Cinderella Solution Review – Weight Loss Fairy Tale?

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Losing weight is a lot harder than gaining it, at least for most people. Because of that, there are many systems out there for weight loss.

One of the systems that I’m getting a lot of questions about right now is called the Cinderella Solution. So I decided to take a deep dive into the program to let you know how it works and whether or not you should drop your hard-earned money on it.

Overview of My Cinderella Solution Review

This product is targeted at women – particularly women who have been on the yo-yo cycle of weight loss. If you’ve lost weight only to gain it all back, then this program is aimed directly at you.

In this Cinderella Solution review you’ll discover:

  • What the Cinderella Solution diet is all about
  • Who the Cinderella Solution is right for
  • What the Cinderella ritual is
  • The Pros of the Cinderella solution
  • The Cons of the Cinderella solution
  • The key features of the program
  • What real people are saying about the Cinderella Solution
  • A Video Review of the Cinderella Solution
  • Cinderella Solution Ratings for:
    • Ease of Use
    • Features
    • Customer Service
    • Value for the Money

What is the Cinderella Solution Diet?

This is a diet that is based on Japanese research into flavor pairing. It’s supposed to help women not have the typical rebounds after their regular diet plan.

The ideas loosely come from Shokuiku – a Japanese program for food education (not a diet).

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Who Is Cinderella Solution For?

If you hate counting calories or points and you have always had trouble with gaining weight back after you’ve lost it, then the Cinderella Ritual might be right for you.

The Cinderella Ritual is also designed specifically for women. If you are a man who wants to lose weight then the High Carb Fat Loss program will probably be a better fit (High Carb Fat Loss also works for women).

What is the Cinderella Ritual?

The Cinderella ritual includes:

  • Using a Fat-Flush Tea.
  • The pairing of two dessert spices that you probably already have in your cupboards.
  • Instructions on which diet foods you should stop eating right away.
  • Carb-pairing habits that target problem areas.

The Pros of the Cinderella Solution

Helps you get off of diet foods: Many diet foods – like diet soda and “lite” cream – are terrible for you. They are full of chemicals that can have serious negative effects on your metabolism and make it harder for you to lose weight. Getting off of these foods and into more healthy eating patterns is key to permanent weight loss.

No stupid promises: There are no promises of 15 pounds in 3 days or any of that nonsense. This isn’t a gimmick , but instead a lifestyle change that can potentially give you permanent results.

Science based program: This is a program based on the science of weight loss instead of a flimsy fad.

Potential health benefits: When you start getting your metabolism working well many other health problems often disappear – including diabetes and high blood pressure.

Supportive Facebook group: This is one of the best parts about this program. The Facebook group has lost of other women who are losing weight on this program.

Quick start guide: This will help you get started quickly and easily. It contains a short introduction, how to use power carbs, how to use the phases – ignite phase and launch phase, a daily plan, and the power pairing guide.

Power carbs: How to include carbs in your diet. Most people LOVE carbs and it’s wonderful to have a weight loss program that includes them.

The Cons of the Cinderella Solution

Digital book format: Some people like hardcopies of programs and while you can print this out, the primary way to view the Cinderella solution is in digital print format.

Angel carbs: When you think of carbs most people think of spaghetti and bread. In this program “Angel carbs” are veggies. That can be disappointing. But there are other carbs you can eat in each stage of the program.

The Key Features of This Program

The Cinderella Solution program is all about “carb pairing” or what foods to eat together. When you purchase the Cinderella Solution you get:

  • The Quick Start Guide – to get you moving fast
  • The Complete Cinderella Solution Program – for in-depth weight loss advice
  • The Cinderella Accelerator Package to get results more quickly
  • The Fat Loss Master Plan
  • The Accelerator Movement Sequencing Activity Guide

Video Review of the Cinderella Solution

This video review gives you a glimpse inside the program and tells you how the Facebook group works and the support that you get from it.

Here is a recipe for a Cinderella Solution smoothie. This gives you an idea of what you’ll be eating inside the program.

How Do I Get A Refund From Cinderella Solution?

Cinderella Solution guarantee

The Cinderella Solution is marketed on the Clickbank platform. A company that takes it’s vendors guarantees seriously and enforces them.

The Cinderella Solution has a 60-day money-back guarantee. To get a refund within this timeframe, just contact their customer service department by email.

Cinderella Review Ratings

  • Ease of Use: 5/5 – There is no hard copy with this program, but it is instantly downloadable, easy to follow, and well organized. The QuickStart guide brings it up to the 5/5 level.
  • Features 5/5 – This program includes support, a comprehensive guide, and an easy to follow the program.
  • Customer Service 4/5 – There is a good Facebook group and a responsive team on email, but no phone number.
  • Value for the Money 4/5 – I would prefer to see some video instruction and not just print instruction, but overall it’s a good value for the money.

The Bottom Line on the Cinderella Solution

Overall, this is a solid program. If you like the idea of carb pairing and not counting calories, then the Cinderella Solution might be right for you. Click here to get started with the Cinderella Solution.

What is the Cinderella Solution diet?