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Do you try to eat healthy? Are you still gaining weight as a result of eating healthier foods?

Did you know that there are foods, that we perceive to be healthy, but are proven to be just as bad for us as unhealthy foods?

Believe it or not, this claim is true and may be what is hurting your diet. You might be wondering how healthy foods can make you gain weight? In some cases, healthy foods do this when they are eaten in surplus or processed.

Let’s look at some of the most popular “healthy” foods that may be causing you to gain weight.

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Top 8 Healthy Foods Making You Fat

1. Guacamole

Would you want to pass the guacamole dip over here? Yes, guacamole is number one on our list.

Guacamole is my favorite dip, and it’s a healthy fat! How is this possible?

Here’s the scoop, guacamole really is a healthy food, but when eaten in moderation. Americans eat 10-12 tablespoons full of the famous dip per sitting, when each serving size is one tablespoon and 40 calories. That’s almost 500 calories just in guacamole!

When you’re at your favorite Mexican restaurant, do you just eat one? I know I don’t, who stops at just one? Not only will you eat excessive amounts of guacamole, but what do you eat with dip? That’s right, chips. This combo can be dangerous when you are trying to lose weight.

My advice, enjoy your favorite dip but have the willpower to eat in moderation.

2. “Lite” Versions of Foods

Have you ever had a craving for a blueberry muffin or chocolate chip cookie, then settled for a “lite” version of it, in calories? Of course you have, anyone who has tried to cut calories and still try to enjoy their favorite foods have.

But, here is the problem with eating “lite” versions of food. They are full of fillers, chemicals, and additives. The ​Globe and Mail ​says it best when they say “that would be more damaging to health”.

These so-called “lite” foods still have about 80% of the calories that the non-lite foods do. I see a problem with this because most people tend to eat more of something when it claims to have fewer calories.

Do you keep track of your calories? Before it’s all done, you end up eating more calories of the lite foods than you would’ve with the normal foods, it’s no wonder you can gain weight off of “lite” foods.

It is time to start eating smarter and rely less on the labels that say “lite” on them.

3. Baked Beans

Baked beans are a great source of protein, carbs, and fiber so why would they cause you to gain weight? They seem to be healthy right?

Yes and no, see somewhere along the lines when the food processing industry exploded, sugar was added to the baked bean. We all know that sugar is not a friend if you are trying to lose weight or even maintain. Well, one cup of baked beans contains an impressive 26 grams of sugar. Compare that to a can of soda and the healthy beans are a thing of the past.

My recommendation, eat less baked beans and replace them with black beans, pinto beans etc. They have the same health benefits but with less sugar.

4. Fruit on the Bottom of Yogurt Cups

Do you like yogurt? Did you know that the fruit at the bottom of the container is causing you to gain weight?

Yes, though yogurt seems to be healthy, there are a few things people look over. The fruit at the bottom of yogurt cups are all saturated with corn syrup, sugar, and is only a small percentage of actual fruit juice. It’s not sounding so healthy anymore, is it?

When you consume a lot of yogurt and the fruit at the bottom, that sugar and corn syrup will cause you to gain weight.

Here’s how to fix that, buy yourself plain yogurt and some fresh fruit. Cut up the fruit and throw it into your plain yogurt, you even get an extra benefit of healthy fiber that comes from the fruit.

5. Granola

Granola is number five on our list. This can’t be, it just sounds healthy?

But, like many of our so-called “healthy” foods, granola has tons of sugar mixed in with coconut, raisins, nuts, and oils.

What we know about sugar and weight gain, this is a big factor in why you may be experiencing weight gain. ​HealthLine​ says it best when they say sugar could lead to weight gain and even obesity and other health factors.

Granola is also a very high-calorie dense food, making it a food to avoid if you are gaining weight.

Here’s what you should do, instead of eating granola, eat oatmeal and maybe sprinkle just a tad of granola on top, for flavor.

6. Sushi

Do you go to chow town at sushi restaurants?

If so, this is another item to watch closely if you are gaining weight.

Sushi rolls aren’t as healthy as one might think. First, there’s only a sliver of fish inside the rolls and only about 58% of the calories come from the protein inside. The remainder comes from the packed rice, which there is a ton when added up.

Here is where you may run into trouble. How many rolls do you usually eat, five, six, seven? One six-piece roll has up to 500 calories and is loaded with carbs. Now tell me, who stops at just six pieces?

It is clear that sushi may be playing a bigger role in your weight gain than previously thought.

7. Fruit Juice

Do you have a favorite fruit juice you drink all the time?

If that is the case, it could explain any undesired weight gain. Fruit juice is perceived to be a healthy liquid, but with a few things you probably never noticed.

Go in the store and grab a container of fruit juice. Look at the label, for a serving, and tell me how the sugar content compares with a serving of a soda. As healthy as juice may appear, it spikes your blood sugar insulin because of the huge amounts of sugar, just like pop. Liquids are an easy calorie to consume, making it even more dangerous because you never stop at just one cup.

Instead of drinking the liquid fruit juice, eat solid fruits and gain an extra benefit of healthy fiber, which you lose in the juice.

8. Deli Meats

Finally, number eight on our list are deli meats.

I, for one, will say I used to eat deli meats all the time and thought they were a healthy protein source. Now I avoid them at all cost.

Processing centers mix all these meats together and they come out in an unnatural shape before they’re cut up. The meat is filled with additives, fillers, chemicals, and is loaded with sodium. None of which are healthy for you.

Though deli meats are more of a health factor, they will still pose a threat to your weight. So avoid the deli counter, staying healthy is just as important as keeping the weight off and stick with whole meats like chicken or turkey breast.

The Bottom Line on So-Called “Healthy” Foods

How did your list of healthy foods stack up?

Now you have the knowledge of the top “healthy” foods that are causing you to gain weight. Use that information​ to guide you in making smarter choices.

For some of these foods, you don’t need to avoid altogether. Learn how to eat smaller portions of these foods, count your calories, read the nutrition labels and avoid what you shouldn’t eat.

If you are still gaining weight after cutting these foods out, it may be time to get into a daily workout regime, if you aren’t already.

healthy foods that are making you fat

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