What Do Kettlebell Swings Workout?

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As more people are moving their workout sessions from the gym to their home, they are discovering new workout regimens every day.

If you are just beginning your fitness journey, you may wonder what specific exercises and equipment can do for your body.

When it comes to kettlebells, there are many ways in which you can use kettlebells and incorporate them into your daily life. Whether you are working at home all day or you have a dedicated workout space, kettlebells are an easy way to exercise.

What are Kettlebell Swings?

Kettlebell swings are a type of exercise that involves the use of kettlebells.

In order to perform a kettlebell swing, the person exercising should stand with their feet just under shoulder-width apart. The weighted kettlebell should be placed on the ground in front of the person exercising.

Once the person is standing in the correct position, they can then bend at the hips to lift the kettlebell off of the ground in one motion. While lifting the kettlebell, the person working out should keep the kettlebell close to the center of their body.

After lifting the kettlebell, the person should keep their arms and shoulders straight. When the kettlebell reaches its peak height, it will begin to swing back down. The kettlebell should swing back down close to its original position. The process is then repeated for several intervals. The person performing the exercise will want to keep their body engaged to keep the kettlebell within their control. 

Kettlebell swings are a simple exercise that can be completed by anyone who owns a kettlebell. Kettlebells come in different weights, so you can start small and work your way up if you need to.

What Muscles Benefit From Kettlebell Swings?

The reason that a lot of people like to incorporate the kettlebell swing is that it is easy to modify to fit the needs of many people. The workout can help you improve your balance and strengthen your muscles at the same time, without having to cause stress to your joints.

Doing kettlebell swings can improve your strength and build your core muscles. The kettlebell swing exercise can also build muscle in your shoulders, back, glutes, calves, and hips. These muscles can benefit greatly from the practice, and you can even lose weight from doing kettlebell swings.

Kettlebell Variations

There are different types of kettlebell swings that you can do. Some of them are more intense, while others are about as easy as the original. But it is all about going at your own pace and what muscles you are looking to build.

The weight of your kettlebell can also impact the results of your muscles. A lightweight kettlebell is ideal for those who are looking to lose weight and tone their muscles. The kettlebell swing is easy on the body if performed correctly and has a low risk of injury.

If you are looking to get a full-body exercise, you can try more intense kettlebell swings. You can also increase the weights of your kettlebell if you are up for a challenge. Make sure not to take on anything that is too heavy before you are confident you are ready.

Exercise Variations

It is also possible to perform one-handed kettlebell swings. These are excellent for building shoulder and arm muscles and can help even out muscles if one arm is bigger than the other. If you are not looking to even out your muscles, you can switch between arms after a certain amount of intervals.

Performing one-handed kettlebell swings are great for building coordination and balance within your core muscles. Having the ability to swing a kettlebell up and down with one arm may take some practice, so you will want to take the exercise slowly to avoid unnecessary injury.

The routine for one-handed kettlebell swings is essentially the same as regular kettlebell swings. However, you will want to start off with a lightweight kettlebell. When you are performing the exercise, you will want to keep the unoccupied arm out for balance.

Where Can I Perform Kettlebell Swings?

Kettlebells themselves are incredibly versatile. You can use them pretty much anywhere that has a solid floor. Before using a kettlebell, however, you’ll want to make sure that there is nothing fragile directly in front of you or behind you.

Most gyms will provide kettlebells for people who are looking to use them. But you don’t have to be restricted to public gyms. And in the year 2020, many people simply don’t have the option of visiting the gym.

Luckily, most lightweight kettlebells are relatively inexpensive. Investing in a kettlebell can help you improve your fitness journey.

Kettlebell swings can be done in the office, at home, or at a gym. You can even take your workout outside, as long as you have enough space. There are not a lot of places that are off-limits when it comes to doing these easy exercises.

How to Do Kettlebell Swings Safety

While kettlebell swings are simple, they can take some time to master.

It is essential to have a good posture and stance when performing kettlebell swings so that you do not pull any muscles or throw anything out of alignment. It is also important not to perform kettlebell swings with kettlebells that are too heavy. Doing so can cause injuries to your arms, back, or legs.

You should avoid doing kettlebell swings too quickly, especially if you are a beginner. Remember that weight-related exercises are not a speed-based competition. Doing kettlebell swings too fast is another way that you can injure yourself.

The Bottom Line on Kettlebell Swings

When done correctly, kettlebell swings are safe and effective for building core muscles and losing weight. Kettlebell swings are versatile and easy to learn and can be an excellent exercise for beginners. If you are looking to start your fitness journey, consider getting a kettlebell and find a way to incorporate kettlebell swings into your daily routine.