Ryan Gosling’s ‘Ken’ Diet & Workout Plan for ‘Barbie’ Movie

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Ryan Gosling (born November 12, 1980, in London, Ontario, Canada) has come a long way since his teenage years in the Mickey Mouse Club.  No stranger to critically acclaimed independent films and blockbusters alike, Gosling is probably best known for playing jazz pianist Sebastian “Seb” Wilder in La La Land (2016), a role for which he earned a Golden Globe Award for Best Actor, as well as an Academy Award Best Male Actor nomination.

Some people say that once you’ve hit the big 4-0, you’re better off keeping your abdominals hidden from view. Apparently, nobody told Mr. Gosling, 41, judging by the way his stunning ‘Ken’ photo blew up social media and the Internet. 

All for a movie, ‘Barbie,’ released in July 2023!

Gosling has never struck me as the muscular or fitness geek type, but he’s clearly taken of himself over his nearly 30-year career. Plus, he still seems willing to take chances and avoid being pigeonholed as an actor and performer. 

Case in point: his willingness to bring the iconic Ken doll of Barbie fame to life.

Can hardly wait for the film, but what people want to know is:

How does the Ryan Gosling ‘Ken’ diet and workout check out?

Ryan Gosling Diet Features

Gosling isn’t a traditional faster, in that he won’t starve himself to achieve extreme physique goals (N.B. He does fasted cardio, see below). However, he will use cyclical meal timing techniques to maximize his hormonal responses to various foods.

So, what does Mr. Gosling typically eat?  Perhaps surprisingly, pretty plain food by most standards:

Mornings: Whole grain bread, yogurt, protein shake and/or fruits

Midday: Fish, vegetables, rice

Mid-afternoon snack: Protein shake, Banana

Dinner: Chicken Breast, nuts, sweet potato, green salad

Gosling typically supplements his meal plan with whey protein, various protein blends, and select multivitamins. While I favor multivitamins for most people to make up for nutritional deficiencies in our food sources, I generally hold off on recommending protein blends for all but the most dedicated and intense gym-goers.

Ryan Gosling’s Workout: Very, very Doable or a Huge No-no?

As always, here at Free Muscle Building Tips we always recommend that you get a full medical clearance before pursuing serious or even modest workout routines – especially if you’re returning to the gym after an extended period. 

That being said, you may want to adjust the frequency, intensity, and load compared to what Ryan Gosling’s workout calls for. For example, he typically goes with three to five sets for each of the exercises mentioned below. Certainly not for the faint of heart. 

Note that each day’s workout includes:

  • Stretching, Light cardio;
  • 20-30 minutes High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT);

and are usually set up as follows:

Mornings: Fasted Cardio

Afternoons, Evenings: Sculpted Split Workouts.

Now, let’s have a look.

Day 1 (Cardio, Chest, Abs).

  • Bench Presses (flat, incline, decline);
  • Flys (Dumbbell, Cable);
  • Abs Circuit (see below)

Day 2 (Back, Chest, Abs).

  • Deadlifts;
  • Pull-Ups;
  • Rows (Cable, Barbell);
  • Pulldowns (Lateral, Close Grip);

Day 3 (Arms, Cardio, Abs).

  • Dumbbell Kickbacks;
  • Dumbbell Bicep Curls; Cable Hammer Curls; Preacher Curls;
  • Cable Pushdowns;
  • Tricep Overhead Extension;
  • Abs Circuit

Day 4 (Shoulders & Cardio).

  • Military Presses;
  • Shoulder Flys;
  • Raises (Barbell Shoulder, Dumbbell Front);
  • Shrugs;
  • Arnold Presses;

Day 5 (Legs & Abs).

  • Squats (Back, Front);
  • Hamstring Curls, Calf Raises;
  • Dumbbell Lunges;
  • Step Ups with weights;
  • Abs Circuit

Day 6, Day 7 (typically weekends): No formal training.  Possibly some light cardio and stretching. 

Ryan Gosling’s Abs Circuit

50 Abs crunches

25 leg raises

25 flutter kicks

25-second reverse superman hold

60-second planks (typically two sets; more for advanced, athletic types)

Sounds like a lot, and to be honest, these are punishing workouts as executed by Mr. Gosling.

In reality, though, getting well-defined abs at any age requires an integrated exercise routine that includes regular strength training and cardio (see above).   Most importantly, you also need good nutrition to help you get to a lower body fat percentage – so necessary for showing off those washboard abs. 

What’s the verdict on the Ryan Gosling Diet and Workout Plan?

Ryan Gosling’s diet plan, to be honest, is surprisingly plain and boring – nothing like the regimes of some of his fellow Hollywood A-listers over the years. 

Without a calorie deficit bias in place, you could easily recommend it to most Average Joes who just want to shed a few pounds and improve their muscle tone. Provided you can handle two protein shakes daily. 

Must be a Canadian thing…

I like Ryan Gosling’s workout routine, although going full out five days a week may be off-limits for those us living a typical 9-to-5 existence with various family, work, and social commitments.

Keep in mind that even a scaled-back ‘Ken’ routine with less intensity and frequency than what Gosling puts in can still offer you very good strength and cardiovascular gains.

As well as highlight that six-pack you thought was in your rearview mirror…

BTW, Gosling’s bodyweight abs circuit can be done safely in any 8’x10’ space – a hotel suite, small bedroom, basement garage, public park space, etc.   

“Ken” Workout Conclusion

For over three decades, Ryan Gosling has shown moviegoers that dedication to your craft pays off in the long run. Not just in acting, but in your approach to physical fitness and overall healthy living.

While the upcoming Barbie movie may come across as superficial to some, taking care of your body is not. At Free Muscle-Building Tips, we continue to seek out health and fitness solutions that everyone can benefit from while continuing to remind readers about the downside of the celebrity diet/workout industry.

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