Athlean-XX For Women Review

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Because I’ve focused so much time reviewing the various offerings of the Althean X universe, I get a lot of questions about it.

Women, in particular, want to know if the Athlean-XX program for women works as well as the traditional AX1. And they want to know if they will get lean and strong vs. bulky.

In this review we’ll answer those questions along with some other things you should know if you’re thinking about purchasing Athlean XX.

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Overview of Athlean-XX for Women

Athlean-XX for Women focuses on the benefits that most women want from a fitness program. It stays completely away from fad diets, too much cardio, and exercises that bulk women up.

Instead it focuses on:

  • Short weight based workouts
  • An eating plan that is easy to follow and live with
  • Proven science backed plans that create a lean and strong body

Features and Benefits of Athlean-XX for Women

One of the first things that you’ll notice with the Athlean-XX program is that the meal plan isn’t an afterthought.

It’s specifically meant to help busy women eat right with a minimum of fuss and frustration.

Athlean XX meal plan

Other great features of the Athlean XX program are:

  • Workouts under 33 minutes
  • Flexibility to customize workouts for home or the gym
  • Workouts that are geared toward developing lean strength, never bulk
  • Meal plan flexibility
  • Restaurant eating cheat sheets
  • 24/7 support
  • Online accessible workouts
  • Challenges to help keep you motivated
  • A convenient 3 pay option

Special Features and Pros of Athlean-XX for Women

No bulk:
One of the challenges that women face when they try to adapt programs meant for men is that they can inadvertently become bulky. Athlean XX is specifically designed to sculpt strong, lean, athletic bodies with NO bulk.

Keep the weight off:
Because Athlean XX helps you build strong, lean muscle it also increases your metabolism. This makes it work much better than a diet alone approach for keeping weight off for good.

A meal plan that works:
It’s very easy to get caught in the next big trend when trying to slim down. But Athlean XX has a meal program that is flexible, practical, and most importantly keeps you full so that it’s easy to stick to.

Drawbacks and Cons of Athlean-XX

All online based:
If you are someone who prefers to have outside people motivating you, it’s a better idea to hire a trainer than to do something like Athlean XX. Because this program is based online you do need some self-motivation to get started and stick to it.

Only 90 days:
Athlean XX comes with a full 90-day eating and workout program. It’s meant to be repeatable, but if you get bored easily you may want to look for a different program or get a personal trainer.

Athlean-XX Video

Here is a video of a mom of two young children and her experience with Athlean XX for women. Her results are quite impressive. Notice how her body is long and lean and not big and bulky.

What Equipment Do You need for Athlean XX

Athlean-XX For Women requires several pieces of equipment. I’m going to list my favorites from Amazon for each piece, but you can also pick most of these up used through Craigslist or at a yard sale (though I personally prefer to buy my equipment new).

  1. Light dumbbells (5lb to 10lb) – I like the BalanceFrom GoFit set
  2. Heavy dumbbells (12 lb to 20 lb) – I also like the BalanceFrom GoFit set
  3. Exercise tubing – I like Black Mountain resistance bands
  4. A stability ball – I like the URBNFit exercise ball
  5. A workout step – I like the Step Original

About the Athlean X Company

One of the things that has always impressed me about the Athlean X group of products is that they are put together by a guy with actual degrees and certification in exercise.

About Jeff Cavaliere

Because of that all the programs that Jeff Cavaliere puts together are both thoughtful and based in science.

The Bottom Line on Athlean-XX For Women

If you want to get a lean and strong body and increase your metabolism, then Athlean-XX for women is probably a good fit for you.

This program is not meant to make you ripped, if you are looking for that I would go with another Athlean X program, like AX1. You can see my overview of every single Athlean X program here.

The meal plan is easy to follow and it’s effective as well.

Overall, this is a solid program that will get you results if you follow it.