Rushfit Workout Review – Is Rushfit a Good Workout?

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You probably can’t scroll through social media or turn on your TV without seeing an infomercial ad for one out of hundreds of products that promise to turn you into the “best physical version of yourself.”

These ads might leave you wondering “If there are so many of these programs, are there any that even actually work?”.

It’s hard enough to find the time and energy to put into a physical fitness routine in the first place, but what if you muster up all of that effort to invest in a program, and it turns out to not even work? One wrong choice could leave you discouraged and unwilling to try again or conclude none of them are worth the time.

We are breaking down Rushfit with an emphasis on evaluating how much value it has to offer. We hope that giving a straight analysis stripped away from promises and slick advertising will allow you to feel like you can decide if Rushfit is right for you.

Features and Benefits of Rushfit

Rushfit’s name comes from Georges St-Pierre’s nickname, Rush. He was an MMA athlete who got inspiration from his own fighting style to create Rushfit.

The product of this fitness philosophy is a DVD program ready for all fitness levels, which means everyone, regardless of their skill level, can do the workouts.

Rushfit includes over “550 minutes of intense strength, endurance, and core training workouts completed over eight weeks to get in the best shape of your life.”

The Rushfit program is targeted at both men and women with any amount of fitness experience. Users of the program can increase the intensity and pace over time as needed.

The program takes a page from professional athletic programs that athletes will actually use.

It includes quick exercises inspired by the MMA-style that will increase your endurance and core strength, and build muscles. All of this while burning calories due to the high pace of the 45-minute workouts. 

You aren’t just doing the same motions over and over during these total-body circuits. They are dynamic and don’t let your muscles get too comfortable anticipating the next set.

Each DVD targets a specific fitness goal so users can specialize their training as much as they want. It also comes with two training guides to help you manage your nutrition, which is going to benefit your ability to maintain a healthier lifestyle.

Special Features (Pros) of Rushfit

Rushfit has a few special features to consider that make a good case for it:

  • The Rushfit system has a 60-day satisfaction guarantee, so there is no financial downside in trying it. This makes the investment opportunity cost lower, so you don’t end up regretting it as much if it doesn’t work for you.
  • The nutrition guide is a nice plus, which gives the feeling of a complete package.
  • The design of the workouts is a stand-out feature. It is both strict and flexible in its approach. You can customize the experience based on the skill level, but there is still an underlying sports science behind the exercises that make however you go about it beneficial.

Drawbacks (Cons) for Rushfit

The price of the Rushfit is slightly higher than its competitors. To be fair, the value of the product is high, so despite it being a greater investment, you are getting more for your money because of the extra features you are getting along with the workouts.

Another possible drawback is that it has a 17-minute warm-up routine to get to the actual intense part of the workout.

This is a good thing because of how important warming up is for the intensity of the exercises, but it does make the program less accessible for those who want to jump in quickly.

Rushfit Reviews Around the Web

“Shift work is tough. One of the reasons I like working out with George and Erik is I get a great workout in minimal time…but it is always a killer.” – Reddit User NoAARPforMe

“Recently returned to the program. Still a great workout and reminds me that you can always improve. :)” – Reddit User savage_geek

“It’s unlikely they’ll find many people that will be asking for a refund. This workout is intense and will deliver results. I’d put a RUSHFIT workout on par with a CrossFit Workout of the Day” –

“I like this program. I like it a lot. And it’s not overproduced and fancy. I feel like this workout program focuses on something that I personally have missed in my training, and I think it is something that most people tend to forget about. I have done the weights, I have done the cardio. But strengthening the core is something that I never really have done, and something that I feel has been missing from my personal fitness program.” –

“As with any workout program, you’ll get out what you put in. If you’re ready for tough no-holds-barred workouts aimed at maximum results in a short yet intense time slot, I would highly recommend RUSHFIT.” –

Frequently Asked Questions About Rushfit

See below some of the common questions you might be asking yourself as well.

Is Rushfit cardio?

Rushfit is cardio, endurance, and strength training all in one. The experience is customizable, so you can do as little or as much cardio as what you are looking for based on which DVD you focus on.

Does Rushfit build muscle?

For those who are looking for some advanced workouts to build and make muscle gains, Rushfit has a DVD section for explosive power training. Whether you are doing the easy or advanced workout sections you will be able to build muscle with the program.

What equipment is needed for Rushfit?

Rushfit doesn’t require that much additional equipment. Rushfit is an at-home workout, so you will only need an exercise mat, a stopwatch, and a set of dumbbells or hand-held weights ranging from 2 pounds to 30 pounds.

Does Rushfit work?

Rushfit can make a unique combination of fitness, experience, and nutrition in a way that leads to a high satisfaction rate among those who try it.

Rushfit works at what it is meant to do and will work for you if you are looking for a flexible experience that you can commit to.