JAXJOX Smart Kettlebell Review

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There are many kettlebell products on the market, from grips that turn dumbbells into a kettlebell, to traditional kettlebells, to other adjustable weight kettlebells like the Bowflex SelectTech 840.

But JAXJOX makes a kettlebell that is different from all of them because it’s “smart.” You can connect this kettlebell to a smartphone and it can track your weight, reps, time, and power. Think of it like the Peloton of kettlebells.

That smart feature sets it apart from every other kettlebell on the market.

Cool Stuff! The Jax Jox contains a ton of cool technology that lets it track your workouts and give you feedback. It even comes with guided workouts and a fitness tracker.

Overview of the JAXJOX KettlebellConnect

JAXJOX Kettlebell Connect Smart Kettlebell

The JAXJOX KettlebellConnect is a new concept on the market and it has some exceptional features. Not only is it an adjustable kettlebell with remarkably quick weight changes, but it also has its own app to track your exercise routine and integrates with Apple HealthKit.

This kettlebell is perfect for someone who wants to track their workout results without having to get out an old fashioned pen and paper or enter data manually into a separate app, the Kettlebell does it all for you!

Here’s a rundown of what I cover in this Jax Jox Kettlebell Connect Review

  • The first thing I’ll show you is the features that you’ll find useful.
  • The second thing I’ll go over is a few downsides you should consider before you make your purchase.
  • Then I’ll tell you a bit about the JAXJOX company and a few of their other innovative products.
  • Finally, I’ll provide a sample of customer feedback as well as what other people in the industry are saying about this kettlebell.

Features and Benefits of the JAXJOX KettlebellConnect

The big tech feature of the JAXJOX Kettlebell is that is has a built-in accelerometer. This is how it does magical things like count your reps and give you a report of how well you’ve done with your workout. It even tracks your progress over time!

Other key features include:

  • Quick weight changes with the press of a button.
  • 6-pound increments for the adjustable dumbbell.
  • Adjust from 12 to 42 pounds in one kettlebell.
  • Customize your workout with the JAXJOX app.
  • Integrates with Apple HealthKit.
  • Very small footprint.
  • Because it’s adjustable it replaces 6 kettlebells.
  • Free guided workout routines included!
  • Easy to charge.

Special Features and Pros of the JAXJOX Smart Kettlebell

JAXJOX KettlebellConnect smart app

Fully Integrated Smart Technology
The JAXJOX Kettlebell is the first of its kind on the market. It has a suite of smart technology items that allow you to track and measure each workout via the JAXJOX app. You will also be able to track your progress to keep you motivated.

Guided Workouts Included
It also comes with guided workouts, so you never have to guess at what to do next. Because of the integrated technology the kettlebell even knows how well you are performing those workouts!

Push Button Weight Adjustments
While there are several other adjustable kettlebells on the market, the JAXJOX stands out for its ease of use. You simply rest the kettlebell in it’s cradle and push a button to change weights. The JAXJOX will give you a kettlebell that can go from 12 to 42 lbs in 6 lb. increments.

Feels Like a Standard Kettlebell
This is a pretty big deal. Not all adjustable kettlebells feel solid. But the JAXJOX manages it at every weight.

Drawbacks and Cons of the Jax Jox Kettlebellconnect

Pricey Compared to Standard Kettlebells
If you get a good deal on a standard kettlebell you will typically pay between $12 and $65 depending on the weight. The JAXJOX was listed at $349 when it debuted at the Consumer Electronics Show – considering that this replaces 6 kettlebells the price isn’t bad, but it can be a lot to part with all at once.

I just checked the website and the price is dropping. Click here for the current price.

Needs to Be Recharged
Just like all other tech products, this one needs a charge to run. It has a lithium-ion battery and will run for up to 14 hours on a single charge.

JAXJOX Kettlebell Connect Video

This overview from the Consumer Electronics Show goes over how the kettlebell is constructed and how it works.

About The JAXJOX Company

JAXJOX specializes in connected technology. They have a connected foam roller, the connected kettlebell, and a connected scale. They focus on extensive product testing to make sure each product works exactly how it should.

You can see Steven Owusu, the founder, and CEO talking about the kettlebell here:

Independent Reviews and Recommendations for the Jax Jox Kettlebell

Incredibly Easy to Adjust

I got to try one out for myself at the show and they were incredibly easy to adjust. Literally just press the button and wait a few seconds for the cylinder weights inside to either add or release weight. 


Clean Design

I can’t think of a more space-efficient way to keep this variety of weights in your house. It’s the size of a baby, but you can keep it in the corner. It’s visually clean, yet advanced: motion sensors in the kettlebell track how powerful you are or how long you train and send “personalised workout insights” via the Jaxjox app.


What Real-Life Customers Have to Say About the JAXJOX Kettlebell Connect

The Workouts Are the Best Part

This kettlebell changes weights extremely fast and replaced my slow manual adjustable kettlebell that took way too long to change weights. The workouts are probably the best part. They are challenging, fun, well thought out and most importantly effective


Accurate Data on the App

I love the kettlebell as it is very easy to use. It works very well with the app tracking my every movement. All the data on the app is accurate which is good and it is helping me to reach my fitness goals with the different curated workouts I’m doing shown on the app. Highly recommend this product!


Fast Shipping

KettlebellConnect is a game changer! I’m loving incorporating it into my workout routine. I’m seeing results already. Plus fast shipping and great customer service.


Bottom Line on the JAXJOX KettlebellConnect

man working out with the JAXJOX KettlebellConnect

This is an impressive piece of tech and provides a great workout.

The JAXJOX Kettlebell is For People Who:

  • Want guided workouts.
  • Want an adjustable kettlebell.
  • Want to track their workouts automatically.
  • Want to save space.
  • Like tech.

The JAXJOX Kettlebell is a well built product and the integrated progress tracking app will help to motivate you to work out and keep working out.

JAXJOX Kettlebell Alternatives

Currently, there are no other connected kettlebells on the market, but this workout tech is developing quickly and I expect to see competitors at some point.

There are, however, other adjustable kettlebells on the market as well as many other kettlebell products.

Bowflex Adjustable Kettlebell
This is my favorite product. It works well and adjusts weights quickly. See my Bowflex Kettlebell Review here.

PowerBlock Adjustable Kettlebell
This is a close second to the Bowflex. It doesn’t have quite as much weight variation, but some people prefer the pin weight changing mechanism. See my PowerBlock Kettlebell Review here.

Kettle Gryp
This is in a completely different category and is a grip that you put on dumbbells to make them function like kettlebells. It’s great for travel. See my Kettle Gryp Review here.