Athlean X Xero Review

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Xero is a program by Athlean X that promises the results of a gym-style workout without any equipment. Does it work?

Overview of Athlean X Xero

Breaking News: Jeff Cavalier of Athlean X just announced he will be releasing Athlean Xero 2 on October 27, 2020. We don’t have all the details yet but check out our Athlean Xero 2 review for the latest updates on Athlean Xero 2.

The Xero program by Athlean X is a 100% bodyweight training program. That means, unlike other Athlean X programs it doesn’t need ANY additional equipment.

It also comes with a full meal plan, and is good for both beginner and advanced students.

In this review I’ll answer the question, “Is the Athlean Xero program worth it?” by showing you:

  • The features and benefits of Althean Xero
  • Special features of the program
  • Drawbacks and Cons of Althean X Xero
  • A video overview of the program
  • An overview of the Althean X company
  • Video reviews of the program
  • Reviews from real Reddit users about Athlean Xero

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Features and Benefits of the Athlean Xero Program

Like the other Athlean X programs, Athlean X Xero is a complete workout program. You can do this program at the gym, at home, and it’s great for when you are traveling because it requires zero equipment besides your body.

Here are some of the main features and benefits:

  • Improve the way you feel, move and look with body weight exercises
  • Beginner to advanced skill levels with a fully adjustable program
  • 5 Day a week training frequency
  • No equipment required
  • 90 day training system that takes you step by step through the program
  • Includes special 6 Pack Shuffle ab sculpting program
  • X Factor meal plan included to help you lose fat and gain muscle
  • Updated guide on what supplements to take
  • Never measure or count calories
  • 150+ different and unique exercises
  • One time (not a monthly) cost
  • Full instant access to the program upon enrolling

Special Features of Athlean X Xero

No Equipment Needed

ll you need for this program is your body. An exercise mat is helpful in some exercises, but not necessary. If you don’t want to spend a ton on a gym membership or if you want a workout program for when you are on the road XERO works great.

Focus on Muscle Building

Xero Sum Workouts and the Muscle Stacking Protocol work together to give you great muscle gains with a pure bodyweight program. This is unusual in the bodyweight space and a huge feature of Athlean X Xero.

Drawbacks and Cons of Athlean Xero

No Weights Needed

Even though Althean Xero focuses on strength training, and you WILL see gains — you will not see the kinds of gains that you would get with a program like Althean X Max Size.

If you want a lean, strong, and well-defined body then Xero is a great choice. If you want to get big, try Max Size instead.

Note: I compare ALL the Althean X programs in my Althean X review here. It’s a great resource for figuring out which Althean X program is right for you.

Weighted Vests Can Increase Program Difficulty

Even though the program is advertised as needing zero equipment, a weighted vest is helpful if you want to dial up the difficulty level. An exercise mat is also helpful.

Athlean X Xero Video

Here is the video that the Althean X company produces about the Xero Program. It’s a pretty accurate one minute overview, even if it is a little hypey.

About the Athlean X Company

Athlean X is founded by Jeff Cavalier. Jeff holds a master of science in physical therapy degree as well as being a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist.

Jeff’s programs all focus on both athleticism and strength and he is well regarded in the fitness space because he bases his programs on science and not theory.

Athlean Xero Before and After

Jeff has many before and after photos on his website. And the results are impressive. You can see them here.

Here is another Athlean Xero before and after in video form. You can catch the before and after shot right at the beginning of the video. The rest of the one minute video is talking about this guy’s personal experience with the program.

Athlean X Xero Review – You Tube

This video shows the results on day 41 from the Althean X program.

Athlean X Reviews – Reddit

There is a fair amount of feedback on Reddit about the Althean X Xero program. It’s also overwhelmingly positive, which is unusual for Reddit.

Here are a couple of them.

In More Control of My Body

I have followed the program for around a year. It’s a 6 week program, and I was starting it over with additional weight every time (with a weighted vest). Overall I really liked it.

I was usually doing a ~10min warm up, the training, and a 6-pack promise (abs) every training day (5/week)

The program is divided in strength trainings and high intensity trainings (time varies depending on the training). The 6 week always have the same schedule, str/hit/rst/hit/str/challenge (challenge is usually more cardio than strength).

Strength trainings always had the same full body plan, although difficulty and intensity increase every two weeks (more exercise per body part). It was taking me ~1h10/20/30min.

High intensity trainings were always really different, and along with challenges, really hard and motivating. It was honestly what I liked the most of the program. Those trainings were beast, and I really enjoyed getting better and better every time I did the same one.

Overall, I can say this is a good program, really well built (Jeff does know his stuff). There is explanation video for every workout, so you can’t miss anything.

At the end of the year, I lost ~8lbs, which included muscle gains. I felt like I was a lot more in control of my body.


Looking Forward to the End Results

I bought Athlean Xero “yesterday”, and I finished the first workout and the ab workout (about 12:35am). WOW is all I can say, it was exhausting! I’m looking forward to the end results though!


The Bottom Line on Athlean X Xero

Althean Xero is a great program for people who want an intense bodyweight workout that will help them lose fat and build muscle.

It works for most skill levels, but if you really want to gain a lot of mass quickly then a program with weights like Althean Max Size may be better for you (see my complete Athlean X Max Size review here).

You can also see my overview of every single Athlean X program here to determine which one is best for you.

Finally, when it comes to fitness education and training programs, one of my favorite programs is Visual Impact Muscle Building by Rusty Moore. You can see my full Visual Impact Muscle review here.

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