Organifi Red Juice Review – What Does Organifi Red Juice Do For You?

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There always seems to be some new super-product on the market promising incredible results for everyone. The latest one appears to be about juice from Organifi, which promises to increase weight loss, energy, and overall vitality.

We tend to get our energy from caffeine, and Organifi promises to reverse that by getting energy from our cells instead. More natural energy means getting through daily tasks without reaching for coffee and unintentionally increasing anxiety and stress. The purpose of Organifi Red Juice is to stimulate energy without also causing undue physical stress.

You might be wondering then if Organifi Red Juice is worth all the hype. Maybe you want to try it out but are unsure if it works. Perhaps you are worried if it has side effects. For anyone trying to find the energy to get through a daily lull, Organifi might be worth trying, and our Organifi Red Juice review will help you decide if it is right for you.

Features and Benefits of Organifi Red Juice

Organifi Red Juice indeed sounds like a super-product thanks to these benefits.

Uses a Combination of Superfoods to Replenish Energy

Organifi Red Juice is supposed to stimulate and replenish your energy. Though Organifi red juice is not FDA-approved, all of its ingredients are. It uses a combination of “superfoods,” like beets, Reishi mushrooms, cordyceps, and Siberian ginseng. Several of these are used in Indian and Chinese medicine because they carry lots of antioxidants (which reduce oxidative stress in the body) and vitamins that replenish energy.

Low in Sugar

If you look at other drinks that replenish energy, they have lots of sugar and caffeine. Organifi drinks have no caffeine and have only one gram of sugar per serving.

Strong Fruit Punch Taste

A superfood does not have to taste bland. With all the berries and fruit packed into Organifi, it tastes like a strong fruit punch, but without the extra sugar. That way, you can drink the juice without sacrificing enjoyment.

Travel Packets Can Go Anywhere

Organifi Red Juice now comes in travel packets, so you can stick them wherever you might need them. You can store one in your bag, in your pocket, or on your desk. Anywhere you can access water and stir the juice mix in is fair game for storing the packets.

Special Features (Pros) of Organifi Red Juice

Here are a few things that make Organifi Red Juice stand out from other energy replenishing drinks.

Fun Combination of Fruits

I’ve mentioned how many superfoods there are in Organifi Red Juice. We neglected to say how many delicious fruits and berries are packed in there too. You’ll find cranberries, blueberries, acai, pomegranates, raspberries, and strawberries, which give you that sweet taste without needing to add sugar.

There are also no artificial sweeteners in the juice mix, allowing that natural fruit taste to shine through.

Works for All Diets

Whether you’re vegan, on a keto diet, or prefer not to eat dairy, Organifi accommodates all dietary needs and preferences. It is also gluten and soy-free.

Drawbacks (Cons) for Organifi Red Juice

Not every product is perfect, but a few flaws should not overshadow the benefits listed above.

Not a Lot of Vitamins and Mineral Variety

According to the nutrition label on Organifi Red Juice, it only has a vast supply of Vitamin B12. Otherwise, the juice mix has organic blends of all the ingredients we’ve mentioned before.

It’s unclear how much blueberry powder extract the mixture has, compared to, say, strawberry extract powder. However, the combination of all these blends should still produce good results for energy and metabolism.

Organifi Red Juice Reviews

Here are a few things that people are saying about Organifi Red Juice.

“I love the Red Juice because I like its taste. I like the way it gives me energy. I like the idea that it’s going to help my metabolism to work well. And I really like the fact that it has helped me not to crave sweet things.” —Glenda Pearce

“I am extremely pleased with this product. It allows me to have the fruits I crave without raising my blood sugar. I also feel great after I drink it each morning. I will continue to purchase this product.” —Melanie S.

“I started to take Red Juice to see if I can gain some energy I needed to coach Sand volleyball. During the first months I could feel a transformation in how I felt. My digestion improved and I lost some weight. I was working all day and coaching 4 nights a week and rebuilding suspension on my truck until late into the night. I was able to get it all done because of red juice. Now I’m buying more because my wife wanted to use it after seeing my success.” —Joel E.

Is Red Juice Good for the Heart?

Organifi Red Juice is chock full of antioxidants thanks to all the berry extracts, even though the nutrition label does not tell you how many there are exactly.

Antioxidants have several benefits for the body, namely lowering blood pressure, removing excess chemicals from the body, boosting metabolism, and slowing down the aging process.

Your body undergoes a process called oxidation whenever chemicals break down, which puts extra stress on your organs. Too much oxidation can increase your chances of getting heart disease and certain types of cancer because your cells are damaged or dying.

In short, because red juice has many antioxidants in them, they help lower blood pressure and reduce stress on your heart.

When Should I Take Organifi Red Juice?

You can take Organifi Red Juice at any time that you need an energy boost. If you need a gentle energy boost in the morning or early afternoon, go right ahead.

However, we don’t recommend taking Organifi Red Juice after 3 p.m. How powerful Organifi’s Red Juice energy boost is might vary between individuals. Although the product does not have any caffeine in it, it may act like caffeine for some people; taking too much after a particular hour can affect your sleep quality.

What Is the Difference Between Organifi Red, Green, and Gold Juice?

First, the ingredients are different, which means the flavor and health properties will be quite different. Red juice mostly contains red ingredients like cranberries, acai, and beets; green juice contains spirulina, mint, and matcha; and gold juice contains turmeric, ginger, and reishi mushrooms.

Organifi recommends green juice (see my Organifi Green Juice Review) for resetting your body in the morning, red juice for energizing during the day, and gold juice for relaxation before bed.