Perfect Ab Carver Review – Does the Ab Carver Really Work?

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Overview of my Ab Carver Roller Review

If you’ve been considering an ab roller, today’s review is just for you. I’ve explored the Ab Carver Roller and the Ab Carver Pro Roller for you.

An ab roller like the Perfect Fitness Ab Carver models (available on can help you to level up your core workouts. You’ll also see gains in your back-muscle flexibility, your balance, and your arms. Today’s review will compare the two Ab Carver models and help you decide which is the right solution for you.

So, here’s what I’ll cover in today’s review of the Perfect Fitness Ab Carver Roller products.

  • I’ll start by talking about why an Ab Carver Roller is effective and how to use one. 
  • Then I’ll highlight some of the common features of the Ab Carver Roller products.
  • After that, I’ll compare the two models for you.   
  • Then I’ll introduce you to the Perfect Fitness Company.
  • And finally, I’ll tell you what some real people have to say about the Ab Carver Roller. 

What makes the Ab Carver Pro Roller Effective?

What makes the Ab Carver Pro Roller so effective is how its use engages your entire torso. It’s not limited the way other exercise equipment can be. 

The Ab Carver focuses first on your core muscles. These stabilizer muscles support the entire skeleton, giving us the ability to maintain our balance. The movement and control needed to use the Ab Carver Pro Roller stretches and contracts those core muscles and forces them to work against gravity.

Using the Ab Carver Roller also stretches out your back muscles.  Increased flexibility in your back can help you avoid injury, reducing backaches, too. 

How to Use the Ab Carver Roller

If this will be your first ab roller, here’s how you use the Ab Carver Roller and the Ab Carver Pro Roller. 

First, make sure that you have enough space to stretch out fully on a smooth, unobstructed floor. You might want to put down an exercise mat to protect your knees but keep the area clear otherwise – this is my favorite exercise mat

Start on your hands and knees, grip the handles, and roll forward while contracting your abs. Really focus on using your core muscles to control the movement without letting gravity pull you faster. Roll forward until you hit the point just before you won’t be able to pull yourself back up. It’ll take a bit of practice to find this point.

Keep your abs tight, contract the muscles in your lower back, and keep your hips stable throughout the movement. Don’t let it arch your back, and don’t let your bottom sag. 

Now… hold the position for two to three seconds. As you become more proficient, you’ll want to hold yourself rolled out for longer – the longer you hold it, the more intense the workout for your core. You’ll also improve your balance.

To complete the rep, roll back up to the starting position in a controlled motion.  Use your core to create the movement, not your arms or knees.  Move slowly — the more controlled the movement, the more you’ll get out of each rep. Once you’re back to the beginning, you’ve completed your first rep. 

What the Ab Carver Roller and Ab Carver Pro Roller Have in Common

Ab rollers may look simple, but this no generic wheel on a stick. The Ab Carver Roller and the Ab Carver Pro Roller take ab rollers to a new level so you can level up your core goals.

Both models have ergonomic handgrips, which are angled to help activate arm, core, and back muscles during every movement. The handles are also removable, making storage and transportation simpler.

Another way the Ab Carver models maximize your workout is with their ultra-wide treadwheel. The wide wheel gives you more control and balance during your session. The broad base allows you to curve to the side on the movements used to work your obliques – that’s not possible on lesser models.

Even better – Ab Carver uses built-in resistance to increase the effectiveness of your workouts. The interior kinetic carbon steel spring adds tension to the movement, forcing you to fully activate the muscles in your arm, core, and back. 

Plus, Ab Carver is by Perfect Fitness – they stand behind their products with a full one-year manufacturer’s warranty. And since a Navy SEAL invented and founded Perfect Fitness, you can count on their word. 

Comparing the Features of the Ab Carver Roller and Ab Carver Pro Roller

Body Construction: The Ab Carver Roller is made of alloy steel, but the Pro Roller is made of durable plastic to make it lighter. The lighter weight means that the equipment isn’t going to help gravity… you must control the whole movement. 

