Perfect Pushup vs Perfect Pushup Elite Review

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Overview of My Perfect Pushup Review

You know I take every review on my site personally.  I invest in the research and care necessary to explore each product to bring you the best information fully. 

And like you, I can’t possibly own every piece of home gym equipment out there (though if you saw my home gym you might think I did!). My house would explode with all the great products I’d love to try! 

But when it comes to the Perfect Pushup, I personally own these and love them. You get so much variation in pushups. They reduce wrist strain, you can travel with them, and they add so much variety and versatility to a simple pushup… these things rock! I’ve got TWO versions in my collection.

What makes them great is that a Navy SEAL invented these. Who knows fitness better than a SEAL?? 

So, today I’m reviewing a trio of Perfect Pushup handles. Meet the Perfect Fitness Pushup Stands, the Perfect Pushup Rotating Push Up Handles, and the Perfect Pushup Elite Handles.

Here’s an overview of what I’ll cover in today’s review of the Perfect Pushup product. 

  • First, I’ll talk about the benefits of using a pushup stand like the Perfect Pushup.
  • Then I’ll explain how the Perfect Pushup Works. 
  • I’ll go over how to use pushup handles.
  • Then I’ll show you some of the features common to each of the three Perfect Pushup products and make each model unique.
  • I’ll introduce you to the Perfect Fitness Company.
  • And I’ll wrap things up with why people love the Perfect Pushup as much as I do.

Bottom Line: You can’t go wrong with any of the Perfect Pushup Products. But at such a low price, the premium option – Perfect Pushup Elite (check price on – gives you tremendous value for the money and is my #1 pick.

Regular Pushups versus Perfect Pushups

Before I tell you why you should consider the Perfect Pushup Elite (my top pick of all the Perfect Pushup products – available on Amazon), let’s look at why you would want to buy any handles at all for a pushup. I mean, we learned them with our hands on the floor – what’s the point of a handle? 

The most important reason to consider using a handle is to protect yourself.  A standard pushup using just your hands on the floor forces your hand and wrist into unnatural positions with great force. You’re putting all your weight and effort on a point in your body not meant to carry that much load. 

By using a handle, your wrist stays in line with your forearm and hand.  This placement provides you with a more natural movement and allows your wrist to redistribute the work along the entire forearm. Your wrist is still the weakest link of the movement, but you’ve reduced the chance of a spiral fracture.

There are other benefits to using handles, too. You get a greater range of motion in each rep. Since you’re raised off the ground, you can dip into the pushup deeper. You make each pushup harder and more effective. You also work your chest and wrists more – making more significant chest gains off each rep. 

Now, a regular pushup has a few pros, too. The most important one being that since the pushup is shallower, they’re safer on your shoulders. The movement uses less shoulder abduction – meaning less chance of a shoulder injury. 

But the bigger muscle gains with the handles and the better wrist placement lower your risk of injury overall. 

How Does the Perfect Pushup Work?

These products provide a powerful punch to your workout, but they’re simple and elegant. Whether you’re using the handles, the Elite, or the Rotating, you gain traction on even the slipperiest surfaces. 

The sturdy construction elevates you off the ground to give you an increased range of motion. 

The Elite and the Rotating give you even more benefits. It may seem counter-intuitive, but they hold you flat on that surface while rotating to accommodate a more natural wrist movement. As you move, they rotate to allow your wrist to turn to redistribute your effort. 

How to Use the Perfect Pushup Elite

If this is the first time you’re going to use a pushup handle, then the Perfect Pushup Elite is a great place to start. Using them or their sibling products is simple. 

Start by placing the Perfect Pushup on the floor where you would ordinarily place your hands at the beginning of a pushup.

Now, grip the handles and assume a plank position. Keep your elbows firm but not quite locked into place alongside your body while keeping your body straight – do not arch your back or glutes, or you throw your balance and ruin the effectiveness of your rep. 

