Taylor Lautner’s Eclipse Workout: How Twilight Werewolf Pumped Up for Eclipse

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Looking back, it seems incredible that Taylor Lautner was almost bounced from the role of werewolf Jacob Black in ‘The Twilight Saga: New Moon’.  Thanks to an ultra-rigorous fitness regime, Lautner not only saved his job but has become more “buzz” worthy than Twilight headliners Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson.

Let’s face it, Taylor-mania is huge; just ask his legion of adoring (mostly female!) fans.  His world-famous, rock-ribbed abs aside (Twilight’s biggest talking point, IMHO), he has signed a 7.5 million USD deal to star in an upcoming ‘Stretch Armstrong’ film, gets preferential treatment at all the Hollywood galas, and appears on the cover of the July issue of  GQ magazine.

Not bad for a guy who recently turned eighteen!

Getting Ripped like Taylor starts with…Diet?

If you’ve been following my blog and newsletter, I hope that I’ve convinced you about the importance of diet.  Working out all day and night will NOT get you results – it will just leave you skinny, sore and frustrated.

Following a disciplined exercise program without proper nutrition is not enough, either.  Without a calorie surplus to justify your heavy lifting, you will remain small, without the muscle gains necessary to achieve a well-proportioned physique.

Therefore, pay attention to these “Taylor-approved” diet practices:

  • Rule of thumb: Your body weight in pounds * 20 = Daily caloric intake.
  • Small meals every two to three hours to encourage optimum muscle growth and avoid binging.
  • Emphasis on complex carbohydrates (e.g. whole wheat, multi-grains, oats, yams, quinoa, etc.).
  • Eat lean proteins like chicken, turkey, salmon, etc.  Avoid overly processed red meats.
  • Practice meal “bracketing” around your workouts with enough energy (protein, carbohydrates) to do the heavy sledding.  Consume some simple sugars as well to maintain glycogen levels.

Taylor Lautner’s Eclipse Workout Tips

Not unlike his ‘New Moon’ regime, Lautner’s preparation for ‘Eclipse’ emphasizes compound exercises, i.e. sets that work the most fibers and biggest muscle groups to allow heavier and heavier lifting in the shortest time possible.  Therefore, stick to the tried and true:

  • Squats (thighs, hips, buttocks, quads), known to elevate testosterone levels.
  • Dead Lifts.
  • Bench Press (N.B. Proper form is crucial; sacrifice some weight for technique).
  • Chin-ups/Pull-ups (Back).
  • Push Exercises (e.g. Military press, Arnold press, etc.).
  • Pull Exercises (Lateral pulldowns, rowing exercises, etc.).

Go for short, intense (one hour or less) workouts, sleep well (a minimum of seven hours per night), and keep 48 hours between full-body strength workouts (or different days for separate body groups).  On off-days, see how many “werewolf” circuits (5 pull-ups, 10 press-ups, 15 bodyweight squats) you can complete.

There are many routes to a Taylor Lautner-like physique, but one of the most integrated systems available today is the popular No-nonsense Muscle Building Program. It does not shortchange people looking for a challenge and keeps things real with practical health and nutrition advice. You can learn more about it right here.

The Twilight Saga: Eclipse will be mass released on June 30th, but you don’t have to wait to start your quest for a lean, ripped, muscular, and rugged-looking body.  Get started today!

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18 June 10.

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