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I’ve been seeing a lot of press and publicity lately about the Dukan Diet.

Usually my take on any kind of “diet” is that it’s a short term thing and not going to give people the results they want, especially over the long term.

In all fairness, I haven’t personally had a chance to look it over the Dukan Diet, so I won’t give my personal opinion on it yet.

I did, however, have a chance to find some other resources about the Dukan Diet on the web, check then out and form your own opinion (or just sit tight and wait for mine :-))

And today I am reporting on my twenty-fourth week (days 165 through 172) on the Dukan diet. This week I appear to be a little bit stuck. On Day 168 I gained 3.2 pounds in water for reasons that I don’t completely understand, …

Here are some Dukan Diet recipes:

Recipe: chocolate custard pudding « Charlotte’s Dukan Diet

Welcome to my Dukan Diet Journey. I’m not doing this alone, be sure to check out other people in my blogroll who are on the same adventure as me! Progress spreadsheet. I made up a spreadsheet for a friend similar to the spreadsheet I …

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The Dukan Diet plan program is super-popular in France and is now gaining momentum in other nations as well. In France alone, it’s estimated that over 1.5 million people have utilized this diet and there are many optimistic testimonials …

One thing that you will find out about the Dukan Diet is that you will lose some weight. Or, you could just skip buying the book and just cut your calories way back. The Dukan Diet relies heavily on a very low-calorie diet that doesn’t …

What are your thoughts on the Dukan Diet? Let me know in the comments below.

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