X3 Bar Review – Does the X3 Bar Actually Work?

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Home fitness is now a booming industry. The gym isn’t the only place people can go to get their pump on, and sometimes, your living room or backyard works just fine.

If you’ve been looking for home workout equipment but don’t know where to start, then you should check out the X3 Bar. It’s an incredibly versatile piece of equipment that uses resistance bands and a metal bar to give you a full-body workout.

Keep reading my X3 Bar review to find out if it’s the right home workout tool for you.

Features and Benefits of the X3 Bar

You might be wondering if all the positive talk about the X3 Bar is justified. Let’s take a look at some of the pros of the X3 Bar and what makes this thing unique.

Cutting-Edge Design

The X3 Bar is an enhanced version of traditional resistance bands. The designers of the X3 added a metal bar that links into the resistance bands. Not only does this increase the overall quality of the equipment, but it also allows you to perform a wider variety of exercises than you could with normal resistance bands.

The name “X3” comes from the idea that you get three times the workout intensity as you do from classic weight lifting exercises. You can perform the same exercise, but the design of the bands and the bar triple the resistance you feel. Increased resistance means your body works much harder, which enhances the overall effect of the workout.

Variable Resistance

The main thing that most people rave about with the X3 Bar is what is known as “Variable Resistance.” While normal resistance bands tend to retain their size and form no matter how long your set lasts, the bands for the X3 are unique. They remain extended after you stretch them during an exercise, leading to increased resistance as the workout goes on.

Basically, your muscles are their most relaxed at the start of your workout and the tightest by the end. The X3’s design reflects that, providing the least resistance when you’re fresh, gradually increasing the intensity as you continue the exercise. This way, you’re continuously upping the ante with your workout, leading to better results in a shorter amount of time.

Special Features for the X3 Bar

  • Includes three resistance bands, a special workout platform, and a high-quality metal bar so you can perform different workouts.
  • Comes with a twelve-week training program to help you get your desired results safely and effectively.
  • The workout is low impact on the joints, meaning people of different age groups or fitness levels can get great results using the equipment.

Drawbacks and Cons for the X3 Bar

  • The elastic bands tend to wear down over time. However, they’re easy and cheap to replace, so you don’t need to buy a whole new X3 Bar when this happens.
  • The X3 Bar, especially the platform, can take some getting used to. Remember the golden rule of practice makes perfect, and you should get the hang of it.

X3 Bar Reviews

Here are some X3 Bar reviews from across the web to get an idea of what people are saying:

  • “The best at-home workout investment I’ve made. X3 Bars have been clutch, especially during [the] pandemic,” – Verified X3 Bar user Jacob B.
  • “The X3 Bar Elite system surpasses its competitors in not only quality but in efficiency as well,” – LA Fitness.
  • “I’ve been using this system for about 4 months now and the results are better than when I went to the gym,” – Reddit user Xercister.

X3 Bar FAQs

There’s no question about it, the X3 bar is a very different and unique piece of equipment (some might even say it’s odd). So as you can imagine there are a lot of questions surrounding this piece of equipment. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions related to the X3 Bar:

Does the X3 Bar really work?

The X3 Bar is an excellent piece of workout equipment that gives the results many of its users seek. It leads to a better physique and enhanced endurance the more you use it, and the unique design of the bar and bands gives you those results in a shorter amount of time.

However, no workout equipment is effective unless you put in the effort. If you choose to use the X3 Bar consistently, you’ll find that it really works. If you don’t, the X3 Bar isn’t going to give you the results you’ve been looking for.

Is the X3 Bar worth the money?

Although the X3 Bar might be more expensive than other home workout equipment, you can be sure that it’s worth every penny. The wide range of exercises you’re able to perform, along with the scheduled training program, makes the X3 one of the best values on the market.

How much does the X3 Bar weigh and how long is the X3 Bar?

At only four pounds, the X3 Bar is very lightweight. Also, it’s only 21.5-inches long, meaning it’s easy to store and doesn’t take up much space.

What is X3 training?

X3 training is using the X3 Bar to perform various exercises that train your body. The X3 Bar 12-Week Program is a specific training regimen that uses the X3 Bar to help you shred fat and build muscle.

Who is Dr. John Jaquish?

Dr. John Jaquish is the inventor of the X3 Bar and holder of a Ph.D. in bioengineering. He’s also the one who designed the X3 Training regimen, and the chief advertiser of the X3 Bar across different media platforms.

You’ve probably seen him on the X3 Bar’s website or social media discussing the cutting-edge improvements the X3 Bar makes to traditional workout equipment.

How do you use the X3 Bar?

There are many ways to correctly use the X3 Bar. Since the X3 is meant for different exercises, the way you use it will depend on which exercise you’re doing and what your goals are.

What are some alternatives to the X3 Bar?

If the X3 Bar isn’t your thing, then there are a few alternatives available on the market. You can always opt for traditional resistance bands, which provide a great workout while also being very portable and lightweight. Pull-up bars are another great option, and you can often change your position on the bar to get a different type of workout in.

Cannon’s Conclusion on the X3 Bar

I think the X3 Bar is a very cool piece of equipment. I don’t personally own one, but one of my buddies does and occasionally I like to mix things up and work out with it.

If you’re looking for a single piece of equipment that can give you a full-body workout at home or just simply want something to mix things up and break up the monotony of your normal training program you can’t go wrong by adding the X3 Bar to your arsenal of home gym equipment. You can learn more about the X3 Bar here.