Venus Factor Review – Does Venus Factor Really Work?

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If you’re an overweight female, there have never been more weight loss solutions to try than there are today.

That said, weight loss programs are a dime-a-dozen these days, especially online, and few truly stand out as more legit or successful than the next.

The Venus Factor 12-Week Fat Loss System is a popular program geared toward women. We decided to take a look at it and share with you what we found.

Are you interested in trying the Venus Factor program for women but aren’t exactly sure if it really works or not?

Read on to explore everything we discovered about Venus Factor and why it may or may not be right for you!

Features and Benefits of Venus Factor

The Venus Factor is a 12-week nutrition and dieting program designed specifically for women. In the program, you are instructed on ways to work out and eat that can help you start shedding pounds almost immediately.

During the program, you’ll spend three months dieting and learning about nutrition and how to exercise better. You also gain access to the program’s community forum and blog, the Venus Community, as well as the podcast where other members share their experiences with the program.

The program includes:

  • 3-month workout program
  • 3-month nutrition program
  • 3-month diet program
  • Workout videos
  • Membership to Venus Community forum and blog
  • Membership to Venus Index Podcast

Properly following the program sees you exercise better and more regularly and minimize the bad foods you eat. You gain vital experience in eating healthy, watching your caloric intake, Leptin control, and how to lose those extra pounds you gain from time to time.

Special Features (Pros) of Venus Factor

There are some significant pros to the Venus factor weight-loss program for women, including the fact that it works for women of all body types and fitness levels and doesn’t require fasting or taking supplements. Supplements are often more expensive than the weight-loss programs themselves, so not requiring them makes the price of Venus Factor more affordable.

  1. More affordable than other weight-loss programs for women
  2. It is effective for all body shapes, sizes, and fitness levels
  3. No additional purchases are necessary, including supplements
  4. Takes less time than many similar natural weight-loss programs

An additional noteworthy advantage of the Venus Factor is that it takes quite a bit less time than many natural weight-loss programs that don’t include taking supplements or some sort. The fact that you gain access to a community of other program participants, past and present, is also a big deal.

The community forum allows you to openly communicate, ask questions, and find answers from others in the program. In addition to this, there is also an affiliated podcast that gives you access to testimonials and success stories from people who have successfully completed the program.

Drawbacks (Cons) for Venus Factor

There are a couple of drawbacks to the Venus Factor program. One of these drawbacks is the fact that you can only gain access to information about the program’s core content after you purchase it. Also, the program is only for women, but if you’re a woman, this drawback is completely insignificant.

Another possible drawback, depending on you, is that the program includes an eBook of 200-pages that you must read. If you fail to read the entire book, you’re missing out on key information from the program.

  1. You need to read through 200 pages worth of writing to complete the program
  2. Little information is available about the program details before enrolling in it

It is our job to note here that not all participants of the program have completed it or feel that it was a worthy purchase. However, truthfully, this is the case with all weight-loss programs.

Venus Factor Reviews From Around the Web

Now that we’ve discussed what we discovered about the Venus Factor weight-loss program for females, let’s have a look at what some thought leaders, as well as the customers themselves, have to say about it.

In this review of Venus Factor, Laura Kelly talks about the program’s creator and credits him as an experienced professional. She goes on to explain how the program works, quoting medical facts about Leptin control, vegetables that kill stomach fat, and more.

From the tone of her review, it is clear that Laura Kelly has given the Healthy Nutrition stamp of approval to both creator John Barban and the Venus Factor women’s weight-loss program.

The reviews found on Reddit about the Venus Factor program go both ways, with a majority of them seemingly positive. According to most Redditors who’ve explored the program and had something to say about it, whether it works or not has more to do with you than the program itself.

In these reviews, it is clear that these ex-participants of the program feel that they got their money’s worth and even saved money in comparison to what they’d have spent on similar programs.

Something that many of the reviewers pointed out was that there were no hidden fees or additional costs to the program.

The general consensus? The program is legit, but it is no magical fix. You get what you put in.

In his full and comprehensive review of the program for, Daniel Yetman attempts to expose the Venus Factor as a possible scam. However, nothing in his review provides clear evidence of this theory.

Our thoughts are this: if the program is a scam, it sure has helped thousands of women lose stubborn weight, and at an incredibly inexpensive cost compared to other programs.

What is the Venus Index?

The Venus Index is another name for the Venus Factor weight-loss program and diet for females. This 12-week program aims to control Leptin levels, hormones that slow down metabolism and help to eliminate women’s hard-to-shed weight.

What is the Virtual Nutritionist App?

The Virtual Nutritionist App is a tool that is included with your purchase of the Venus Factor 12-week weight-loss program for women. As the name suggests, the app is designed to be your very own virtual nutritionist as you work through the program.