Keto Charge Review – Does It Work?

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If you’re reading this article then you probably have come across Keto Charge, a supplement intended for use with the keto diet, and are wondering if this product lives up to all of the hype surrounding it.

You may already know that the keto diet basically works by getting your body to burn more fat as its fuel source. Whether you’re on the keto diet or not, Keto Charge is formulated to assist your body in getting more of its energy from – and burning more fat. So does it actually help with that – does Keto Charge make your body burn more fat?

In this Keto Charge review we’ll take a look and the pros (and cons) of Keto Charge, take a look reviews of Keto Charge, and answer some of the most frequently asked questions about Keto Charge.

By the end of this article you should have a good idea of whether or not Keto Charge is right for you.

Let’s go ahead and dive into it.

In a hurry? If you’re looking to burn fat and get your body into ketosis then Keto Charge is worth giving a try. A huge benefit of Keto Charge is it can help you avoid the “keto flu”. To ensure authenticity, safety, and security you should only buy Keto Charge directly from the manufacturer’s website.

Features and Benefits of Keto Charge

The most important thing you need to know about Keto Charge is that it pushes your body into ketosis. If you haven’t done your research, here’s what that means: your body stops burning glucose (the sugars in your blood and body) for energy and starts using the ketones in your body produced by the liver using fat from cells in your body.

Burn enough ketones, and your liver says, “Hey, get me some more fat so I can destroy it in the process of making more fuel.” Pretty soon after that, you start shedding weight and burning fat.

To achieve ketosis – the point at which there are enough ketones in your body to start getting burned as fuel – your ketones need to be above a certain threshold. Keto Charge provides a specific kind of ketone called a beta-hydroxybutyrate (BHB).

By supplementing your body’s naturally occurring ketones with those in Keto Charge, you can induce ketosis, getting your body to burn ketones as fuel and, by extension, excess body fat. Hello, beach body!

Another critical feature of Keto Charge is the little bit of caffeine it adds to your system.

Once you stop taking in lots of glucose (your body doesn’t need it in ketosis, so having lots of it in your system means extra sugars which get stored, thereby undermining your weight loss work), you may experience what some people call “keto flu.” Fogginess, constipation, and irritability are just some of the fun things keto flu can visit upon you.

Keto Charge helps combat this by providing electrolytes to help keep your system more in balance than it would otherwise be as your body enters ketosis. The glycine amino acid helps you sleep a little better – difficulty sleeping being another issue you may encounter when beginning a keto regimen.

Special Features I Like About Keto Charge

Keto Charge’s BHB content keeps your ketones high so that your body continues to recognize that there are enough of them to serve as a fuel source. Once your ketones drop below a certain level, your body goes back to burning glucose, you drop out of ketosis, and the fat-burning stops.

Keto Charge helps the body through its transition into ketosis (via the electrolytes mentioned above), eliminating the dreaded keto flu – a problem severe enough to make more than a few people give up on the diet altogether.

Some Drawbacks of Keto Charge

One of the results of ketosis is a tendency to feel less hungry. Higher ketone levels mean lower appetite. While that may seem like a plus (and it is if you’re worried about any diet leaving you hungry all day long), the issue is your metabolism.

Using Keto Charge or any ketone supplement tinkers with your metabolism, and there is a real possibility of your hunger-inducing hormones roaring back into action once your body exits a state of ketosis. This may drive you to eat more than you usually would and sometimes more than your body needs.

This does not happen to everyone, and it certainly doesn’t mean that anyone who uses a ketone supplement like Keto Charge will immediately balloon up to sumo-wrestler size the day they take their last pill. But it’s a drawback worth noting.

Another drawback is the issue of dosage. While Keto Charge is marketed as a dose of a supplement designed for just about anyone, the truth is that different body sizes and weights may need more focused amounts to maintain a high enough ketone level for the body to remain in ketosis.

The average user will likely fall into the body size and composition categories well served by Keto Charge’s dose levels, but there are exceptions to everything in life.

Frequently Asked Questions About Keto Charge

So far, these are the most frequently asked questions I get about Keto Charge:

Does Keto Charge really work?

Yes, it does, provided you are not doing anything with your diet that would counteract its effects. It really does send your body into ketosis, triggering fast fat burning. Although not required… keep in mind that it works best as a supplement used with a Keto diet.

If you’re only taking Keto Charge but also spending hours on the couch eating cookies and cake, you probably won’t see much weight loss. Use it as intended, though, and you’re in business.

Keto Charge ingredients

Many keto supplements include the same ingredients: things like Soluble Corn Fiber (Fibersol-2), different acids like malic and selenium. Keto Charge’s main active ingredient is the beta-hydroxybutyrate mentioned above. This salt is key to easing your body into ketosis.

Is Keto Charge FDA approved?

Keto Charge is not FDA approved, but because it is not a drug, it does not need to be. Most supplements aren’t FDA approved, as the FDA isn’t authorized to review them.

Where can you buy Keto Charge?

You can find Keto Charge online at their website, Although you may see Keto Charge available for sale from other sites you should only purchase it directly from the manufacturer to ensure authenticity, safety, and security.

What are Keto Charge’s side effects / Is Keto Charge safe?

While Keto Charge is perfectly safe, it does bring with it – as does any kind of supplement or other ingested materials – possible side effects. While Keto Charge can help the user avoid the so-called Keto flu, it can cause fatigue, but it may also cause excess energy, disturbnig your sleep. If you experience any of these they should go away once your body adjusts to the supplement.

The Bottom Line on Keto Charge

Keto Charge is a promising new supplement. If you’re looking for an extra edge to get your body into ketosis and burn more fat it is certainly worth a try. It’s possible you may get some side effects but they should go away once you adjust. Even if you’re not on the keto diet you can see results with Keto Charge.