HealthyWage Review

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Overview of my HealthyWage Review

If you’re looking for motivation to stick to your weight loss goals, you might have come across apps and websites saying they’ll pay you to lose weight. Sounds like a gimmick, right?

The simple rundown is that you make a bet about how much weight you’ll lose and how long it will take, prove your starting weight, pay your bet, and then put in the effort to lose the weight. You lose it and prove it – you win!

But can you really get paid to lose weight? In this review of the program, we’ll find out how it works and if it could work for you.

  • I’ll start by highlighting some of the program’s features and benefits.
  • Second, I’ll go over a few downsides or cons.
  • Then I’ll tell you a bit about the HealthyWage company.
  • And finally, I’ll tell you what people are saying about

Features and Benefits of HealthyWage

So many people decide to lose weight, invest in equipment and programs, stick to it for a bit, and then fall flat and quit if they don’t see results. But with a weight-loss betting program like HealthyWage, you can add a financial incentive to your weight loss plan.

Research at prestigious universities such as Harvard, Carnegie Melon University, and the University of Pennsylvania shows that cash incentives can improve the effectiveness of a weight loss program. And with a betting program, it’s dual-tipped.

First, you can win a bet and make some cash while getting healthier. And second, you can lose your hard-earned money if you quit!

And it must work – Reddit is full of success stories and progress threads crediting HealthyWage with keeping them focused on their weight loss journey.

Special Features of HealthyWage

Here are the key features that might make HealthyWage work for you.

HealthyWage Prize Calculator

You can use their Prize Calculator to see how much you can win before you begin. It may just be the extra boost of incentive you need to get started or keep going. And you can play around with the numbers until you’re comfortable – just be sure it’s at least a little painful or it won’t stop you from quitting later.

HealthyWage Challenges

If competition is the key to your motivation, then the challenges will appeal to you. They have Jackpot, Step, and Team challenges to add some layers of incentive, more accountability, and the potential for bigger winnings. You can even build your own challenge!

HealthyWage Simple Startup

Don’t worry about getting started, either.  You either download their app and follow the easy directions with one of their validators OR you can record a video of yourself and your weight and submit it.  They walk you through the whole process!

Drawbacks and Cons of HealthyWage

Like anything else, there are a few downsides to the program.

Minimum Weight Loss Requirement: To participate in HealthyWage, your weight loss goal MUST be at least 10% of your total body weight. If you have less to lose or you’re trying to bulk up while you lose fat, you could run into trouble meeting your goals.

You Quit – You Lose Your Money: For all the progress posts, you’ll also find plenty of people calling the program a scam. When you read these, you’ll notice that people got “this close” to their goals and were thrilled… but lost their bets. But if you put in the work, you can win.  And really, isn’t the whole point to motivate you to meet your goals?

You Pay Ahead: Unlike with your bookie, you don’t get to pay your losses later.  You pay in your bet in the beginning, or HealthyWage will let you pay in monthly installments.  You can’t hold onto your money and change your mind when it looks like you’ll lose. 

HealthyWage Video

This video is about one user’s success using HealthyWage to lose weight – she lost 40 pounds and made money on it!

About the HealthyWage Company

HealthyWage was founded in 2009 with the mission to have a positive impact on the growing obesity epidemic in the U.S. and globally. Their approach starts with scientific research performed at renowned universities and brings it to the people who need it.

What Real-Life Customers Have to Say About HealthyWage

Paid Right Away

HealthyWage is an amazing service! I bet that I would lose 100 pounds in 11 months, and I did it! I paid in a total of $2,000 over the 11 months, and won $5,000, so profited $3,000. I got paid right away with no issues. HealthyWage gave me that spark to get started, and provided structure/urgency to keep me going throughout. I highly recommend this to anyone who’s had trouble sticking to a weight loss plan. When there’s money on the line, you’re definitely more likely to get it done!

Jenny S.

Process is Seamless

I would definitely recommend this company. I lost 100 pounds in a year and won my wager. I won 1,400. The company paid me immediately with issues. The process is seamless. All you do is weigh yourself on camera and you’re good. They offer tips to help you lose weight and you can connect with others that are trying to lose weight as well.


The Bottom Line on HealthyWage

Still not sure? Well, HealthyWage actually has its own Pros & Cons list for you.  They want to be sure you’re making the best decision for YOU!

If you’re committed to losing at least 10% of your bodyweight, HealthyWage may be the right program for you. You’ll simply record yourself doing your weigh-in according to their guidelines, upload it, make your bet, and go!

Other Alternatives to HealthyWage

If you’re ready to bet your way thinner, but want to compare programs, there are a few options.

If you’re into running, you may enjoy RunBet. They set up games, you choose one, and then you run your way to your healthier weight.

Or there’s DietBet. Run by the same company as RunBet, this one sets up games for other types of weight-loss strategies.

You can also look at SweatCoin, which pays you for simply walking more. This one isn’t a cash prize — it’s more of a token situation, but you can cash in for real rewards.

Choose the program that works best for you, and have fun meeting your weight goals and winning!