Assault AirBike Classic vs AirBike Elite

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Comparing the AirBike Classic with the AirBike Elite

Today’s piece is a little different. Recently, I reviewed both Assault’s AirBike Classic and their Elite models. Both models are available direct on Whether you read one or both, you’re probably wondering if an Assault AirBike is a good fit for your home gym.

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An air bike is the perfect type of exercise bike for your home gym if you’re into interval training. Since air bikes use air resistance to control the effort you need for your workout — you can change your workout’s intensity with just the power of your body. No tension controls to interrupt the flow of your workout.

But choosing between the AirBikeClassic and the AirBike Elite is a personal choice. You need to decide which has the features that matter to you, which will fit into your space, which is the best for your workouts.

So, today’s article is a little different. I’m going to review what these models have in common and where they differ so that you can make the best decision for yourself.

  • First, I’ll talk a bit about the quality provided by Assault Fitness and compare warranties.
  • I’ll take a look at how the structure of the Elite compares to the Classic’s frame.
  • Next, I’ll note any differences in the monitors and programs available.
  • Then I’ll show you how a few other features compare between the Classic and the Elite.
  • And finally, I’ll sum up any other bits of information I find for you.

About Assault Fitness, their Quality, and Warranties

For over 20 years, Assault Fitness has been creating workout equipment to handle the most challenging workouts. As a division of LifeCORE Fitness, they pride themselves on equipment that dishes out as much as you can handle, and that will last the test of time. In both the Assault AirBike Elite and the Classic, they’ve met that mark.

Because they stand by their equipment, Assault Fitness warranties all of their products. But there is some difference between the warranties of these two models.

Both come with Limited Lifetime commercial warranties, although the Elite has an Enhanced warranty. The enhancement is in the parts and labor. While both models have a 5-year frame warranty, the Classic has only a 2-year non-moving parts warranty compared to the Elite’s 3-year version. Plus, the Elite has a one-year labor warranty that the Classic does not have.

Since commercial gyms tend to invest in the Elite more often than the Classic, the different warranties make sense since so many people use each piece at a gym.

What the Assault AirBike Classic and Elite Have in Common

Both the AirBike Classic and the AirBike Elite have solid steel, corrosion-resistant frames, making them durable and functional in even the worst humidity. They have sealed cartridge bearings in each of their moving parts and pivots and are built to last. These bikes are made for intense workouts and can stand up to commercial use with ease.

They each have a 25″ steel fan wheel to create infinite resistance to your workouts. The faster you pedal, the harder the resistance. And the fan wheel is connected to the pedals by a sturdy chain drive in both models.

Speaking of pedals, both the Elite and the Classic have an all-metal pedal design to support your workouts, though they’re simple to replace if you prefer something else.

Plus – they’re both also easy to move around your home gym thanks to front-mounted wheels! So, you get your workout where you want it.

The Difference Between the Structures of the Assault AirBike Classic and Elite

There are significant differences between the models, too.

While both bikes have commercial frames, the AirBike Elite has an enhanced commercial solid steel frame that can support 350 pounds, where the Classic only supports up to 300 pounds. This support system is also noticeable in the construction of the seat post. In the AirBike Class, the post is a steel tube, but the Elite is a solid aluminum support.

There’s a difference in the handlebars, too. While both models have durable moving handlebars to give you a whole-body workout, the Classic has a single handgrip. The AirBike Elite upgrades you to handgrips with multiple positions. Not only does the Elite have more options for a comfortable grip, but you can also use hand position to help isolate muscle groups during your workout.

Another difference between these two models is in the pedal assembly. The AirBike Classic has a square-tapered design for simple assembly. The AirBike Elite upgrades you to their ISIS splined system, slightly more complicated to set up, but there are plenty of online tutorials to help you with that part.

A small difference is in the chain’s cladding. In the Classic, Assault uses simple chain covers. But in the AirBike Elite, they upgrade to plastic shrouds to make it easier to protect the chain.

Then you have the dimensions. When you think Elite, you’re going to think “bigger,” and you’re not going to be wrong. The AirBike Elite measures approximately 55 inches long by

26 inches wide, by 55 inches tall. The AirBike Classic is smaller in every dimension – it measures just under 51 inches long by 23 inches wide, by a shorter 50 inches tall. And, where the Classic is just over 95.5 pounds, the AirBike Elite is a whopping 139 pounds!

How do the Monitors & Programs Compare on the two Assault AirBike Models?

Let’s talk about electronics now. Both the AirBike Classic and the AirBike Elite come with a high-contrast LCD screen, but the Elite is more readable. Even better, the monitors have a built-in holder integrated directly into the monitor’s case!

Your workout display will show you all the critical facts you need to know you’re getting the most out of your efforts. It displays time, speed, distance, Watts, and RPM/Pace. You can also show your calories burned.

And both models come are heart rate monitor compatible with a wireless chest strap. They both come with programs for manual, time, distance, calorie, and heart rate targets. If you’re into HIIT, they have 20/10 or 10/20, or even custom interval programs. And the AirBike Elite has a few improvements in that it has a competition mode and has both rest and work LED lights.

Comparing the Features of the Assault AirBike Classic and AirBike Elite

Seat Adjustability: Both models have 4-way adjustable seats to let you get the proper “fit” for your ride. They will adjust up, down, forwards, and backward.

Saddle: The Assault AirBike Classic comes with a standard sports seat where the Elite upgrades you to a slightly more comfortable Sports Seat Elite.

Bottle Holder: Unfortunately, neither model comes with a holder for your drink. You’ll need to find a model that will secure to the back of the seat to ensure it doesn’t get in the way of your ride.

Bluetooth: Both the Assault AirBike Elite and the Classic are Bluetooth compatible so that you can sync your favorite fitness apps.

Tablet Holder: There is no tablet holder on either model, but you can easily find one online.

Windshield: Not everyone wants to feel the wind on their faces during their session. So, the AirBike Elite comes with a built-in windshield – removable in case you change your mind. And while one does not come along with the Classic, you can buy one separately.

Foot pegs: Both the AirBike Classic and the AirBike Elite come with stationary foot pegs to let you rest your legs or to focus on an upper-body workout.

Get the Most Out of Your Assault AirBike (Video)

This video by Rowlett Transformation Center shows some tips for getting the most out of using your Assault AirBike at home.

The Bottom Line on the Assault AirBike Classic and the AirBike Elite

Essentially, both the AirBike Classic and the AirBike Elite are easy enough to use for beginners and built to challenge even the most hardcore athlete.

Both models are sturdy, built to take a beating and dish one out, sticking to the highest quality and durability standards set by the Assault Fitness company. And they stand by these bikes with excellent warranties.

There are a few differences in construction. The Elite has a few significant upgrades that help it to stand up to commercial use. The AirBike Classic is slightly smaller and may be easier to assemble, but both can be moved around your gym to suit your needs.

In the end, choosing between these two great air bike models comes down to what you need and what your budget can handle. The Elite costs quite a bit more than the Classic, but if it’s the right bike for you, it’s an investment you won’t regret.

Both AirBikes are available directly on