Basement Beast Workout – Does Basement Beast Really Work?

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Getting into shape is something almost everyone talks about. But what happens more often than not? We just can’t seem to make time for it, or we’re too wiped out from the other obligations in life. Meanwhile, that reflection in the mirror doesn’t seem to empathize with our plight. We really want to be in shape but just don’t seem to find a spot in our day for it.

Realizing this, you decide that you still want to make it work and get in shape. But now you recognize that you need something that will work around your schedule. Something that isn’t going to eat up a big chunk of the clock. Jumping in your car and fighting traffic to go to the gym for hours at a time might be out of the question. But what if you could just set aside 20 minutes a day and get into great shape with minimal equipment?

Enter The Basement Beast Workout

If you’re looking for a program that can kick your butt into gear and get you real results in a short amount of time, The Basement Beast is where it’s at.

The program takes a lot less time than going out to a traditional gym. All you need is about 20–30 minutes a day to get in a full workout. You’ll get the benefit of giving your body what it needs in a way that doesn’t eat up a lot of your day. Schedule your workouts in the morning, during lunch or evenings, or whatever time is most convenient for you.

In addition to not requiring a lot of time, you don’t need a lot of equipment. Some resistance bands, a yoga mat, and the follow-along workout videos are all that’s needed. Along with all of this, you will be supplied with worksheets to keep track of your progress. The entire program promises a notable change in your physique in just 12 weeks.

Worried about what to eat as you’re doing the program? Don’t sweat it. (Or at least don’t sweat worrying about what to chow down on for your meals) Included with the program are The Basement Beast Lean Muscle Nutrition Blueprint and Instructional Cooking Videos. This will take the guesswork out of all your meal prep.

How Much Does Basement Beast Cost?

The program is normally $139 but is currently being offered for a one-time price of $67. If the lowered price for 12 weeks’ worth of workouts isn’t enough to sway you, the program also offers a 30-day money-back guarantee as well as one free workout posted on the site for you to try out. Sounds like a pretty fair deal to me.

So Let’s Review the Pros of Basement Beast

So far this program offers

  • A great program to get in shape with just 20–30 minute workouts four times a week.
  • Minimal equipment needed for the workouts
  • A solid diet plan to accompany the workouts
  • A reasonable price along with a money-back guarantee and free workout to see if it’s something you’ll like

What’s the Catch?

As with all things that sound too good to be true, we want to know about any potential drawbacks. Well, a big one that comes with any workout program is the biggest stickler of them all.

You have to actually do the work!

If you purchase this program and all the equipment, then just sit on the couch all day and night then expect to see results, you’re likely going to be very disappointed. Even though the workouts don’t consume a lot of time, they are intense. They will require a real and concentrated effort on your behalf.

Also, while the workouts will likely lead to weight loss, better muscle definition, and better overall cardio and strength, the workout does have its limitations. Sure, you’ll look better naked. But for those searching for that Mr. Universe look, you’ll likely be looking at supplemental workouts and a longer time frame for the desired transformation.

None of this should cause you to shy away from getting a jump start on this path with the Basement Beast program. 

Basement Beast Workout Reviews

“I started Basement Beast in April 2020, and it was one of the best decisions that I have made in my fitness journey. Basement Beast is just that, a fitness journey with no false advertisements. The workouts are fun, motivating and inspirational. Fabien is awesome as he not only talks the talk but he completes every workout with you. I highly recommend Basement Beast to anyone looking to improve their health and fitness.” – Chris Vollaro

“I love Basement Beast” – Reddit user UKnowWGTG

“I’ve only just started, but I’d like to say this is the most fun I’ve had with a workout. I own P90X and Insanity, and they don’t hold a candle to your program.” – Chance Crofts

“Basement Beast is the real deal. The internet is flooded with get-fit-quick schemes and magic weight loss pills that do not work. Basement Beast is the light shining above all of the misinformation out there. Fabian will lead you through really work, and you will get real results. The only thing standing in your way is you.” – Facebook review by John Silvia

Frequently Asked Questions About Basement Beast

Is the Basement Beast Workout safe?

As with any fitness program, you’ll want to check with a physician if you have any health concerns. But one of the main aspects of the Basement Beast Workout that makes it so great is the use of resistance bands. The different bands allow you to increase the workout intensity as you get stronger but do so in a safe way. Compare this to using heavy weights, which could cause you big problems if something were to go wrong.

Can the Basement Beast Workout be used along with other workout programs?

If you’re not in great shape to start, it would probably be best to just do the Basement Beast for now. But once you’ve gained some strength and improved cardio, you’re more than free to add in other workouts or physically demanding activities. The short time frame of the workouts provides a lot of flexibility in this regard.