Assault AirBike Elite Review

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Overview of My Assault AirBike Elite Review

If you’re interested in an air bike, you’re in the right place. Today I will focus on the Assault AirBike Elite (available on – the successor to the highly acclaimed AirBike Classic. This review will help you decide if the Elite lives up to its predecessor.

Air bikes have unique benefits – such as a full upper and lower body workout, no resistance limits, or adjustments. But this model has even more to offer.

In this review, I’ll give you what I found out about the Assault AirBike Elite.

  • I’ll start with the specific benefits and features of the model.
  • Then I’ll point out a couple of cons I found in my research.
  • Next, you’ll meet the Assault Fitness Company
  • And I’ll be sure to share some real-life feedback from actual buyers.

And then you can decide for yourself if the Assault AirBike, Elite is the right bike for you.

Thinking about the Classic? You can see my Assault AirBike Classic review here and my comparison of the Assault AirBike Classic vs Assault AirBike Elite here.

Features and Benefits of the Assault AirBike Elite

Advanced athletes, and even beginners, need durable equipment that can take a beating. The Assault AirBike Elite stands up to even the most advanced interval training, making it the choice of public and home gyms.

Constructed with a solid steel frame that can support a user up to 350 pounds, this bike needs only minor maintenance. The steel is even corrosion-resistant to survive different climates. It comes with the Assault Fitness warranty package – five-year coverage on the frame and two years for the other parts.

Like other air bikes, the Assault AirBike Elite provides a full upper and lower body workout. With multiple hand positions, you can change the targeted area with a simple change in grip… or just get more comfortable.

Special Features of the Assault AirBike Elite

No Boundaries: With an air bike such as the Elite, you have no speed limits, no tension plates, magnets, or other components that can only go “so far.” Your endurance is the only limit.

LCD Display: The built-in computer display with Bluetooth integration lets you connect your fitness apps via the Bluetooth connection and track your progress.

Windshield: Some athletes prefer not to feel the wind on their faces as they ride their air bikes, so this model comes with an integrated windshield.

Drawbacks and Cons of the Assault AirBike Elite

Oddly, I had a hard time finding reviewers who found negatives about this air bike model! But here’s what I found.

Seat Comfort: Just like in the Classic, reviewers aren’t fond of the seat. Some found it slippery and uncomfortable. Many reviewers recommended choosing a new seat and were glad that it’s so easy to replace.

Beeping User Interface: Reaching deep for negatives on this one… some users noted that they didn’t appreciate that the user interface beeps when adjusting the interval timer.

Not Starter Friendly: Several reviewers felt that the Assault AirBike, Elite may be more than a beginner can handle, though being an air bike, you can lower the intensity with your effort.

Assault AirBike Elite Video

This video from Precor shows off the features of the Assault AirBike, Elite.

I’ve also dug up a video on the unboxing and assembly of your AirBike.

About Assault Fitness Products

Assault Fitness is an offspring of LifeCORE, a fitness company with over 20 years of experience dedicated to developing fitness equipment for even the most dedicated athletes. Their products are durable, easy to maintain, and stand up to even the most hardcore workouts.

What a Real-Life Customer Had to Say About the Assault AirBike Elite

Serious athletes like Jeff K. recommend this bike to hardcore enthusiasts like you.

This bike has one purpose and one purpose alone — work hard, train hard. It’s a no-frills, smoke-you, put-in-the-work bike like you’d find in a Crossfit gym. This is a bike designed for those who might not be able to make it to their local box every day but don’t want to stop training. They want to replicate that experience at home, so they don’t have an excuse. If this is you, then this is your bike.

Jeff K.

The Bottom Line on the Assault AirBike Elite

Over and over, my research found that the Elite lives up to the Classic standards and by other Assault Fitness products. Made with the intensity of interval training and hardcore athletes in mind, the Assault AirBike Elite is durable and takes a beating, and needs little maintenance.

More suited to advanced athletes, beginners can still reap great rewards with this model and grow into it with time. An investment in the Elite is an investment in equipment that will last from the start of your journey and through meeting even your most advanced fitness goals.

If you’re looking for an AirBike that will help you evolve as an athlete, you should seriously consider the Assault AirBike Elite (available on

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