Rebel Ice Cream Review – Is Rebel Ice Cream Really Keto-Friendly?

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If you eat a ketogenic diet like me, you probably feel great and have lots of energy, but you might miss the plethora of carb-filled desserts. As great as the keto diet is, it can be hard to find tasty keto-friendly dessert options. I was just about to resign myself to a life without sweet treats when I discovered Rebel Ice Cream.

This tasty treat is great for anyone who wants to enjoy some delicious dessert without eating too much sugar. That makes it perfect for people currently eating a keto diet or anyone who likes ice cream.

Maybe that all sounds too good to be true to you, but science backs this ice cream up. Thanks to great ingredients and truly natural sweeteners, this product lives up to all the hype.

Features and Benefits of Rebel Ice Cream

Rebel sweetens its products naturally with chicory root, monk fruit, and erythritol. These sweeteners have a much lower glycemic index than sweeteners used by other brands. Even other brands that advertise as keto-friendly use corn products and traditional sugar.

85-90% of Rebel Ice Cream’s calories come from healthy fats. Fat is hard to avoid in every food, especially ice creams. Fat that comes from healthy sources is exactly what those who eat a keto diet want. Rebel Ice Cream puts the number of net carbs per pint directly on the label. This makes picking a pint simple since you can see a carb amount as easily as you can see a flavor.

Speaking of flavor, this ice cream comes in a wide variety of flavors. From old favorites like chocolate chip and strawberry to innovative, unique flavors like black raspberry and banana peanut butter cup, Rebel Ice Cream has it all.

On top of being sugar-free and full of healthy fats, Rebel Ice Cream is lactose-free. This is due to the use of a lactase enzyme. All of the flavors are considered to be gluten-free, though they are not officially certified as such.

While this company’s ice cream is great, it is worth mentioning the other equally great products they offered. Rebel icecream offers tasty ice cream sandwiches and flavored types of milk. These products are just as keto-friendly as the ice cream itself. 

Special Features (Pros) of Rebel Ice Cream

Rebel Ice Cream has the lowest glycemic of any ice cream available today, thanks to the thought that goes into its ingredients. This ice cream manages to be good for you and also tastes great, which is a balance that many similar ice creams have not struck.

Drawbacks (Cons) of Rebel Ice Cream

Shipping can be expensive. If you can not find this product locally, ordering it online may be your only option. Shipping costs can be somewhat expensive depending on your finances, so you may need to save this for special occasions until your local market catches up. Due to the lack of sugar in the ice cream, it can be very hard right out of the freezer. As a result, you will need to let it sit on the counter for ten to fifteen minutes before enjoying it.

Rebel Ice Cream Reviews from Around the Web

From Keyto Health:

“Butter Pecan (9/10) Woof. I don’t even like butter pecan, nothing about that sounded interesting to me. But on first bite my eyes rolled in to my head, it was that good. The pecans are perfectly roasted so there’s no bitterness, and the ice cream is indulgent and silky. This is like the Haagen-Dazs of low carb ice cream.”

From Keto-Mojo:

“Two Keto-Mojo thumbs up for Rebel Creamery. It’s delicious, made with keto-friendly ingredients, allows for generous serving sizes, and has perfect keto macros. Plus, our Keto-Mojo meter agrees with our stomachs. This will be a staple at Keto-Mojo HQ!”

From Reddit:

“Mad props to Rebel Creamery for being very open about their product, its nutrition, ingredients lists, shipping, and just generally how they’re going about things. Seriously, this transparency is probably even more of a treat to see in today’s food industry than the ice cream itself. I’m really looking forward to the day we see this ice cream take back some freezer shelf space from the Carbsmart and Halo Top impostors. While I’m not yet sure how often I’ll be able to afford this on the regular, it’s good to see it being made available. If I’m ever buying low carb ice cream from now on (as opposed to making my own), this is my first choice.”

From the Rebel Ice Cream website:

“I’ve been looking for Fruit-Flavored Keto Ice Cream for a while now. Most brands have strawberry, and that’s it! But Rebel’s fruit flavors, including this orange option, are incredibly satisfying! It’s creamy, fruity, with a clear orange flavor that isn’t artificial or overly sweet! Well-done!”

From the Rebel Ice Cream website:

“This could be my new favorite! I finally had a chance to try the Snickerdoodle ice cream from Rebel. Wow what a great flavor! I figured it would be good as I’ve never had a flavor from Rebel that I didn’t like. This one did not disappoint. Just the right amount of cinnamon flavor with bits of snickerdoodle dough in it – AMAZING!!! I would almost say this was my favorite, right behind the orange cream. Try it, you won’t be disappointed.”

How Are Net Carbs Calculated?

The ingredients used to make the ice cream sweet are not digestible by the human body, which means that they do not impact blood sugar. As a result, these ingredients are subtracted from the total amount of carbohydrates to get the net carb amount.

How Do I Get Rebel Ice Cream?

Rebel Ice Cream is offered at more and more common grocery stores across the country (I find mine at Target). You can check the company’s website to find a seller near you. The company also lets you order ice cream and other products online. It will ship to you in a cooler filled with dry ice.