Athlean Xero 2 Review – Is Athlean Xero 2 better than Xero?

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Onto the article...

Jeff Cavaliere has released the much anticipated Athlean XERO 2.

This is the second iteration of his Athlean Xero program (see my Athlean Xero review) which was released six years ago.

As soon as I get my hands on the new program, I’ll update this post with a full review. For now you can see my overview of Athlean X XERO 2 here.

Here’s what we know about Athlean Xero 2 so far…

  • Athlean Xero 2 will be a 12-week / 3-month training program (versus 6 weeks in Athlean Xero)
  • Athlean Xero 2 will be a bodyweight exercise program like Athlean Xero, but the program will include a pull-up bar option (Xero plus one)
  • Athlean Xero 2 will include neve before used training techniques and strategies that promises 2X the intensity and 2X the muscle…

Right now you can see a preview video the new program here.

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