Athlean X Max Size Review

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Athlean X Max Size is named exactly for the kind of program it is. It’s meant to add muscle to your body and build the maximum amount of muscle in the least amount of time.

Overview of Athlean X Max Size

Athlean X Max Size Features German power training

The Max Size program by Athlean X is an intense workout program that requires a well-equipped home gym or a gym membership.

It comes with a full, detailed meal plan and it works for people of all fitness levels.

In this review of Max Size I’ll show you:

  • The features and benefits of Max Size
  • The special features of the program
  • The drawbacks that the program has
  • An overview of the Max Size workouts
  • An overview of the equipment you’ll need for Athlean X Max Size
  • A video about the workouts
  • A bit about the Althean X company
  • Reviews from real people about Max Size

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Features and Benefits of the Athlean X Max Size Program

Athlean X Max is a program developed by Jeff Cavaliere who served as the Head Physical Therapist and Assistant Strength Coach for the New York Mets.

All of Jeff’s programs are based in science and provide a complete workout routine. Here are the features and benefits of Max Size:

  • Builds size and strength
  • High volume training to add mass FAST
  • Includes meal plan with extreme option for fast fat shedding
  • Works for all skill levels from beginner to advanced
  • Athletic finishers to keep up your speed and agility
  • 5 day a week workouts for 90 days

Tip: Athlean X has a lot of programs to choose from. To get an overview of each of them, check out my Althean X Complete Review.

Special Features of Athlean X Max Size

German Volume Training Approach: This proven approach will help you gain mass quickly with 5 weekly workouts over a 90 day period.

Scaleable: This is one of my favorite features of this program. You can buy it once and use it over and over again as you scale up the weights and increase your gains.

Drawbacks and Cons of Athlean X Max Size

Developed for Muscle Gains: If muscle gains are what you are looking for, then this program is a good fit for you. But if you want a more balanced approach and a leaner physique you should consider AX-1.

Needs a Well Equipped Gym: This is not a workout you can do with just bands and a mat. If you want to use the Max Size workouts you’ll need a well equipped home gym or a membership at a commercial gym.

Athlean X Max Size Workouts

Max Size is built on German Volume training. What this means is that there is a lot of volume, very little rest, and a short time-frame to complete the workouts.

These workouts are INTENSE. You will NEED the two days of rest a week.

What Equipment You Need With Althean X Max Size

Athlean X Max Size Gym Equipment

To do this program correctly you will need the following equipment:

Note: I have an in-depth post about how to set up the best Athlean X home gym with the right equipment here. This will give you the exact items you need and recommendations for each one.

Athlean X Max Size Video

This is a serious video at 20 minutes long. But Josh goes into the pros and cons of Athlean X Max Size in detail and shows his before and after results. It’s worth watching.

About the Athlean X Company

Athlean X is founded on the philosophy of safe and effective workouts that get results.

Jeff Cavaliere, the founder of the company holds a Masters Degree in Physical Therapy and a Bachelor of Science in Physioneurobiology / Premedicine. He believes that workouts should be based on science and designs all his workouts that way.

Athlean X Max Size Results

I can tell you about the results that Max Size can give you all day long, but nothing quite compares to SEEING the results. In this video, Lokesh shows you his last workout AND his results.

The Bottom Line on Athlean X Max Size

This program is INTENSE. But if you want to make serious muscle gains it’s a good program to use. Based on German Volume Training Max Size gives you 5 days of scaleable, intense workouts every week for 12 weeks.

You do need a well-equipped gym to do this program and SHOULD start at lower levels and work your way up to avoid injury.

If you are looking to gain muscle fast and are willing to put the work in Max Size is a good choice.

Max Size review