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Have you ever wondered why you have days you just don’t feel yourself? You’re not alone my friend, guys across the entire world run into the same issue. And the thing causing this could be low testosterone.

Do you know what your problem is? It is your bodies response to lower testosterone levels.

Testosterone is a man’s best friend, it gives you muscle mass, sex drive, strong memory, an awesome beard (if you want), and helps you feel simply amazing! This is why increasing testosterone is such a hot topic.

But, if you’re not feeling this way, you may be suffering from low testosterone. Low testosterone is a big frowny face for men, you lose sperm count, muscle mass, you grow man boobs, and you get tired all the time.

So what is causing you to lower your testosterone levels?

Check out the video below then read on to discover the top 5 things that may be causing lower testosterone levels.

Does Masturbation Cause Low Testosterone?

There is a big controversy about masturbation or not masturbating and lower testosterone levels. One side thinks too much will decrease your testosterone, the other side says it has no effect. Who should you believe?

Multiple studies have shown that masturbation has zero effect on your testosterone levels. So, this is NOT one of your everyday things that lower your testosterone, it’s not even in the top 10.

With that said let’s take a look at the what could be causing you to have low testosterone.

5 Things That Can Cause Low Testosterone Levels in Men

#1 BPA Chemicals

What are BPA chemicals, or chemical bisphenol A, to you?

Well, you know your favorite sports drink or water that comes in a plastic bottle? BPA is a major chemical found in the plastics in all those water bottles. There is a ​study​ where men worked around BPA chemicals on a daily basis for six months. The result, noticeable and significantly lower testosterone levels in the body.

If this can happen just by being around the chemical, just imagine what can happen when you consume them. In fact, drinking from plastic bottles for a week will show increased amounts of BPA in your urine. You will also increase your risks by heating the plastics, like Tupperware before consuming what’s inside.

BPA is the top leading cause of lower testosterone levels in men, so try to avoid drinking from plastic bottles, jugs, and even Tupperware.

#2 Beer Hops-AKA Beer

This is no joke, the hops in beer have been proven to decrease the supply of free testosterone in a man’s body. You may need to begin slowing down on those keggers guys.

The hops in beer have strong estrogen-like properties, and the more estrogen you have, the less testosterone you’ll be able to produce. The estrogen is so strong in beer hops that researchers are using them for hot flash treatments for women.

This should be enough for you to start considering to slow down on your drinking, especially if you are having lower testosterone levels.

#3 A Bad Diet

Do you think your bad diet has only been affecting your health and weight?

Today you’re going to learn, a bad diet will significantly lower your free testosterone levels.

What does your daily meal structure look like? Are you eating refined, processed, fatty and fried foods? STOP IMMEDIATELY, these foods are causing an automatic decrease in your testosterone levels. Yes, that cheeseburger and fries look really good, and by all means, I’m not saying not to eat it. But, it is time to start including more homemade meals, grilled lean meats, and salads (check out my Ultimate Muscle Building Salad Recipe).

This will lessen the chances of running into any packaged or fast food. You are what you eat, so when it comes to testosterone, just think how the food your eating, now, will affect you.

#4 Lack of Sleep

Did you know that not sleeping enough not only affects how you function but affects your testosterone levels?

It is a known fact, sleep plays a big part in the health of the human body and now plays an even bigger part. A lack of sleep will cause lower testosterone levels by 15%. ​Science Daily shared a study that found skipping sleep reduces a young man’s testosterone levels by the same amount as aging 10 to 15 years. For you younger guys out there, lack of sleep isn’t only affecting the older generations.

We are allowing ourselves to become a statistic from not sleeping enough. Lack of sleep will make you feel worse, look worse, and test levels will be lowered, and you will be stressed. I understand in today’s society, it has become so busy that even sleep is now a commodity.

So, work on that busy life of yours or discipline to go to sleep on time and start securing the testosterone you have.

#5 Stress

Have a long day at work? Maybe you have a deadline coming up and you’re nowhere near prepared? These are just a couple of familiar situations, in life, where stress is built on.

Stress plays a part in men’s decrease in testosterone levels. How does it do this? Stress really isn’t good for anything, but what it is good at is producing cortisol. Cortisol is a hormone in the body that, when produced, will depress a man’s ability to produce testosterone.

It is like the balance of life when you get too much of one thing, you’re not getting enough of the other. In this case, the more stressed you are, the more cortisol you produce and the less testosterone you’ll have. Your testosterone will fight back like it’s meant to, but cortisol is a persistent hormone which will consume testosterone’s ability to produce.

Here’s the solution, run, go to the gym, laugh with your friends, these are forms of stressing muscle, which will affect you in a good way by increasing that testosterone and lowering that hateful cortisol.

The Bottom Line on Low Testosterone

Now you know the five everyday things that will lower your testosterone. Maybe you need more discipline, more information, or maybe help to control your stress? It is up to you now, you know yourself better than anyone.

Balance is the key to life, as it is with your healthy testosterone levels.

When it comes to depleting testosterone levels, it is time to start work smarter, not harder at how you approach the task.

Remember, avoid BPA’s, control your beer consumption, eat a better diet, sleep more, and stress less.

To your higher testosterone success!

Chris Cannon
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