The Best Home Gym Equipment for Athlean X

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If you want a good workout at home, there aren’t many systems that deliver as well as Athlean X – especially if you want to achieve mass and definition from your workouts.

I’ve reviewed the Athlean X program here – from top to bottom. But I still get a lot of questions on what type of home gym equipment you need to do the Athlean X program, so I thought I’d give you a complete list with recommendations.

Important: Most Athlean X programs take a core group of home gym equipment, which you will see listed below along with recommendations. The only exception to this is the XERO program that doesn’t require any equipment.

Althean X Home Gym Equipment

You will need all of this equipment for every Althean X program – AX1 has two items – a barbell with plates and squat rack – that are recommended but not required.


There are lots and lots of dumbbell sets on the market and you will need a variety of weights (from light to heavy) for use in the Athlean X programs. The weights you will need depends on your goals and your current fitness level.

Top Pick: Bowflex Adjustable Dumbbells
I own these and they are hands down my favorite dumbbells. They adjust from 5 to 52.5 pounds for the 552 model and 10 to 90 pounds for the 1090 model. They take up very little space because you only need a single dumbbell to cover all of those weights.

Best Value: Amazon Basics Dumbbells
If you are just starting to work out and don’t want to spend a lot on pricey dumbbells, then these are a great value. They come in sets of two and sets of six. If you know what size weights you are currently using, then the sets of six are a great value and come with a stand.

Weight Bench

If you spend money on a weight bench, make sure it’s adjustable. You don’t want a static weight bench. If you plan on advancing past AX1, make sure you get a weight bench that holds bars with plates.

Top Pick: Olympic Weight Bench with Leg Developer Attachment
This weight bench holds Olympic-sized bars and an attachment to do leg presses with. It’s also very sturdy.

Best Value: Flybird Adjustable Weight Bench
A solid value with solid construction. This bench doesn’t come with any extra bells and whistles, but it is a solid adjustable bench for a good price. See my full Flybird Adjustable Weight Bench review here.

Pull Up Bar

There are two types of pull up bars, ones that go over your door frame and ones that are free-standing. What you get depends on your space and what you prefer.

For Door Frames: Yes4All Doorway Pull Up Bar
Smart hook technology and door protection mean that you can place this pull-up bar with minimal worry that it will damage your door.

Free Standing: Power Tower Home Gym
If you don’t have a door frame to hook a pull-up bar onto, and you have enough floor space, the power tower has a pull-up bar, leg and knee raise station, and push-up bars for ultimate strength building.

Resistance Bands

When it comes to resistance bands you can get the flat loop style or the tube style. This mostly comes down to personal preference. I prefer the tube style.

Loop Bands: Fit Simplify Resistance Loop Exercise Bands
Made of 100% natural latex, these 12-inch by 2-inch loops are well made. They are easy on the skin and come in 5 graduated resistance levels.

Tube Bands: Tribe Resistance Band Set
5 graduated resistance levels and bands that come with handles and straps. These resistance bands also come in different sets with different resistance levels.

Physio Ball / Exercise Ball

As long as you get a good rated version and the right size for your height, whatever exercise ball you pick will probably be fine. There isn’t a whole lot of difference in these products as long as the quality is there.

Top Pick: URBNFit Exercise Ball
This ball comes in a multitude of colors and a wide variety of diameters. This particular brand is gym grade and very durable.

Best Value: BalanceFrom Exercise Ball
Not as many colors or diameters to choose from, but overall good quality for the price.

Jump Rope

Jump ropes are a critical piece of gym equipment and they are also super inexpensive. You want a rope that spins easily. Both of these do that.

Best Speed Rope: WOD Nation Speed Jump Rope
Fast rope with a stable rope swing to cut time off your speed jumping. This is an extremely highly rated jump rope

Best Value: Tangle Free Rope
Great price with comfort grip handles and smooth swing.

Barbell with Plates

This is optional but recommended in AX1. All other Athlean X programs other than XERO need this.

Top Pick: Yaheetech Barbell Set
This affordable set comes with 6 plates – 3 for each side. And goes up to 55 lbs. If you are a serious lifter, then it won’t be enough weight. But it’s a great, affordable set for beginners.

Squat Rack

This is also optional but recommended in AX1. All other Athlean X programs other than XERO need this.

Best Squat Rack: HulkFit Power Cage
This power rack is stable and well constructed. It features a built-in bar and weight storage.

The Bottom Line on Home Gym Equipment for Athlean X

If you want to set up a home gym and are dedicated to following a program, the Althean X programs are a great way to get strong and cut. You need minimal setup and they are extremely effective.