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Are you thinking about doing isometric shoulder exercises?

Maybe you recently went through shoulder surgery?

Or perhaps you took it a little too far at the gym and now your shoulder is paying the price?

It is so easy to hurt yourself when performing an exercise wrong. Many people will ignore that pain and continue along, trying to use a full range of motion with their shoulder when certain injuries deem that impossible. This is where the problem begins.

By using your shoulders full range of motion, you are causing more pain than before. You are now making things worse. We are all guilty of trying to work through the pain in order to keep the strength and muscle gains, which we work hard for.

Have you ever thought about isometric shoulder exercises?

Isometric exercises are forms of motions to strengthen your muscles without having to use your joints. You use isometric exercises every day and don’t even know it. ​Health Guidance​ says, shoulder, core, hip and knee and ankle stabilization which are so important in sports – are all cases of using isometric contraction of the muscle around these joints.

Let’s face it, shoulder injuries can take you out of the game. It’s time to make the best of a bad situation.

Check out the video below then keep reading to review six isometric shoulder exercises and how to use them when you’re trying to strengthen an injured shoulder.

6 Isometric Shoulder Exercises to Strengthen an Injured Shoulder

1. Isometric External Shoulder Rotation

External rotation exercises are great for strengthening an injured shoulder.

First, you will want to find yourself a wall doorway to execute this exercise. When you find yourself by a doorway or wall, let your arm hang down with your elbow bent at a 90-degree angle.

For the external rotation, place the top of your wrist, neutral, up against the wall or doorway. From there, exert force towards the wall without moving your shoulder. When you do this you are able to contract the shoulder muscle without pain or discomfort.

You will want to use 20-80% force when pushing against the flat surface. Anything higher could still hurt your shoulder, depending on the severity of the injury.

2. Isometric Internal Shoulder Rotation

An isometric internal rotation exercise is very similar to the external exercise. You will be doing the same thing, but opposite sides of the wrist.

So, find your doorway or wall again, but for this one, it may be easier to use a doorway. Now, instead of placing the top of your wrist on the flat surface, place the bottom of your wrist against the doorway. Keeping the 90-degree angle with your elbow and arm to your side, exert force from the bottom of your wrist against the doorway.

You should feel the contraction of your whole arm and shoulder muscles and for best results, follow these moves up with 10 reps and hold each rep for 5-10 seconds.

3. Isometric Shoulder Abduction

If you are following along, you should have a satisfying feeling in the muscles of your shoulder.

Shoulder abduction and internal rotations are no different. The shoulder abduction, very similar to the previous exercises, will incorporate the elbow instead of the wrist. So to do this, bring your elbow to the 90-degree angle and instead of placing your wrist against the wall or doorway, place your elbow there.

With the same concept in mind as the exercises before, perform the isometric exercise by exerting force from your elbow, against the surface of the wall or doorway.

Again, very similar to our previous moves, but very effective when preventing unnecessary pain when contracting the shoulder muscle.

4. Isometric Elbow Rotation

Now, for this internal rotation exercise, you will want a pillow or folded up towel.

Place that item between your thorax and elbow. If you don’t know what your thorax is, it is that center bone you feel in the middle of your chest between your sternum and neck.

Now, with your item in place, contract and exert your elbow in towards your thorax. Once you got this down, repeat for 10 reps for a 5-10 second hold on each rep.

A simple, yet effective exercise that will strengthen your shoulders without further injury.

5. Isometric Shoulder Flection

Sometimes, the exercises you’ve never heard of can be the most effective and fun!  With a flection exercise, it’s as easy as one, two, and three.

Here is how the move works. First, place your arm along your side, and your elbow at a 90-degree angle. Then make a fist with your hand and clench firmly. Now, place that firmly clenched fist against a wall, but don’t punch it! Slowly, exert force against the wall by pushing without losing your position.

Perform this exercise for 10 reps and again, 5-10 second holds on each rep.

Turn around and do it for me one more time!

6. Isometric Shoulder Extension

Lastly, is the shoulder extension.

For this move, you will want to stand up against a wall. From there, place your elbow flat against that wall and start pushing. You will want to make sure you don’t push yourself off the wall!

You will feel the shoulder and triceps contract and without any pain.

Final Thoughts on Isometric Shoulder Exercises

The idea behind using isometric exercises for your shoulder is the prevent further injury, yet allowing you to continue contracting and strengthening the shoulder muscle.

If you want a great visual of how these are performed watch the video above if you haven’t already.

What makes these exercises great is they involve no movement of the shoulder joint. This is a huge deal when the majority of shoulder injuries occur at the joint. Plus, if you are anything like me, you hate not working out due to an injury.

Take my word for it and always play it safe my friends. Take advantage of activating your injured shoulder with isometric shoulder exercises and you won’t regret it.

You will promote healing and still gain strength!

Chris Cannon
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