Taylor Lautner’s Workout Secrets

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With the release of The Twilight Saga: New Moon, much of the surrounding media hype has focused on heartthrob Taylor Lautner, the seventeen-year-old actor who reprises his portrayal of Native American (and werewolf) Jacob Black.

Much of the focus has been on Taylor Lautner’s workout, and his incredible transformation adding massive muscle and ripped six-pack abs.

You see, in spite of a strong performance in the original Twilight (2008), Lautner had to prove he could handle Jacob Black’s demanding physical transformations in the sequel. Determined to fight off pretenders for his role, Taylor worked out extensively over a nine-month period, gaining thirty pounds of lean muscle mass to convince New Moon director Chris Weitz that he was still right for the job.

As a result, Taylor’s workout and diet regime are being scrutinized by adoring fans, personal trainers, and the general public alike. The Internet is all a buzz about the “Taylor Lautner Workout”, currently the most searched part of the Men’s Health website. Looks like Hollywood has found yet another young stud with whom to market its glamorous image.

Daniel Craig, Hugh Jackman, Brad Pitt, we get them.

But this guy’s a freakin’ KID!

By now, most of the skinny on Taylor Lautner’s workout is available to all. Both the general advice, i.e.:

  • Pushing the heavy load limits with infrequent “tasting” sessions.
  • Volume variation in weight training.
  • Creating more resistance and tension for consistent muscle use.
  • Low to modest cardiovascular work while focusing on weight gain.
  • A Muscle Recovery Plan.
  • Balanced meals; daily caloric and nutritional goals.

and the specifics, i.e.

  • Swiss Ball Pikes
  • Reverse Crunches
  • Leg curls
  • “Gymnasts” Hanging Leg Raises
  • Prone Cobra (Ed. Note: What’s up with that?)

can be culled from various sources and put together just as it was done for Taylor.

However, before rushing out on a “Just like Taylor Lautner” muscle-gaining crusade, ask yourself the following:

“Is Taylor Lautner’s short-term fitness, workout, and diet regime appropriate for me?”

Taylor Lautner was a scrawny 5’10”, 140 pound, sixteen-year-old when he started his intense role-saving workouts. As a hardgainer Lautner overcame very specific obstacles to massive muscle growth, thanks to a gifted trainer, full-time dedication to his muscle-packing goals, and his own genetic make-up.

Remember that Taylor was a naturally gifted athlete prior to becoming an actor. He was dedicated to the martial arts since childhood and became a world champion black belt by the age of twelve. Most fitness experts agree that Lautner’s innate metabolism rate, muscular density and core flexibility made him predisposed to accelerated, lean muscle mass growth.
and the monster six-pack that everyone wants…

Oh yeah, his youth helped a little.

These are some of the “little” details Hollywood insiders and fitness industry gurus prefer you not know about.

Let’s face it. Most of us are not Hollywood actors, professional athletes, or entertainers who must be in peak physical shape all year round. And we don’t have the convenient lifestyle of being able to workout for hours on end each day, or take multiple breaks throughout the day to workout. We often sit at desks 8-10 hours per day and lead what can best be defined as very sedentary lifestyles.

The life of Taylor Lautner (or any hollywood celebrity) is probably out of reach, but that does not mean that you cannot get healthier, set ambitious goals, and pack on the muscle mass to make you and those around you proud.

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  1. Wow, great article. Pretty down-to-earth advice. And I agree, the focus shouldn't be on the things we may not have (trainers, genetics, a hollywood carrot to chase after, etc.) – we should focus on solid goals and training to the best of our ability. We'll still be awesome!


  2. gotta' say, out of all the fit celebrities out there (Ryan Reynolds, Hugh Jackman, Jason Statham, etc.) Taylor impresses me the most because he got in such great shape at such a young age. On top of that the Taylor Lautner workout is focused on the basic fundamentals of fitness as opposed to the BS you'll find spewed all over the internet. Top it off with the fact that most kids that age don’t have the discipline to make it happen. The kid did a good job.Good post bud!

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