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Embodying the iconic Marvel Comics superhero “Wolverine” on the silver screen for over a decade has made Hugh Jackman a legitimate, recognizable – and bankable – Hollywood action hero.The multi-talented Jackman (note: he’s a Tony and Golden Globe award winner, plus he’s hosted the damn Oscars!) admits that turning into the rabid Wolverine takes real dedication.  And massive exercise and training sessions alone aren’t enough.

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OK, we get that.

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So, what’s the secret to Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine Diet?

Hugh Jackman says that you’re going to need a formal diet action plan, which means eating the right foods at the right times.” More likely than not, you’re going to have to eat a lot – almost to the point of puking.

Sounds drastic, but that’s the only way to avoid becoming showbiz “roadkill”, i.e. a bony corpse that can’t deliver the goods and is forced to wait tables – instead of pursuing dreams – his entire life.

A harsh statement, but true…

Listen, I’m not the type to throw tons numbers at you, e.g. diet should be 70% or 80% of your overall lifestyle equation.  However, if a veteran like Mr. Jackman was willing to take advice to prepare for his fifth turn as the Marvel mutant superhero, then I’m all ears.

That being said, what did Jackman do diet-wise to make “The Wolverine” come alive again on the movie screen?

For starters, he followed the fasting plan outlined in David Zinczenko’s best-seller “The 8-Hour Diet which divides each day into an 8-hour “window” for eating (stuffing your face?) and a 16-hour fat-burning zone without food.

Inside the eight-hour feeding zone, Hugh used personal advice from none other than fellow Hollywood actor and World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) icon Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.  In order to pack on twenty-five pounds of lean muscle mass in six months, Johnson told his fellow forty-something to “eat natural, and eat 6,000 calories per day.”[1]

Six-thousand calories a day! That’s crazy eating, kind of like Olympic swimmer Michael Phelps!

Combining Johnson’s nutrition ideas with trainer David Kingsbury’s “The Wolverine” workout plan meant a lot of personal sacrifice and effort on Jackman’s part, given that the actor was transitioning from his complex, Oscar-nominated role as Jean Valjean in The Miserables (2012).  Following the “carb-cycling” diet concept meant that, according to Kingsbury,

“On weight-training days we’d do carbs, and on non-weight training days we’d have very low carbs and add more fats, like avocado, nuts, and seeds, so Hugh was still getting the calories in, but without as many carbs.”[2]

Specific meal suggestions?  Well, why not turn to “The Rock”?  After all, he’s having to bulk up for the title role in “Hercules: The Thracian Wars”.  Johnson’s protein-rich meals include the following:

Meal 1: 10 scrambled egg whites, 3 servings cream of rice or 1 cup oatmeal, 3 rice cakes

Meal 2: 6oz skinless grilled chicken breast, 1 cup grits, 6oz yams, 1 cup of steamed asparagus

Meal 3: 6oz tuna, 1 cup brown rice, 1 sliced cucumber

Meal 4: 6oz perch fillet, 1 cup barley, 6oz baked potato, 1 cup steamed green beans

Meal 5: 6oz pork tenderloin, 1 cup brown rice, 6oz sweet potato, 1 cup peas

Meal 6: 10 scrambled egg whites, 1 cup oatmeal.[3]

Very important: Enough water (e.g. 18-24 ounces) with each meal and carb avoidance after 3 PM even on “carb” days.

Other items high on Hugh Jackman’s list:

  • Slices of avocado, almonds (healthy fats)
  • Steamed chicken breast without salt
  • Steamed spinach
  • Fish oil (omega-3 fatty acids)
  • The occasional steak (prime cuts).

In past years, Hugh Jackman has not been averse to the odd espresso (caffeine boost) to get an extra kick in the morning.

Cannon’s Conclusion

Hugh Jackman, People’s “Sexist Man Alive” in 2009, is more than just a pretty face with an Adonis-like physique.  At forty-four years old, this industry veteran is widely recognized in Hollywood as a genuinely nice guy and true professional whose accolades and peer recognition are well deserved because of his dedication and hard work.

As the Wolverine, he personifies the brooding loner who struggles to find inner peace and meaning in a tortured life.  Following the “Wolverine” diet plan is not for the faint of heart, and even a partial attempt requires strict supervision by a certified personal trainer and ideally, a registered dietician.

Oh yeah, you young bucks out there need a family physician’s OK, even if it means a complete physical that reveals something that may count against you.

Give it your best effort, and be smart about it!

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