Meghan Callaway’s Ultimate Push-Up Program Review

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Overview of my Review of Meghan Callaway’s The Ultimate Push-Up Program

Think all push-ups are the same? You won’t once you check out Meghan Callaway’s The Ultimate Push-Up Program!

Push-ups are far more than a simple up and down movement. There’s balance, poise, and strength needed in every move. Add in a few variations in position, timing, or repetitions, and you can get a full-body strength and balance workout without getting off the floor.

The Ultimate Push-Up Program (see current price) gets to the heart of these variations and unleashes the full potential of the simple push-up. In today’s review, we’ll help you decide if it’s the right push-up for you.

  • First, I’ll go over the features and benefits of choosing The Ultimate Push-Up Program.
  • Then I’ll talk about the few downsides I’ve found.
  • I’ll also introduce you to Meghan Callaway and her company’s fitness focus.
  • We’ll wrap up with what real people think of The Ultimate Push-Up.

Features and Benefits of The Ultimate Push-Up Program

When you think of exercises for your core, most people think of the plank. But the push-up takes the plank and adds a nearly full-body workout. The Ultimate Push-Up Program makes the most of this single exercise in ways you probably never imagined were possible. The simple push-up delivers not-so-simple strength, balance, and tone results in nearly every muscle group.

Even better, the push-up is a portable workout. You can do it at home, in a hotel room, even in the office’s conference room (I recommend locking the door). With Meghan Callaway’s The Ultimate Push-Up Program, you can boost your workout without being tied to a gym or equipment.

Speaking of equipment, you don’t need any. You’re free to consider weighted stands or workout mats for traction, but there is no equipment required to get everything possible out of this program.

Special Features of The Ultimate Push-Up Program

Personal Feeling Coaching: Meghan Callaway has over 16 years of fitness coaching experience, and this program uses it all. Plus, this is a program designed to provide you the benefits of one-on-one coaching without the cost of a personal coach.

Fundamentals Plus: The Ultimate Push-Up Program doesn’t just tell you what to do — it explains the exercise in a way that addresses common mistakes and ways to get the most out of each movement. Even the sales page provides tips and tricks for improving your Push-Up game!

Functional Bodybuilding: Using just this one exercise as the building block, The Ultimate Push-Up Program helps you sculpt your whole body, improving your strength, mobility, and balance.

Drawbacks and Cons of The Ultimate Push-Up Program

No Leg Work: While a push-up is a nearly full-body workout, it does have a few minor limits. It works every muscle group from the shoulders down to the glutes. But it doesn’t have much in the way of strengthening the legs.

Muscle Strain: Like any strength-building workout, this one is hard on the affected muscle groups. It’s important to let yourself fully recover between workouts to avoid damaging the muscles.

Meghan Callaway’s The Ultimate Push-Up Program Video

Interested in finding out more about the program? Take a look at this promo video with clips directly from the training!

About Meghan Callaway Fitness

Meghan Callaway has been an athlete for over 27 years and a personal trainer and fitness coach for over 16 years. She uses her own experience to develop workouts that are easy to follow yet provide complex results. She’s a published author and fitness blogger. 

She uses fitness to improve all aspects of life and firmly believes you can, too. 

What Real People Say about Meghan Callaway’s The Ultimate Push-Up Program

Emily F. loves that the program feels so personal:

I consider Meghan my trainer, even though I don’t have personal sessions with her. She has created such high quality programs that will undoubtedly make you stronger. The only thing you have to do is commit to following her program, and then as Meghan likes to say, “The sky is the limit!

Emily F.

Kelli D. had this to say about The Ultimate Push-Up Program:

I can always rely on Meghan to combine basic skills with innovative exercises meant to get us stronger and to move better. The Ultimate Push-Up Program certainly delivers all of that and more. 

Kelli D.

The Meghan Callaway Approach to Workout Training

Get an idea of how Meghan approaches Push-Ups with these videos of exercises that will help you improve your push-ups!

The Bottom Line on The Ultimate Push-Up Program

If you’re looking for a workout that maximizes every movement, can be done anywhere, and leaves out the need for costly equipment, you need to investigate this one. Meghan Callaway’s The Ultimate Push-Up Program does all that and more.

You get all the benefits of a nearly whole-body workout without added weights or complicated moves. The program provides a personal touch that makes you feel like you’re enjoying one-on-one coaching with a world-class trainer. And you get all these benefits without breaking your wallet.

Click here to see availability and pricing of The Ultimate Push-Up Program.

Optional But Highly Recommended for Meghan Callaway’s The Ultimate Push-Up Program

The Ultimate Push-Up Program doesn’t require any equipment. But if you want to increase your difficulty level just a bit, you can add push-up stands like the Perfect Fitness Perfect Pushup Elite (available on to your routine. This is one of my favorite pieces of inexpensive home-gym equipment and go perfectly with the (or without) The Ultimate Push-Up Program.

If you want to max your Pull-Up game, too, try Meghan’s The Ultimate Pull-Up Program or check out my complete Ultimate Pull-Up Program review.

Best value: Save money and ramp up your results by grabbing both of Meghan’s programs with The Ultimate Programs Package.

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