Assault AirBike Classic Review

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Overview of My Assault AirBike Classic Review

Today’s review is for the Assault AirBike Classic (available on There are two models of AirBike, the Classic and the Elite – this review is for the Classic, but you should be sure to look at our review for the Elite.

There are many models of exercise bikes available, even a few quality air bikes. But the Assault AirBike Classic may be the best choice for your home gym.

This review will cover a few things for you to use in making your decision.

  • First, I’ll point out some benefits to air bikes, in general.
  • I’ll show you some of the specific benefits and features of the Assault AirBike, Classic.
  • I found a couple of negatives I’ll show you in the next section.
  • After that, I’ll give you some background on the Assault Fitness Company.
  • Then I’ll share feedback on what real people think of their Assault AirBike, Classic.

By the time you get to the end of this page, you should have a good idea if the AirBike Classic is for you.

Comparing Models? You can see my complete Assault AirBike Elite review here and my comparison of the Assault AirBike Classic vs. Assault AirBike Elite here.

Benefits of Choosing an Air Bike Like the Assault AirBike Classic

If you’re into interval training, your choice of bike is crucial. You can’t have your workouts defined by your terrain or the weather. And an air bike is exceptionally beneficial to someone using HIIT to meet their training goals.

Air bikes use air resistance to increase or decrease the effort you need for your workout. There are no tension brakes or controls to adjust when increasing the resistance and gains to your training.

Another benefit of using an air bike is the whole-body workout it provides. Other bikes have fixed handles, so the entire workout focuses on your legs with some benefit to your core. But bike handles move in with your peddling and involve your upper body in your session.

Features and Benefits of the Assault AirBike Classic

The frame and pivot points have sealed ball bearings that create a smooth ride at any speed. They used twenty (20) high-quality ball bearings throughout the unit to ensure that you create the resistance you need where you need it and nowhere else.

Like all Assault Fitness products, the AirBike Classic is built to endure whatever you endure. It comes with a five-year warranty on its stainless-steel frame and a two-year warranty to cover other parts.

The Assault AirBike Classic can seat a rider up to 350 pounds. It’s ideal for those starting on a fitness journey and for an advanced athlete pushing boundaries.

Special Features of the Assault AirBike Classic

No Speed Limit: The only boundary to how far you can push your workout is your own fitness level. There are no weights or tension controls with limits to impose.

Choose Your Goal: The computer display allows you to choose how to measure your workout goals. Are you aiming to burn a certain number of calories? Get your miles in? Or are you trying to get in 20 mins of cardio? Simply set the computer and get moving.

Programs: The computer holds motivational programs to help you hit and exceed your training goals. You can focus on Intervals, Heart Rate, Watts, or whatever drives you.

Drawbacks and Cons of the Assault AirBike Classic

Seat Comfort: Some reviewers found that the seat position was limited since the heights are in one-inch increments. If you prefer a mountain bike or similar, you may have to work to find the most comfortable seat position for you.

Missing Minor Conveniences: There’s no easy access point to mount a water bottle holder. You’ll need one that mounts to the back of the bike if you want to keep your water handy. Some reviewers also pointed out the standard pedals but were also happy to point out how simple it was to replace the pedals with SPD or whatever you need.

Exiting Inconvenient: Since the handles aren’t stationary, they may be in your way as you try to exit the bike after your workout. But it’s a simple matter to get used to it.

Assault AirBike Classic Video

Want to see the Assault AirBike, Classic in action? Here’s the video trailer issued by Assault Fitness.

I’ve also dug up a video on the unboxing and assembly of your AirBike.

About Assault Fitness Products

LifeCORE is the parent company of Assault Fitness. For 20 years, the company has developed fitness and training equipment that will stand up to the rigors of dedicated athletes. They design products that are durable, corrosion-resistant, and require as little maintenance as possible.

What Real-Life Customers Have to Say About the Assault AirBike Classic

It’s a workout from the first pedal to the last.

This bike has become an essential part of my daily routine. I’ve actually been using one for almost two years at my local HIIT studio fitness gym and fell in love with it there. Now I have one of my own so I can use it when I want, which is just about every day.

There’s nothing quite like it. Resistance increases the faster you pedal. There is no coasting. It’s a workout from the first pedal to the last. And it’s super simple. Some might be put off because of this. There is no fancy full color screen or online coaching programs. Just the important information you need to monitor your work…time, calories, MPH, watts (watts are what you should be watching’s the best indicator of how much work you’re actually doing).

Frank V.

I feel every major muscle group being engaged when riding…

I like to bodybuild, for fun not for sport, and although I hate cardio I know I need it. I spent weeks mulling over & researching similar bikes, deciding to go with this one after seeing so many positive reviews. It took ~30 minutes to assemble this bike and I knew immediately that it was worth every penny. (it took me longer to get all of the styrofoam to the dumpster than it did to assemble the bike)

It’s very solid and surprisingly easy to move with the front wheels, considering it is 100+ pounds of weight. It takes up very little room in my 1200 square foot apartment, which is really important. The health benefits are outstanding. I feel every major muscle group being engaged when riding — most notably quads, calves, delts, lats, obliques & pecs. Being an asthmatic, it has also assisted in improving my ability to breathe. My core is constantly super tight after daily 15-minute, 20mph sessions. I’m thoroughly impressed with this beautiful piece of machinery.


This bike even looks good in the house.

If you like this type of exercise, this is a terrific machine. It’s large and heavy, so have it delivered inside your home. The instructions and included tools are very helpful. It’s a big, heavy box to unpack, with lots to recycle. We’re not very handy, but from unpacking to complete setup took 2 hours. The bike even looks good in the house. It’s noisy like all “air” bikes are, but not as loud as some we’ve tried. We put an old sheepskin cover on the seat, and that made a huge difference in comfort. Any kind of gel or comfort covering will be an improvement. Most importantly, it provides a very good workout for your arms, legs, and heart.

Rachel V.

The Bottom Line on the Assault AirBike Classic

Choosing the right air bike to meet your fitness needs is a personal choice. You want a machine that makes working out effective and convenient – and fun.

For an athlete starting or advancing their fitness goals, the AirBike Classic has everything you need. It has the construction to cope with whatever you dish out and no boundaries to limit your potential.

This air bike is an ideal choice for anything from high-intensity interval training to simply wanting to up your cardio game. Push as hard as you need to push and reap all the rewards as you improve your health and athleticism. The Assault Air Bike Classic is available on

Other Options for Assault AirBike Classic

Heavy-Duty Mat

Once you have your AirBike at home, you’ll want a heavy-duty mat to protect your floors and prevent creep. This equipment mat will do both for you.

Water Bottle Mount

You might also want to get a water bottle mount for your workouts. This one mounts perfectly to your bike.