Rusty Moore’s High Carb Fat Loss Review

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Onto the article...

I have to admit when I first heard of Rusty Moore’s “High Carb Fat Loss” eating plan I was SUPER skeptical. After all, it seems like every single “diet guru” on the planet has told us that carbs are terrible for us since the beginning of time.

But what if they’re wrong?

What if pumping up the fat intake and lowering our carbs is exactly the wrong approach to losing fat and getting lean? That’s the entire idea behind High Carb Fat Loss.

In this High Carb Fat Loss review, I’m going to look closely at that claim and exactly who this system will work for.

Overview of My High Carb Fat Loss Review

What's in High Carb Fat Loss

I’ve taken a deep dive into this course, and it challenged the way I think about eating. In this review, I’ll answer the question “Can you lose fat on a high carb diet?”

In this review I’ll also go over:

  • The Pros of High Carb Fat Loss
  • The Cons of High Carb Fat Loss
  • The Key Features of the Program
  • A Video Review of High Carb Fat Loss
  • Ratings for
    • Ease of Use
    • Features
    • Customer Service
    • Value for Money

OK! Let’s get into this and see if High Carb Fat Loss is right for you.

Does a High Carb Low Fat Diet Work?

high carb low fat weight loss diet

One of the things that I like the best about Rusty’s High Carb Fat Loss program is the emphasis on HOW fat is stored in our bodies. Most of the fat that we store in our bodies comes from the fat we eat.

IMPORTANT! Most of the carbs we eat get stored as glycogen in our muscles. Not at fat on our bodies.

So, a high carb, low fat diet CAN help you shed fat from your body as long as you don’t massively overfeed carbs (but it takes A LOT to do that). And it does it without crushing your metabolism!

Pros of High Carb Fat Loss

Facebook Group: In my opinion, the Facebook Group is worth the price of admission. It’s extremely active and Rusty Moore goes out of his way to answer every single question. He also posts new and interesting recipes and curates the recipes from the group into a usable format.

Two Meal Plans: This is a really “above and beyond” move by Rusty. There are two meal plans included with high carb weight loss. One “regular” and an “advanced” one for vegetarians. This means that his plan can work for nearly anyone.

High Carb Fat Loss Meal Plan

Explanations: I find that I have a MUCH easier time sticking to a meal plan (or anything else) if I understand WHY I’m doing something. Rusty is meticulous in his research and gives thorough explanations of WHY a high carb diet, low fat diet works to help you shed fat.

Sample Meals: I’m an EXTREMELY busy guy, and sample meals make this plan even easier to follow. He also gives you samples for small recipes and snacks.

Cons of High Carb Fat Loss

I think the hardest part about this program is wrapping your head around it. Especially if you are used to doing Keto or Paleo type plans.

It can be very difficult to get yourself to eat a plate of pasta or rice if that’s not how you are used to eating.

But.. for most people it’s much easier to follow AND more effective than a Keto plan.

Key Features of High Carb Fat Loss

spaghetti with tomato sauce

In summary here are the key benefits of High Carb Fat Loss

  • A strong focus on the science of how our bodies store fat
  • Explanations of fats, carbs, and proteins and how much of each we actually need.
  • A “regular food” diet plan
  • A “vegetarian food” diet plan
  • Sample meals with EXACTLY how to make them
  • Sample snacks with EXACTLY how to make them
  • Access to a Facebook group that is one of the best I’ve ever seen

High Carb Fat Loss Video Review

This is an extremely thorough review of the High Carb Fat Loss program.

High Carb Fat Loss Ratings

  • Ease of Use: 5/5 – Rusty is meticulous about putting together well thought out and organized programs. You will never have a problem figuring out how to proceed through the program or where to look for resource.
  • Features 5/5 – This program has everything you need to follow it including both vegetarian and “regular food” options.
  • Customer Service 4/5 – The Facebook group is one of the best I’ve ever seen and they answer their emails quickly, but there is no phone number.
  • Value for the Money 5/5 – This course is an EXTREMELY good value for the money with the Facebook group alone being worth the price of admission.

The Bottom Line of High Carb Fat Loss

If you are willing to think about losing weight in a new way, then this is an easy program to follow AND it works.

You can ask questions about what to do in the Facebook group and get REAL answers that help you move past any plateau’s you experience.

Overall, I highly recommend this course. You can learn more about Rusty Moore’s High Carb Fat Loss program and get started here.