent quality. They do a good job of living up to their ethos of, “build quality products, listen to customers, and never stop learning.”

What Buying Customers Have to Say About The PowerBlock Adjustable Kettlebell

Quick and Easy to Adjust

My husband bought me this to add to my workout equipment and I love this thing! I use it almost daily. Very quick and easy to adjust, streamlined shape, and durable! I only wish I had a other one that was even heavier for goblet squats, etc. Highly recommend!!



Great Kettlebell. Comfortable to use, and the magnet system makes changing the weights very quick and easy.


Pin Stays in Position

I really like this design. The fact that the outer housing remains unchanged as you increase/decrease the weight is very good. The changing of the weights using a pin on the side is very easy as you just pull and push it back in. It’s so easy that I was afraid the weights would fly out of the housing as the pin slides off. This was my biggest fear. The pin, once inserted stays in its position as it has a magnetic lock. 


Replaces Others

Definitely like it! I have one. It’s great. If they’d have had them when I started, I would have two of them and not several others.


Bottom Line on the Powerblock Adjustable Kettlebell

There are a lot of kettlebell options on the market. Traditional kettlebells are great, but they can take up a lot of space.

For a streamlined kettlebell that adjusts super quickly in weight, the PowerBlock Kettlebell is a good option. I still prefer the Bowflex Adjustable Kettlebells, because I like the dial weight changing system over the pin system and because it has a broader range of weights to adjust to.

As you are researching adjustable kettlebells, one thing to keep in consideration is the shape. There are many people that prefer the PowerBlock version because it is shaped more like a traditional kettlebell than most of the other adjustable options on the market.

Compare Other Brands of Kettlebells

There are lots of good ways to get in a kettlebell workout. Here are some other popular options on the market.

Kettle Gryp
If you already own traditional dumbbells and want to try out a kettlebell workout on the cheap, this grip transforms your dumbbells into kettlebells. See my full Kettle Gryp review here.

Bionic Body Soft Kettlebell
This heavy-duty traditional style kettlebell has a soft outer body, which many people prefer for ease of use and comes in a wide variety of weights. At the time of this article, it also has an impressive 5-star rating on Amazon.

Bowflex Adjustable Weight Kettlebell
My personal favorite kettlebell. I’m a big fan of Bowflex in general and I love the broad range of weights that this adjustable kettlebell offers. See my Bowflex Kettlebell review.

PowerBlock adjustable kettlebell
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