You’re ready to do a pushup. You’ll lower your body in a controlled movement.  Then push yourself back up to your starting motion – while maintaining your form. 

To make it easier, keep the dip shallow.  Even more comfortable, you can put your knees down until you’re ready to try on your toes again. 

Want to take things to the next level? Just dip lower on each downward repetition.  You can also hold the rep longer before pushing up.  Be sure to keep your form and control of the movement.

Video: How to Do a Perfect Pushup

Here’s a video showing you the proper technique with a Perfect Pushup

What the Perfect Pushup and Perfect Pushup Elite Have in Common

While each model is unique, the group has some foundational features that bring you specific benefits. 

First, even the most basic model, the Perfect Fitness Pushup Stands (available on Amazon), has a secure floor grip feature. There’s no worry that the handles will slip out from beneath you while you’re mid-rep, so no worry about falling flat and being injured. 

The Perfect Pushup Elite and its sibling models also each come equipped with a comfortable rubber grip. This grip helps to reduce the strain on your wrist by keeping it in neutral positions. 

Every one of the Perfect Pushup models through to the Perfect Pushup Rotating Handles (also available on Amazon) helps you to increase the strength and definition in your arms, shoulders, chest, back, and your abs. That’s on top of the benefits the original pushup has on your entire body!

Comparing the Features of the Perfect Pushup and the Perfect Pushup Elite

Ergonomic Grip: While each model has a comfortable grip, each model approaches it differently. The Perfect Pushup Stands have padded comfort grips. Both the Perfect Pushup Elite and the Perfect Pushup Rotating Handles have an ergonomic rubber grip.

Rotation: The Handles are stationary — however, the Perfect Pushup Rotating Handles and the Elite both have a patented rotation mechanism.  The rotation helps to keep the wrist neutral and allows it to redistribute the effort without twisting – reducing the strain on your wrists.

Lightweight: These handles are all lightweight enough to travel with you.  The Perfect Pushup Elite is the heaviest of the models at a mere four pounds. Both the Stands and the Perfect Pushup Pro are just one pound each but can handle your most demanding workouts.

Size: The Perfect Pushup Handles and the Rotating Handles have 8″ bases and store away easily. The Perfect Pushup Elite has a slightly expanded base at 10″ to allow them to take up to 400 pounds of weight – so bring on the weight vest!

Drawbacks and Cons of the Perfect Pushup series of products

Since I love mine, I was surprised to find anyone had any issues with them.  And most of the complaints I found appear to be with users not familiar with how the handles are intended to work. However, I did find a couple of minor things you’ll want to consider. 

Smell: Some users noticed a strong chemical smell when they first open the product. And some with sensitive sniffers continue to notice the odor. But most users feel that the smell goes away over time after being out of the packaging. 

Ball Bearing Issues: Occasionally, a user will find that the rotation gets difficult. But Perfect Fitness customer service solved the issues for them quickly. 

Getting the Most out of Your Perfect Pushup

Here’s a quick start video by their inventor, former Navy Seal Alden Mills.

This video shows you how to get the perfect chest workout with the Perfect Pushup.

About the Perfect Fitness Company

Former U.S. Navy SEAL Alden Mills founded The Perfect Fitness Company.  The company’s goal is to bring high-quality fitness products to everyone from beginners to veteran athletes. They keep their products small but mighty so that they fit into any home gym and fitness goal.

The Bottom Line on the Perfect Pushup Products

As I said, I love the Perfect Pushup. I have both the Rotating Handles and a set of the Perfect Fitness Elite. Honestly, they’re both great – in my humble opinion. But I prefer the Elite. There’s something extra about having that broader base for support during my sessions.

And since Perfect Fitness wants to make quality, durable equipment accessible to everyone, the price points are reasonable, too. Springing for the Elite didn’t hurt my wallet, but it sure worked out well for my chest. 

These handles are built to last — and built to take on whatever you’ve got. All of the Perfect Pushup Products are available on