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Fueling up, Mutant Style

By now, most of you have heard about Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine workouts, especially the punishing “X-Men Origins” plan he followed to better prepare for the 2009 film.  However, to make sure Jackman avoided injury and exhaustion during training, fitness expert Mike Ryan had to put together a special meal plan that the actor could embrace and easily follow.

You see, simply working out at the gym every day isn’t going to get you the lean, muscular physique you desire.  In fact, overtraining is one of the greatest obstacles to anyone’s fitness goals.  Most experts in both the fitness and nutrition communities agree that diet has a 75-80% influence on your overall health, regardless of what you do at the gym.  That’s why regular folks, as well as established action heroes like Hugh Jackman, need to keep several nutritional strategies in mind.

Basic Nutritional Tips

As exclusively revealed to Men’s Fitness magazine in 2009, Mike Ryan offered the following diet advice for guys looking to follow the Hugh Jackman workout:

  • Six or seven small meals a day, instead of three “large, square” ones.
  • Protein intake should ideally come from natural, unprocessed sources.
  • Protein supplements and amino acids are alternatives to natural sources immediately before and after workouts.
  • Choose water over sports drinks and especially caffeinated “high-energy” beverages to stay hydrated.
  • Avoid all processed foods, even those labeled as “fat-free”.

Hugh Jackman’s Daily Meal Plan Highlights

While he did not eat this way every single day during training, the following does represent Jackman’s typical meal intake and spacing during the “Wolverine” sessions :

1. 5:00 AM (1 hour before training) – Dates, seeds, and berry mix.
2. 6:00-7:00 AM (Immediately before, after weight training) – Protein supplements.
3. 7:30 AM (After cardio training) – Recovery shake and bar.
4. 7:45 AM (After training) – Protein smoothie.

5. 10.00 AM – Morning protein boost (e.g. Turkey stir-fry with spinach, broccoli, mushrooms and cauliflower).
6.   1.00 PM – Lunch (e.g. 200g rosemary chicken with sugar snap peas and asparagus).
7.   4.00 PM – Mid-afternoon energy break (e.g. Walnut trail mix).
8.   6.00 PM – Protein dinner (e.g. Tuna steak with broccoli and cauliflower, other vegetables).
9. 10.00 PM – Before bed: Protein smoothie.

Ryan emphasizes that his food plan is just a template that can be adapted to individual tastes and preferences, as well as actual training time (i.e. morning versus afternoon or evenings).

Cannon’s Conclusion

Hugh Jackman’s workout regime is atypical for most of us; however his meal plan is quite realistic even for people who never visit a gym.  Granted the emphasis on protein and protein supplement use may raise eyebrows.  Yet, responsible consumption is the hallmark of heavy resistance training, so long as you don’t get caught up in the overhype of some fitness magazines and drug companies.

We at Free Muscle Building Tips thank Hugh Jackman and Mike Ryan for revealing their complete workout and diet plan.  It offers people a glimpse of what’s possible, even if our schedules are more “9 to 5” than “5 to 10”.

Source: “Exclusive Hugh Jackman Wolverine Meal Plan; Munch like a mutant: Follow the meal plan Hugh Jackman used to maximize the effect of his training for the new Wolverine film”.

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