Jeff Cavaliere’s road to fitness training super-stardom continues to evolve as we hit the new decade.  The New York and Connecticut-based physical therapist and strength coach has created the AthLEAN-X Training System (“AthLEAN-X”), a 90-day program largely but not solely based on his “behind the scenes” experience with the New York Mets of Major League Baseball (MLB).

It’s easy to accuse Mr. Cavaliere of jumping on the “Build lean muscle, burn excess fat at the same time” bandwagon, now occupied by fitness and nutrition heavyweights like Tom Venuto (“Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle”), Craig Ballantyne (“Turbulence Training’), and Tony Horton of P90X fame.  After all, we all know how lucrative the fitness and nutrition industry is.

However, before criticizing Jeff’s motives for bringing AthLEAN-X to the general public, let’s investigate his take on physical fitness and nutrition and see if it lives up to the hype.

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Does Cavaliere have anything NEW to Offer You?

If nothing else, credit Jeff Cavaliere for choosing a catchy name for his program.  “AthLEAN-X” highlights the two (2) main reasons why the program might be for you:

  • To become a better Athlete: Regardless of what sport you are involved in and your current level of success, a systematic training program’s bottom line should be to help you perform better.
  • To give you that ripped, LEAN, muscular body that will keep turning heads.

I’m not sure about the “X’ thing – seems to be popular in fitness marketing circles these days LOL!

The Uncensored AthLEAN-X Package

Cavaliere offers a comprehensive package that won’t go over your head.  It includes:

  • Over a hundred-forty exercises fully illustrated and explained by Jeff.
  • Daily and weekly breakdowns of your program (Hint: You don’t do all 140 exercises!).
  • AthLEAN Burst Training”, a professional alternative to cookie-cutter cardio workouts being offered at most gyms today.
  • Advice on truly customizing your program, based on individual circumstances (i.e. current fitness level, body composition, etc.)
  • AthLEAN-X Home Training System: A 90-day alternate training program for home-based workouts.  No excuses anymore!
  • AthLEAN-X Challenges: You want accountability, you got accountability!  Measure your progress every four weeks and challenge yourself to do better with a series of basic exercises you’ll never look at in the same way again.
  • An exhaustive audio interview where Jeff details what healthy eating and good nutrition (70% of your results) are really all about.

And, much, much MORE…

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OK, I know what you’re thinking…

Does Jeff’s baseball bias mean that only eighteen-year old aspiring big leaguers should try AthLEAN-X?  While the program is heavily influenced by Cavaliere’s experience with baseball players (most notably, New York Mets third baseman David Wright) it would be insulting to call it a baseball workout program.  Why?  Simple:

  • The principles behind sports-specific training drills can also work for regular folks who want to get into great shape!
  • AthLEAN-X brings great health and fitness benefits to the fore: Reduced body fat, more lean muscle mass, better joint flexibility, and improved body functionality.

Better athleticism and better bodies for all, that’s what AthLEAN-X is all about.

The Body of a Pro Athlete without having to be one?

Professional athletes are busy people with numerous on-field and off-field commitments.  Cavaliere has channeled that reality into AthLEAN-X by giving it the same type of short, intense (i.e. 30-45 minutes maximum, 3 times weekly) strength training sessions that his celebrity clients use.  Coupled with two weekly conditioning workouts (N.B. not your typical cardio), you may only be looking at a three hour weekly commitment.

Is a lean, athletic body worth three hours a week to you?

Cavaliere taps into the science of muscle confusion, which states that frequent changes within your exercise program stimulate muscle growth by avoiding a plateauing effort.  He tries to keep workouts varied and interesting, but also challenging enough so that you get results faster than you may have thought possible.

Cannon’s Conclusion

Surprisingly and to his credit, Cavaliere does not overemphasize muscle gain and fat loss as AthLEAN-X benefits.  By faithfully following the AthLEAN-X system for ninety days and beyond, the athletic and physical benefits should stand out first.  The rest will follow naturally.

At $67 USD, Jeff Cavaliere’s AthLEAN-X delivers tremendous value for the money.  The program is demanding – no doubt about it.  I’ll be very honest – many people will need to repeat one or more of the 4-week cycles to achieve the stated performance goals.  However, if you are up to the challenge and follow through on the nutritional advice it is impossible not to get fantastic results.

Who is AthLEAN-X really for?

1. Aspiring athletes (senior high school and above) looking for a complete fitness and nutrition system to improve sport-specific performance.
2. Regular folks who have failed to get results from “steady-state” cardio and resistance training, and seek a real alternative.
3. Anyone frustrated with the time commitment demanded by other popular systems, and looking for a varied program that delivers results.

Chris’ AthLEAN-X Rating: 7 stars out of 10

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