OK, let’s cut to the chase.  Gaining lean muscle mass takes a lot of dedication and discipline, but it does not have to be rocket science.  For your efforts, you will get that strong, washboard physique that keeps women’s eyes on you all the time.

There are a number of critical steps that guys must follow to get six-pack abs, bulging biceps, and a massive back.  While we can argue about their relative importance, here are seven (7) important concepts that newcomers and experienced fitness fanatics alike need to put into practice:

1. Moderate Red Meat Consumption and other Protein Sources for Muscle Mass.

Red meat has been taking a beating in the mainstream press lately, but there is no denying that it can be a great source of protein so crucial for muscle repair and the transport of oxygen and nitrogen to muscles.

Low to moderate consumption of beef, pork, and lamb is nutritious, and should not increase your risk of heart disease or cancer.  Chicken, lean turkey breast, and lentils are also good sources of protein.

2. Floor-based, Multi-joint Compound Exercises.

Sure, it’s cool to use your gym machines from time to time.  Unfortunately, most of them only target one muscle group, which is not what you want.  So, to maximize growth, it’s important to have a healthy mix of squats, lunges and presses that work to increase the size of your muscle fibers and promote size and spacing.

3. Different Exercises to Keep Things Fresh.

Beginners and veterans in the weight room all have favorite exercises.  However, it is smart to change things up every 2-4 weeks to test and apply new stresses to your body.  We reach plateaus quickly regardless of our routine’s quality.

4. Planned Workouts to Eliminate Muscle Deficiencies.

What are your weaknesses?  Maybe you’ve got huge biceps, but have been neglecting your legs, right?  Having a well-proportioned physique not only looks good, but guarantees maximum growth because all muscle groups are being worked on a regular basis.

5. Focusing on the Negative (Seriously!).

Everyone knows that you build muscles during the contraction phase of pulling and pushing exercises.
However, we neglect the negative phase at our peril.  For example, did you realize that during a power lift, when muscles are stretched out and being lengthened, maintaining a “negative” stress can further boost your muscle gain?  It’s a simple concept that effectively stresses muscles and leads to accelerated mass gain.

6. Don’t Overtrain – Ensure Proper Rest and Recovery Time!

Even if you follow a split-training schedule, avoid working out for more than five days per week.  Your muscle fibers need time to repair themselves, heal, and then grow.  Take a week off every three months and you’ll return to the gym refreshed and rejuvenated.  That’s why people who spend too much time in the gym tend to remain skinny and frustrated with their lack of growth.

7. The Right Supplements.

You may not want or need them, but proper supplementation can be the missing ingredient for serious muscle builders.  Keep an eye out for gluatamin (insulin release), branched chain amino acids to counter low glycogen levels, and creatine to improve strength and adenosine triphosphate (ATP).

Having the correct diet strategy, and combining it with a rigorous workout routine and body supplementation is a surefire formula for muscle-building success.  We have revealed some of the details here, and encourage you to discover more through personal research or a meeting with a qualified certified personal trainer.