Visual Impact for Women Review

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I get a lot of women who write to me and are looking for a program to help them get lean and fit, while not bulking up.

Most women (not all) simply don’t want to be “ripped” – rather they want to be toned. They want to look feminine and good in a dress.

That’s where my friend, Rusty Moore’s, Visual Impact for Women comes in.

Bottom Line: If you want to look fit and still look great in a dress, then you should check out this program. It can help give you a body that looks great at dance clubs and just walking down the street. The workouts are both achievable and challenging. Click here to see Visual Impact for Women.

Note: If you are more interested in building muscle Rusty also has a program, called Visual Impact Muscle Building. You can see my Visual Impact Muscle Building review here.

Overview of My Visual Impact for Women Review

Rusty’s program shows women how to strategically combine High-Intensity Interval Training with “Steady State Cardio” … to predictably Burn Body Fat on Demand.

Visual Impact for Women program

I’ve gone through this course in detail and it not only provides solid techniques for women to get a lean look without bulking up, it also shows you how to effectively drop fat without having to feel hungry all the time. I’ll tell you more about that shortly.

In this Visual Impact for Women review you’ll discover:

  • The Pros and Cons of Visual Impact for Women
  • The Key Features of the Program
  • A Visual Impact for Women Video Review
  • The Equipment You’ll Need for Visual Impact for Women
  • Visual Impact for Women Ratings for:
    • Ease of Use
    • Features
    • Customer Service
    • Value for Money

Let’s go ahead and look at the program in detail and see if it’s the right fit for you.

Pros of Visual Impact for Women

100% Fit and Feminine

One of the things that impresses me most about Visual Impact for Women is the emphasis on being “100% fit AND 100% feminine.

The reality is that workout programs that are designed to give men washboard abs and super defined biceps will bulk women up most of the time – even if they claim something different.

Most women DO NOT want to get Big and Bulky like this:

Woman with a big and bulky muscular look

Visual Impact for women is DIFFERENT. It focuses on science-based strategies like Aerobic Intervals that get women’s bodies more efficient at burning fat and staying lean.

Visual Impact Fitness for Women focuses on getting a slim, fit, and feminine look like this:

Woman with the Visual Impact for Women "Fit and Feminine" look.

It also gives you exercise routines that you can use with a simple home gym AND more elaborate routines for use at a commercial gym.

Finally, Visual Impact For Women addresses dieting in a way that makes sense and is sustainable both for weight loss and for long term maintenance.

Sound Exercise Principles

I can’t even count the number of workout programs aimed at women that give you exercises performed by perfect models and don’t give you ANY theory or reason why they work.

Rusty’s program gives you 8 detailed units from myth-busting to Yoga that tells you what works to get the 100% fit and 100% feminine look and more importantly WHY they work.

General & Event Diet Strategies

This is one of my favorite things about Visual Impact for Women. That’s because no matter how good an exercise program is if you don’t also get your diet right then it can only go so far. Rusty shows you how to supercharge your fat-burning metabolism in these three units.

Visual Impact for Women Diet Principles

Workouts for Women

I love Rusty’s workouts for how effective and flexible they are. If you want to workout at home or at a gym, he has you covered. These workouts are fun and easy to do. Most importantly, they will never bulk you up!

Even better… included in the workouts in a HUGE bonus section called Fat Torching Cardio. This will take your fat burning to a whole new level.

Visual Impact for Women Workouts

Exercise Demonstrations

One of the big advantages of the Visual Impact for Women program is the 200-page exercise workout demonstrations that come with it. This PDF shows you step by step how to do each exercise that Rusty recommends. It alone is worth the price of the course.

Printable Workout Chart

This is a simple attention-to-detail item that exemplifies the way Rusty puts together his programs. It makes working out SO much simpler to track. You just print the charts and track your workouts so you always know where you are at.

Facebook Group

When you are working towards changing behavior patterns, there is nothing better than having the support of your peers. Rusty is in his Facebook group regularly and it’s a great place to meet up with like-minded people.

Cons of Visual Impact for Women

No Video Training: If you are really into video training then this program might not work for you. I personally would rather use printed guides myself and know that many other people do as well and the program works very well for that.

Most of the Exercise Demonstration Visuals are Men: This is a little disappointing in a product that is geared toward women. But it doesn’t make the product any less effective in how it functions and in helping women achieve sexy, feminine, and fit bodies.

Key Features of Visual Impact For Women

In summary, here are the key benefits of Visual Impact For Women:

  • A strong focus on the theory of getting a sexy, feminine, and fit body.
  • 6 Complete Workouts + Two Bonus Sections
    • A Flat-Out Effective Cardio Workout
    • How to Customize Your Workout
    • The “Go-to 2 Day Split” – Gym Routine
    • The “3 Days Per Week” – Gym Routine
    • Setting Up a Simple & Effective Home Gym (Bonus Section)
    • The “Go-to 2 Day Split” – Home Routine
    • The “3 Days Per Week” – Home Routine
    • How to Lose Muscle Mass on Purpose (Bonus Section)
  • A HUGE section on Fat Torching Cardio
  • Exercise Demonstrations
  • A Supportive Facebook Group

Visual Impact For Women Review Video

Here is a thorough video overview by Sofia of the Visual Impact for Women Program

What Equipment You Need for Visual Impact for Women

You can do all your workouts at a commercial gym or with a home gym, or you can combine the two.

For home gym workouts you will need:

Visual Impact for Women Ratings

  • Ease of Use: 5/5 – Rusty is great at material organization and presenting concepts in clear ways that are easy to understand.
  • Features 4.5/5 – The lack of video instruction may bother some people, but if you want a lean, sexy, fit body then there are few better programs on the market.
  • Customer Service 4/5 – The active Facebook group and quick answers to emails make customer service quite good. But there is no phone number to call.
  • Value for the Money 5/5 – If I had a higher rating for this, I would give it a higher rating. You get a big bang for your buck with Visual Impact or Women.

The Bottom Line on Visual Impact for Women

If you are looking to be super fit and still look great in a dress, then you should check out this program. It can help give you a body that looks great at dance clubs and just walking down the street. The workouts are both achievable and challenging.

The only real downside is that there aren’t follow along videos. I personally find videos distracting, and the cost is affordable enough that the lack of videos isn’t a super big deal.

Overall, Visual Impact for Women is a great value for the money you’ll pay for it and it is a great way for women to get 100% fit and 100% sexy.

Click here to learn more about Visual Impact for Women and to get started today.