Bonuses: The Ab Carver Pro Roller comes with a few extra perks:

  • Kneepad – the Pro includes a high-density foam kneepad.
  • Workout – You can download a bonus 21-day workout plan with the purchase of the Ab Carver Pro.  This workout is designed for everyone from a beginner to an advanced athlete.

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Drawbacks and Cons of the Ab Carver Roller

Most of the negative reviews I found were from people who weren’t aware of the effort it takes to become proficient with an ab roller device. But I did find a couple of legitimate concerns. 

Tension: A couple of taller users mentioned that they felt that the roller’s tension spring limited their range of motion. But most buyers appreciated the benefits the spring brings to their workout. 

Noisy: Several reviewers felt that the noise level of the mechanism was too loud.  But most reviewers didn’t mention this at all. It could be that something happened to the piece in transit but that no one realized it. If you find this issue, contact customer service at Perfect Fitness right away.

Getting the Most out of Your Ab Carver Pro Roller

Perfect Fitness released this video to highlight the benefits of the Ab Carver Pro Roller.

They even have a series of workouts specifically designed to help you get the most out of your Ab Carver Pro Roller. Here’s Day 1.

About the Perfect Fitness Company

Former Navy SEAL Alden Mills founded the Perfect Fitness Company to bring quality fitness products to everyone. They specialize in compact, minimal home gym products simple enough for beginners but advanced and durable enough to challenge the most advanced athlete. You can see their full line of products here.

What Real People Say about the Ab Carver Roller & Ab Carver Pro Roller

L. Foster likes to use their Ab Carver Pro Roller during television commercials!

This is a fine piece of exercise equipment that really shows results. Use this during commercials while you watch television and pop out 2-3 at first and 15-25 reps (after 10-14 days or more) as your body responds. I do not find any undo strain on my lower back like might happen with the onslaught of fatigue and non-assisted equipment like this from the past (the old one-wheel and two simple handles type). This is a great anaerobic exercise you can do in your living room that really burns calories and builds trunk and up body muscles.

L. Foster

And Jerry W. got so much out of the product that he came back to update his review six months later.

When I first started using the roller two months ago, I could barely do five reps at the intermediate level (partial extension). I’m now up to doing three sets of 15 reps at the expert level (full extension). The last few reps are very difficult. I hope to be able to increase my w/o with the roller to 20 reps. I find that the Ab Carver Pro works the triceps almost as much as the core.

I use the roller as a warm-up exercise to supplement my HIIT sessions and conventional weightlifting. I recently added 5 gm. of ribose to my pre-workout supplement, and I notice that it helps power me through my workouts. The Ab Carver Pro seems to be well made. It must be to support my weight (220 lb.).

After six months of using this device, I can perform 30 reps at full extension and 20 reps in a second set. My core has become very strong as a result. My weight has dropped to 200 lb. because of resistance training and changes in my diet. I recently started training during a 14-hour fast, and I expect more weight to come off.

Jerry W.

One reviewer going only by ROK also came back to update their review… two years later!

I’ve used this wheel every day since 9-15-18. It still functions the exact same as the day I purchased it. The paper stick-on label came off, but who cares. From a quality of build perspective, I give the wheel a 10. I can feel it working my shoulders, upper back, upper arms, and my abs. It’s a regular part of my routine and is just one of the exercises I do for my abs. I can’t say that this wheel gave me a six-pack, but I can say that it has helped tune my abs combined with other exercises. I would recommend it for anyone serious about getting fit. Remember that true fitness starts in the kitchen.
9-15-20: The AB wheel is still going strong! I still use it at least six days a week. It’s refreshing to use a product that outperforms my expectations. This thing just keeps ongoing.


The Bottom Line on the Ab Carver Pro Roller Products

An ab roller could be the perfect addition to your home gym. And the Ab Carver Pro Roller and Ab Carver Roller are quality products worth considering. 

Both will help you max your workouts and gain flexibility and balance with their wide bases and ergonomic handles. They’re designed to help you carve that six-pack and more.  And they do it in a quality product that you can easily take along when you travel or just take your workout outdoors. 

They have a few minor differences, so check them both out and decide for yourself which is the right one.

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Click here to check pricing for the Ab Carver Roller on

And don’t forget to pick up a floor mat while you’re at it!