Visual Impact Kettlebells Review

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I’m super excited! Rusty Moore has just put out a brand new program that features the versatile kettlebell. I’m good friends with Rusty and I begged and pleaded to get early access to this program.

So… I’m one of the first people to see the “guts” of this program and it is on FIRE! In a nutshell, I absolutely love and recommend Visual Impact Kettlebells by Rusty Moore and Chris Lopez. Click here to get get your copy now or keep reading for my full review.

Overview of My Visual Impact Kettlebells Review

First of all, I’ve been looking to do kettlebell workouts for a while but didn’t quite know the proper technique. I also really like Rusty Moore’s programs. So this is a good combination for me.

I’ve been through the entire Visual Impact Kettlebells member area and it’s an impressive and easy-to-use program.

Visual impact kettlebells review

In this Visual Impact Kettlebells review, I’ll be going over:

  • What equipment is needed for Visual Impact Kettlebells
  • The features and benefits of Visual Impact Kettlebells
  • Special features that are unique to this program
  • Cons of Visual Impact Kettlebells
  • About the Visual Impact Company
  • Visual Impact Kettlebell ratings.

What Equipment Do I Need for Visual Impact Kettlebells?

My personal favorite kettlebell is the Bowflex Adjustable Kettlebell (available on and it’s probably the one I’ll be using.

But for this program you only need a single kettlebell – so you don’t have to spend on the pricier Bowflex if you don’t want to – and the program will help you determine the weight you use.

For single kettlebells, I recommend the Amazon Basics kettlebells. They are very well made and are a great price.

I have a full Bowflex SelectTech Kettlebells review here.

Features and Benefits of Visual Impact Kettlebells

Kettlebells are a unique way to work out and have been successfully used in Russia for 300+ years by many of their elite athletes.

The Visual Impact Kettlebells training goes over why they work so well and how to properly use a kettlebell (most people get this REALLY wrong).

What Visual Impact Kettlebells Includes

  • Introduction
    • A history of the kettlebell and why you should use them.
    • An introduction to the person featured in the workouts – Chris Lopez – and why he’s worth listening to.
  • Kettlebell basics – this is my favorite part. It’s an explanation of kettlebell theory and how to choose the right weight kettlebell
    • The Hidden Advantage of the Kettlebell Design
    • Kettlebell Lifts Can Help You Move Like a Young Person
    • Torch Body Fat With a Cast Iron Cannon Ball
    • Choosing the Right Size and Style of Kettlebell
  • Kettlebell progression – this section gives you the skills to be able to use the kettlebell effectively.
    • Improving While Using the Same Weight Each Workout
    • Increasing the Density of a Kettlebell Workout
    • 2 Kettlebell Lifting Styles for a Sleek & Toned Physique
    • Kettlebell Complexes
  • Kettlebell workouts – the strategies and explanations of how the workouts work.
    • The Workout Strategy
    • Visual Impact KB – Phase 1 Workouts
    • Visual Impact KB – Phase 2 Workouts
    • Visual Impact KB – Phase 3 Workouts
    • Active Recover (Optional)
  • Kettlebell videos – I’m SUPER excited about these. These workouts are around 20 minutes long and it’s the first visual impact course to feature video instruction that you can stream! You can even cast it to your TV if you have a smart TV.
    • Exercise Demonstration Videos
    • Workout Demonstration Videos
  • Conclusion – this is where Rusty wraps everything up.

Special Features of Visual Impact Kettlebells

How kettlebells work

Explanations of Theory: Besides being friends with Rusty and knowing he’s the kind of guy that walks the walk one of my favorite things about all of his training programs is that he always includes WHY something works.

This is important to me because when I know why something works I’m much more likely to stick with it. For instance, the section “The Hidden Advantage of the Kettlebell Design” shows you why kettlebells are so effective, especially for athletes who do explosive workouts.

Only One Size Kettlebell Needed: Unless you get an adjustable kettlebell, if you need multiple weights these things can take up a lot of space. But Rusty is efficient. Very efficient. So he got Chris (the guy doing the videos) to give just one weight recommendation for men and one for women. You ONLY need one kettlebell to do all the workouts. That’s pretty cool.

Visual Impact Kettlebells - video workouts with Chris Lopez

Video Workout Demos: This is the first of Rusty’s programs that has a video component, and these videos are BEAUTIFUL. Not only is each video extremely clear, but they are filmed on the beautiful beaches of Costa Rica.

Cons of Visual Impact Kettlebells

Only One Weight Needed: As I mentioned before there is only one weight needed. I personally think this is a great thing, but for people who like to work with multiple weights, it may be annoying.

No Phone Number: Rusty always answers his emails and provides great support, but he doesn’t provide a phone number to call.

About the Visual Impact Company

The Visual Impact Company is owned by my friend Rusty Moore who has a passion for producing training that really WORKS at an affordable price.

He started out frustrated because he had developed the “typical” bodybuilders’ body. Too much bulk on the legs and butt and not being able to fit into clothes properly.

He had worked really hard, but wasn’t getting the results he wanted.

Overtime he pieced together how to get the lean and muscular look he was after and started teaching others, which turned into the Visual Impact training courses.

Visual Impact Kettlebells Ratings

  • Ease of Use: 5/5 – This is the easiest of Rusty’s trainings to follow, because of the video instruction. They are all great, but this one is even better than usual.
  • Features 5/5 – This program includes everything you need to get the most out of a kettlebell workout.
  • Customer Service 4/5 – Rusty always answers his emails promptly, but he doesn’t have a phone number.
  • Value for the Money 5/5 – I am amazed at the value that Rusty packs into his programs and the kettlebell training is an exceptional value.

The Bottom Line on Visual Impact Kettlebells

Like Rusty’s other programs, Visual Impact Kettlebells is thorough and effective. You get everything you need to perform a kettlebell practice correctly.

Rusty also has exceptionally good customer support. I highly recommend this program if you are interested in adding a high-quality kettlebell routine to your fitness plan. Click here to get started now.