Gorilla Bow Review – Is Gorilla Bow Worth It?

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The Gorilla Bow is a unique way to effectively use resistance bands to build muscle or get toned. It has a bow and various resistance bands to provide a workout that is effective and that you can do anywhere.

Overview of My Gorilla Bow Review

The Gorilla Bow (available on Amazon.com) is meant to be a complete home gym training system that is both fun and easy to use.

In this review you’ll find out if the Gorilla Bow is worth it and who it will work the best for:

  • First, I’ll go over some of the features and benefits of the Gorilla Bow
  • Then I’ll take a look at a couple of the downsides of the product
  • I’ll introduce you to the founders of the company
  • I’ll show you what real people are saying about the Gorilla Bow

Features and Benefits of the Gorrilla Bow

The first thing I noticed when I started researching the Gorilla Bow is just how good the reviews are for this piece of equipment. On Amazon the original Gorilla Bow product has over 800 reviews and a four and a half star rating.

Here are some of the features of the Gorilla Bow

  • Comes with resistance bands and a weightlifting bar shaped like an archers bow in order to get a full workout anywhere.
  • Very easy to store, compared to most home gym systems.
  • The resistance is completely adjustable. You can use one band or multiple bands for a custom workout.
  • Lightweight and portable – it even comes in a travel edition that is easy to pack.
  • Comes in three styles:
    • Original – for a serious workout that rivals weights
    • Travel – compact and able to take with you just about anywhere
    • Lite – for toning and sculpting. This one is popular with women
  • Ability to do many of the most important weight lifting exercises including preacher curls, tricep pushdowns, and squats.

Special Features of the Gorilla Bow

Change tension (weight) in seconds: This is one place the Gorilla Bow really stands out. Changing out the bands is super simple. You just place the bands between the teeth of the bow on each side. Here’s a video on how to do it:

Lightweight and Compact: The entire Gorilla Bow set up clocks in at just 6 lbs and is 56 inches in length. This makes it SO MUCH easier to store than most resistance equipment.

Free Workout Videos: Personally, I think all exercise equipment companies should make free videos with routines to use their equipment. When you purchase a Gorilla Bow you get access to a large library of workouts that you can stream anywhere.

Drawbacks and Cons of the Gorilla Bow

May need extra bands: Depending on how you plan on using the Gorilla Bow you may need a product called “Bench Bands” that allow you to do exercises like chest presses and deadlifts. These aren’t overly expensive, but it is important to know that they don’t come with the product.

Pricey for Some: While the great majority of people who use the Gorilla Bow really seam to like it some feel that almost $200 for the set is pricey for what it is.

Gorilla Bow Video

This is an excellent short, instructional video of how to use the Gorilla Bow in many basic exercises.

If you’re interested in seeing how to put together a full workout with the Gorilla Bow this is an excellent video:

About the Founders of Gorilla Bow

The founders of the company, Chris and Tom, met because their kids attended the same school. They both loved archery and developed the Gorilla Bow as an easy way to stay fit.

The idea got off the ground due to overwhelming support of a Kickstarter campaign and continued to refine the design based on real customer feedback.

What Real-Life Customers Have to Say About the Gorilla Bow

I’ve taken a look at what real customers are saying about this product and I’ve gathered up some reviews to give you a feel.

Like the resistance bands

I’ve enjoyed the transition to elastic bands more than I anticipated. I’m getting a great burn and I’m more committed to training now that it’s in my home.
Thanks GB

Joseph B

Impressed with ease of use

I’ve had the Gorilla Bow for a couple weeks now and I have to say, I’m impressed with the ease of use. The bands are incredibly versatile and provide a great amount of resistance. Very happy with my purchase!

Ryan F

Happily Surprised

I am 64 and miss how fit I was until the last decade or so. We don’t really have space to set up a full weight room at the house so I was looking for more space-efficient solutions. I am in week two and so far am very pleased. There are a couple of design changes I might make (I’m an engineer and can’t help myself), but it is a solid, effective, and well-made product. I will probably augment it with some adjustable dumbbells and possibly a bench, but that is all that should be needed for an effective exercise setup

Lane A

Gorilla Bow FAQs

There are a bunch of questions that often come up about Gorilla Bow. Here are the answers!

How long does the Gorilla Bow take to ship?

The Gorilla Bow is available on Amazon.com on Prime with 2-day shipping. If you order directly from the Gorilla Bow website it will take about 7 to 10 days to be delivered.

Can You Build Muscle with the Gorilla Bow?

The simple answer to this is yes. The Gorilla bow works with resistance bands that provide up to 300 lbs of resistance. If you follow the HIIT video above you should gain muscle.

How Do You Use a Gorilla Bow?

The Gorilla Bow is made of resistance bands and a bar that is shaped like a bow. You use it by stretching the resistance bands to work your muscles.

Do Resistance Bands Burn Fat?

Any workout can burn fat, so yes resistance bans can burn fat – as long as you use them.

What is the Return Policy on the Gorilla Bow?

Gorilla Bow products come with a 30-day return policy. If you need help you can email them at support@gorillabow.com.

The Bottom Line on the Gorilla Bow

The Gorilla Bow is a solid product that lives up to its claims and has a decent guarantee.

It gets great reviews both on their website and on Amazon.

If you are looking for a smooth workout flow and want to include strength training without taking up a ton of space in your house then the Gorilla Bow might be right for you.

Other Competing Products to the Gorilla Bow

There are direct competitors to the Gorilla Bow and also quality resistance band sets. Some people do prefer plain resistance bands, but in general they won’t give you the same ability to mimic a lifting routine.

Standard band sets are much less expensive and will give you a good workout.

Tikaton Bow: This is a direct competitor to the Gorilla Bow and clocks in at about half the price. See the Tikaton bow on Amazon.com here.

Estleys Bow Fitness: This is similar to the Gorilla Bow lite and is also almost half the cost. See the Etsleys Bow Fitness on Amazon.com here.

FitFort Resistance Bands Set: This is a classic resistance band set with up to 150 lbs of resistance and a variety of handles. See the FitFort Resistance Band set on Amazon.com here.

Leekey Resistance Band Set: The simplest set, these resistance bands don’t feature traditional handles, but smooth loops at the end. It’s a nice design. See the Leekey Resistance Band set on Amazon.com here.