ZBiotics Review – Can ZBiotics Really Cure Your Hangover?

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There’s been a lot of talk about probiotics of late, and people are more and more concerned about monitoring and maximizing their gut health. This means paying attention to the microbes in our systems. It also means using them to make some changes here and there.

ZBiotics is a member of the probiotics family that aims to help you with a problem you’ve most likely had at least once… getting hungover!

Hangovers can be murderous, and we all have our hacks we swear by–beer before liquor, never sicker; liquor before beer, in the clear. Take ibuprofen before you go to bed. Eat greasy food when you wake up. The hair of the dog. But yeah, do any of them really work?

ZBiotics promises relief, and while it’s probably not a good idea to test it out nightly, we’ve all tied one on or had more than we meant to because the night just kept on going. Whatever the reason, those of us who enjoy adult beverages sometimes have to pay adult consequences, so let’s look and see if ZBioitics can help. Please, God, let it help!

Features and Benefits of ZBiotics

Like anything else we ingest, alcohol gets broken down by our bodies so different systems can get at the nutrients they need. Sadly, with alcohol, this process, among other things, produces something called acetaldehyde, which in turn gets turned into what is essentially vinegar.

Too much acetaldehyde means your body gets a little behind in its work. That buildup is part of what leads to a hangover. A study in The Journal of the American Medical Association found that while dehydration may be the most significant contributing factor in hangovers, acetaldehyde was at least a contributing one, as well.

The probiotics in ZBiotics are designed to assist the liver in processing acetaldehyde. The faster our bodies can process it, the less likely that stuff is to collect in our systems and start making us miserable.

How it works is that ZBiotics took Bacillus subtilis, a common bacteria normally occurring on fruits and vegetables, and genetically modified it to seek out and break down acetaldehyde. There’s a bunch of science about how they did this, and it has to do with adaptive properties of bacteria, DNA, and evolution, but the bottom line is that they did it.

CNET covered probiotics and gut health in a story that mentioned ZBiotics, saying that those genetic modifications work as advertised and do make B. subtilis do what it’s supposed to.

Special Features (Pros) of ZBiotics

As if a hangover cure wasn’t enough, there’s more. But first, ZBiotics does not cure every hangover, and it may just ease the discomfort a bit. Still, little is better than nothing.

And second, ZBiotics recommends other measures in addition– drink plenty of water, for instance. With or without ZBiotics, most experienced imbibers know to alternate a glass of water between drinks.

And what’s our big worry when it comes to drinking a little too much? For most of us, it’s our liver. Chinese scientists in Changchun published a study that found probiotics like ZBiotics can have an “effect on alleviating alcoholic liver injury.” By decreasing inflammation and mitigating compounds like acetaldehyde, these kinds of probiotics can improve health and fend off the adverse effects of some of your poorer decisions. 

There is also some anecdotal evidence that ZBiotics also helps with the so-called “Asian flush.” The bodies of people of Asian descent tend to break alcohol down faster than other ethnicities’ bodies do, which results in a higher level of acetaldehyde in their systems. This often causes a flush in their cheeks and chests and can mean more frequent and severe hangovers.

Drawbacks (Cons) for ZBiotics

For any product, you’re going to find people who swear they work and others who curse the day they discovered that product.

Is ZBiotics a wonder drug? No, it isn’t. And honestly, since everyone’s body chemistry and metabolism are different, there’s no way to know how well it will work for you until you try it.

But there is this: several studies from Cornell University scientists have said that while a probiotic like ZBiotics might not prevent a hangover, they readily endorse ZBiotics for at the very least taking the edge off. And hey, sometimes, that’s all you need.

Since this is a digestive probiotic, ZBiotics may have side effects like any probiotic-digestive enzyme that Americans are taking more and more. These can include digestive issues like constipation, gas, and diarrhea, as well as abdominal cramps. These are not incredibly common side effects, but there exists the possibility for anyone using ZBiotics.

However, aren’t those a lot of the things you’d be dealing with while suffering a hangover? So what have you got to lose?

ZBiotics Reviews

There is no shortage of good reviews of the product, including this one from Reddit user hellolifehellolatte, who writes, “At this point, I’m pretty sure I’ll never drink alcohol without it ever again. Game changer.” However, another writes, “It’s definitely no magic pill. I’d say it takes away like 70% of the awfulness. Making sure to drink lots of water and get sleep also help (sic).” Still, as we said above, every little bit helps.

Unsurprisingly, ZBiotics.com published some reviews, and they’re positively glowing. It’s not suspect that a company did not post negative reviews about itself. However, the number of positive reviews and the glowing nature of them tends to seem encouraging.

Nicolas R. wrote, “I wake up the next morning, and I feel great, and I feel I have my day back. It’s totally worth every penny because my time is worth it,” while Matt S. said, “I know I feel better the next day, and that is sort of priceless to me.”

Frequently Asked Questions about ZBiotics

If you’re not ready to give ZBiotics a try just yet, or if you still have questions, you may find something to help you below.

Is a Genetically Modified Organism Safe?

Yes. Purdue University’s College of Agriculture (and many other scientific bodies) has published work that states unequivocally that “There is no data to indicate that consumption of GMOs is bad for human health.”

When Am I Supposed To Drink This Stuff?

Before you start drinking, to be precise. ZBiotics is not a morning-after solution. If you’re already in the throes of a hangover, this will not help you. It won’t hurt you, but you’ll still be hanging just as badly as before you took it.

If you’re headed out to the bar or an office party, take ZBiotics before you leave the house. According to the ZBiotics website, the probiotics need a little time to get into your gut and essentially wake up. You can take it after you’ve started drinking, but really, the earlier, the better.