Perfect Fitness Resistance Bands and Sports Sliders Review

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Overview of my Perfect Fitness Strength Accessories Review

Today’s review covers a couple of different Perfect Fitness products. These are simple, inexpensive accessories that can help you level up your fitness game on the go.

Perfect Fitness loves to make workout equipment portable. And their Perfect Fitness Resistance Bands and Perfect Fitness Sports Sliders are the most portable gear you can get. Use with other equipment to up the shred value of your session — or use them on their own for a to-go workout that bulks you, not your luggage.

In today’s review, I’ll cover a few things about two Perfect Fitness Strength Accessories: the Perfect Fitness Resistance Band and Perfect Fitness Sports Sliders.

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  • I’ll start by showing you the features and benefits of Perfect Fitness Resistance Bands.
  • Then I’ll do the same with the Perfect Fitness Sport Sliders.
  • After that, I’ll see if I can dig up any drawbacks or concerns to either product.
  • I’ll tell you a little about the Perfect Fitness Company.
  • And I’ll tell you what real people have to say about these two products.

Benefits and Features of the Perfect Fitness Resistance Bands

Resistance bands are an effective and inexpensive way to double or even triple your home gym’s effectiveness without adding bulky equipment. Use them to do curls, add difficulty to lifts and squats, and so much more.

These are 30-pound resistance bands without taking up the space of 30-pound weights! And you can combine multiple bands to increase your resistance up to a whopping 145 pounds.

Here are a few more features of the Perfect Fitness Resistance Bands.

  • QuickStart Workout: No need to find a workout to go with your equipment – there’s a QuickStart workout right on the back of the package.
  • Fabric Loop Hand Grip: Use these fabric loops as handles during your workouts. Or you can use the loops to anchor your band – you can turn a doorway into a total gym!

The Perfect Fitness Resistance Bands are available on (check pricing and availability).

Benefits and Features of the Perfect Fitness Sport Sliders

Sport sliders are a great way to add more versatility to your bodyweight workouts. And these sliders from Perfect Fitness work perfectly. There are dozens of moves you can use to level up your full-body training and increase your flexibility.

Use the Perfect Fitness Sport Sliders (also available on Amazon) on your hands or your feet. And they’re so simple to use – there tons of workouts out there (and one in this post!) on how to use sliders. You can up your core workout, strengthen and tone your legs and arms, and improve your balance.

The sliders come as a pair and measure 9×7 inches. They’re lightweight – weighing in at less than a half-pound! Easily pack them in your luggage without adding costly weight.

Here are some features of the Perfect Fitness Sport Sliders.

  • Teardrop shape: The teardrop shape helps you increase your grip and control your movements, whether you’re using them on your hands or your feet!
  • Double-sided: This lets you work out on hard or soft surfaces – just flip them over. Use the red side down for gliding smoothly across carpet — flip them black side down for sliding across smooth surfaces.
  • One-Year Manufacturer’s Warranty: Just in case, cuz life happens.

Drawbacks and Cons of the Perfect Fitness Strength Accessories

I couldn’t find any complaints about the sliders at all. After a bit of digging, I found a couple of drawbacks for the resistance bands, though both are simple.

Tearing: After some use, there’s a tendency for the bands to tear. Unfortunately, that’s a common problem with resistance bands, especially if you stretch them twice their length or more.

No Handles: These resistance bands do not come with handles. They’re equipped with a fabric loop you can use as a handle, or you can use it to anchor the band for different exercises. So, you can easily use them without a handle or invest in a set of handles separately.

How to get the most out of your Perfect Fitness Resistance Bands

Here’s a workout introduced by Perfect Fitness for their Resistance Bands.

How to get the most out of your Perfect Fitness Sports Gliders

If you’re looking for a workout using the exercise gliders, here’s a 13-minute full-body workout!

About the Perfect Fitness Company

Former Navy SEAL Alden Mills believes that quality fitness products are for everyone. So, his company, Perfect Fitness, ensures that each of their products works as well for a beginner as they do for the most advanced athlete.

Every Perfect Fitness product features a simpler design, so it’s uncomplicated to use or care for the product. They’re also portable – so you don’t have to leave your workout routine behind when you travel.

What Real People Say about Perfect Strength Accessories

One reviewer uses their resistance bands at the office.

Nice addition to my other bands. I definitely get a nice burn and use them multiple times a day because of how easy it is to have them in my desk drawer at work. Sturdy, Heavy Duty band.

Kathy J.

And Matthew M. had this to say about his Perfect Fitness Resistance Bands.

In my opinion, I love this style of resistant bands. The way you can attach them by looping makes them very easy to use, add more weight and functionality. I definitely plan on getting more cause they do breaks eventually, but I think I got a couple of years out of one before it snapped on me.

Matthew M.

And Julia G. thinks the Perfect Fitness Sport Gliders are fantastic!

These work great! I’ve never used fitness sliders before, and they definitely work! Used them for the first time yesterday, and I am FEELING it today! Works very well on carpet.

Julia J.

The Bottom Line on the Perfect Fitness Strength Accessories

These are versatile ways to ramp up your workout without having to buy tons of bulky, space-hogging equipment. The Perfect Fitness Sport Sliders and Resistance Bands are so portable and lightweight you can use them at home, the office, or on the go.

Even better, these products give you so much bang for your buck that you can bulk up without shredding your budget!