LetsFit Smartwatch Review – Can Cheaper Be Better?

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I’ve been trying to find a quality smartwatch that doesn’t break the bank, but my searches kept coming up empty. Any affordable options had restrictions regarding features they offered or operating system compatibility.

When I found the LetsFit Smartwatch, I thought it was too good to be true. It’s the most affordable smartwatch I’ve seen that works with both iOS and Android. It’s waterproof and tracks the different health aspects I wanted.

I didn’t know if LetsFit was a good brand, so I did some digging before purchasing. I found that the company makes smartwatches, headphones, sound machines, and exercise machines. They seem to prioritize exercise and health, and with a wide array of electronics, I knew they were worth a try.

If you’re looking for an affordable smartwatch for beginner-level fitness tracking, LetsFit is perfect for you. You don’t want to spend too much money on something that doesn’t suit your needs. LetsFit gives you all the essential data you need to get your health on track.

Features and Benefits of LetsFit Smartwatch

Before I bought this watch, I wondered how it would stand up against the Apple Watch. The LetsFit Smartwatch is thinner and lighter than the Apple Watch, so it doesn’t feel as bulky when you’re wearing it.

Comparing the LetsFit to the Fitbit is almost unfair. The Fitbit doesn’t try to act like a smartwatch, so LetsFit wins in that category. But the Fitbit offers more fitness tracking options and more accuracy than LetsFit.

Step tracking on the LetsFit Smartwatch is more accurate than most pedometers out there. You can choose the specific mode for the activity you’re doing, such as:

  • Walking
  • Running
  • Biking

The watch keeps data on your pace and total distance.

The watch has many health trackers that constantly run in the background. One is the heart rate monitor. You can find your resting heart rate and later calculate the impact of your workout with data recorded during your exercise. Other monitoring includes your sleep cycles and breathing patterns.

Exercise data is critical for the LetsFit, but it also has standard smartwatch features. You can sync the device to your phone and get call and message alerts from various chat platforms and social media apps. You can reject phone calls directly from the watch face.

You can’t text on the LetsFit Smartwatch, but you can read the messages when you get notifications. This feature is where the 1.3-inch color screen comes in handy and makes the text easier to read.

Special Features (Pros) of LetsFit Smartwatch

LetsFit offers nine workout modes, including:

  • Walk
  • Run
  • Treadmill
  • Hike
  • Bike
  • Spinning
  • Yoga

The diversity of these options helped me feel like it optimized the data collected according to the method.

The sedentary reminder is the biggest pro of this smartwatch for me. I often get so caught up in the work that I forget to take a break, stretch, and walk around. LetsFit has an alert that vibrates when you’ve been sitting for too long.

The smartwatch has one of the best batteries I’ve seen, with a charge lasting at least ten days of regular use. It uses more battery when you’re using features that require your phone. Using basic features, like the heart rate monitor, on standby can extend battery life to 40 days.

Women will appreciate the menstrual tracking on the watch. Instead of using a separate app to keep track of your cycle, you can integrate all the data into the LetsFit Smartwatch.

Drawbacks (Cons) of LetsFit Smartwatch

When you buy a $30 smartwatch, you know that you’re not going to get all the features of a $300 watch. But are the drawbacks for LetsFit bad enough to change your mind?

No way. The only drawbacks I could find were that there was no built-in GPS and no microphone.

The GPS problem is easily solved by syncing the watch to your phone. It can use your phone’s GPS to help you find the right trail when you’re walking, hiking, running, or biking.

This work-around drains the battery more than everyday use, so you might not get the entire ten days of charge. However, it’s far from a dealbreaker.

Since the LetsFit Smartwatch doesn’t have a microphone, you can’t use voice commands to set alerts, send messages, or answer calls. This watch is a beginner’s smartwatch, and the company’s focus is more on health tracking, so that’s not a necessary feature.

LetsFit Smartwatch Reviews

One fitness buff says the LetsFit is good for the price because it’s “slim and comfortable” compared to other smartwatches in the same price range.

A fashion blogger loved how affordable the LetsFit Smartwatch is because then you have more money to buy unique watch bands to customize your look.

A Reddit user says this watch is “worth it.” They remarked on the impressive responsiveness of the large, color touch screen.

One hiker said the lack of a built-in GPS was a disappointment but appreciated the accuracy of the step counter and constant heart rate monitoring.

Frequently Asked Questions About LetsFit Smartwatch

If you’re not yet sold on getting a LetsFit Smartwatch for yourself, check out these frequently asked questions for more information.

Is LetsFit Smartwatch waterproof?

Yes, it has a rating of 5 ATM. It’s waterproof enough to wear while you’re washing your hands or showering. However, you should take it off before you go swimming for more than 10 minutes. You can only submerge watches rated 10 ATM or higher.

How accurate is LetsFit Smartwatch?

The LetsFit’s step counter and total distance traveled are the most accurate I’ve seen in a smartwatch. The heart rate monitor and calorie burner are reasonably precise at times, but the tracking didn’t seem as consistent.

How much does LetsFit Smartwatch cost?

The LetsFit Smartwatch is one of the most affordable smartwatches I’ve seen. You can always find it for less than $40 from major retailers. Sometimes you can catch it on sale or use a coupon code to get it for less than $30. Its price makes it worth a try for a beginner.