Testogen Review – Does Testogen Really Work?

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Today the men’s health supplement market is as busy as ever. Every day there’s another health supplement or specially formulated multi-vitamin mixed with a dozen different herbs hawked over the internet.

The manufacturers of these supplements claim their products will return men’s lost virility and restore their waning libidos.

Recently, a new men’s health supplement called Testogen has become popular. Testogen’s manufacturers claim their supplements will help you build muscle and increase your body’s flagging testosterone levels in just weeks.

But is Testogen as compelling as its manufacturers’ claim that it is? Keep reading to find out if Testogen is suitable for your health regimen.

Does Testogen Really Work?

Many other supplement producers jam their websites full of hyperbolic claims and statistics about all the problems their supplements can fix and then hope that consumers will take their word for it.

Luckily, Testogen realizes that this isn’t an effective marketing tactic.

To support their claims, Testogen provides several testimonials and case studies from men who have used Testogen as a health supplement alongside a healthy diet and a strenuous exercise routine. These testimonials have amazing before-and-after photos. Based on these photos alone, Testogen delivers results.

Brent, a Testogen user in the United States, writes that after one month of using Testogen alongside moderately intense fitness routines, he feels increased energy during the day, both in his personal life and during his workouts.

Another Testogen user, Josh from the United Kingdom, writes that he’s lost weight after using Testogen for two months and has seen a considerable improvement in his energy levels. He credits Testogen with fixing his flagging libido and low sex drive. 

How Long Does It Take for Testogen to Work?

According to Testogen’s marketing materials, men should expect results anywhere from two to six weeks after they’ve started taking it. This adds up compared to the experiences discussed in user testimonials available on the Testogen website and elsewhere online. The average time for results for most Testogen users is thirty days.

One Testogen user wrote that after taking Testogen for three weeks, he noticed the first faint effects. He saw a subtle but natural increase in his energy levels and recalled that he wasn’t struggling to get out of bed anymore.

When this user hit the two-month mark, he lost weight and made steady progress toward his fitness goals, all while his sex life continued to improve. So, men who want to try Testogen should wait at least 30 days to see the first initial results while waiting 60 to 90 days to see full, long-lasting results.

Where Can I Buy Testogen?

Unlike many other specialized men’s health supplements that you can only order directly from the manufacturer, Testogen is widely available from several major retailers. You can order Testogen direct from the manufacturer, and also from Amazon.com.

Note: Usually I recommend ordering directly from Amazon due to the free shipping and prices, but the Testogen website tends to offer better bundles.

Does Testogen Build Muscle?

While I was researching this article, I read quite a few testimonials, backed up with before-and-after photos, showing that Testogen helps many of the men who take it gain a considerable amount of muscle mass while losing fat and gaining muscle tone.

But it should be pointed out that most of these results occurred when users took Testogen as a testosterone supplement alongside a healthy diet and a strenuous exercise routine. When users take Testogen along with a healthy diet and lifestyle, users will build muscle mass. Still, Testogen itself will not help users increase muscle mass.

Does Testogen Raise Blood Pressure?

No, there have been no reports of Testogen causing blood pressure spikes or elevated blood pressure levels among men using it. However, there are many other reports of testosterone-boosting supplements causing blood pressure spikes and other harmful side effects.

Men with blood pressure disorders and heart problems should consult a qualified medical physician before making Testogen or any other nutritional supplement a part of their fitness regimen. 

What Kind of Ingredients are Used to Make Testogen?

When you compare Testogen to many other testosterone boosters and men’s wellness supplements available online, Testogen’s ingredient list is unremarkable. Testogen has taken a page out of its competitors’ playbook and has essentially compressed the entire GNC supplement aisle into a single pill for men.

Testogen contains 11 different herbs and supplements, including Korean red ginseng, fenugreek, D-aspartic acid, and nettle leaf extract.

Does Testogen Have Any Negative Side Effects?

If all the user testimonials I’ve read during research for this review are any indication, the answer is no, Testogen does not have any adverse side effects. I looked over hundreds of reviews for Testogen and didn’t find a single account of adverse side effects, but once you look at Testogen’s ingredients, this isn’t surprising.

Testogen works for its users because it’s made entirely from all-natural ingredients such as herbs, minerals, and other supplements. While there have been no documented reports of Testogen causing any adverse side effects, be aware that the ingredients used to make Testogen can themselves cause stomach pain, diarrhea, headaches, and nausea.

What are the Benefits of Using Testogen?

Testogen is a natural testosterone booster that will give your energy levels and sexual performance a boost. When taken as directed alongside a strenuous workout routine and a healthy diet, Testogen users can expect to lose weight and gain muscle while seeing a sustained improvement in their gym routine and sexual performance.

After 60 to 90 days of consistent usage and healthy habits, Testogen users often see an increase in their libido and a clear improvement in their ability to get and maintain an erection during sexual intercourse. If you want to try Testogen, know that no supplement on its own will ever correct multiple acute health and fitness issues.

Testogen effectively boosts energy and improves sexual stamina, but only when it’s used as part of a healthy lifestyle alongside strenuous exercise and a healthy diet. If you’re thinking of supplementing with Testogen then go ahead and give it a try, you have everything to gain and nothing to lose!