Kettlehell Review – Will the Kettlehell Workout Work for You?

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If you have been looking for a workout that fits into your lifestyle, does not require an entire home gym, and creates visible results, Kettlehell is just what you need. With an approachable and simple daily routine, you will be able to see results on every muscle group in your body.

Key Features Kettlehell

The best part about Kettlehell is that the 20-minute exercise segments easily fit into your daily life. For the amount of time you spend watching one episode of TV, you can change your life. You can always add more videos or repeat the same one if you want a challenge, but it is a very approachable amount to get yourself into an exercise habit.

The workout also comes with a recommended weekly schedule to help you form a routine. No need to guess what the right choice is on a given day. It even includes a day of rest so that you don’t burn yourself out. Plus, you can always modify as needed if you know your schedule will change. Going on a big hike? Do your upper body instead of your lower body.

Kettlehell does not make you buy a ton of stuff. The only equipment it requires is a single kettlebell (I recommend using the KettleGryp or Bowflex SelectTech Adjustable Kettlebell). You can get a great workout with simple tools. You won’t need to buy an outrageous amount of expensive equipment. You also don’t have to worry about transforming an entire room in your house into a home gym.

The instructor, Eric Lejia, is an expert at working out with a kettlebell. He shows you everything you need to know about safety, proper form, and the exercises. The program teaches anyone how to do a full-body workout from the comfort of their own home.

Worried Kettlehell is a Scam?

Do you want to try this product but don’t feel sure it will work? You can’t go wrong with a daily workout routine. Lifting weights is a proven way to lose weight and build muscle tone. This isn’t a gimmick exercise that doesn’t show results. Kettlehell is a simple, realistic workout routine that isn’t trying to fool people.

You can also consider how low risk it is. Kettlehell doesn’t ask for monthly membership payments or for you to make a bunch of purchases for equipment you’ve never heard of before. For a one-time payment, you can have all the benefits of having a personal trainer and a simple exercise setup.

Are you nervous that Kettlehell will be too much or too little of a workout for you? Kettlehell easily matches goals and abilities. If you are a beginner, you can take it easy without fear of judgment while you’re getting started. Burn fat and build muscle comfortably.

If you do not want to gain too much muscle, you can stick to one of the 20-minute videos a day and choose a lightweight kettlebell. This program shows results, but only the results you want. 

If you’re already a seasoned pro but want to add another intense workout to your routine, grab a heavier kettlebell. The instructor will show you how to get huge results with the training and give you tips on how to keep challenging yourself as you progress.

Do you feel unsure of how to exercise with a kettlebell? Even if you have never touched a kettlebell, Kettlehell will walk you through the process every step of the way. Starting with selecting the kettlebell that is right for you, the program will teach you everything you need to know and how to keep building up your exercise regimen once you’re an expert too.

Are you unsure if this workout will be able to stand alone as your only workout? Kettlehell covers your entire body in its program. Whether you want to focus on your lower body or upper body, you will have the best exercise for you at your fingertips.

Kettlehell Cons

The only con of Kettlehell is that you have to be self-motivated to see results. With any exercise, it can be hard to motivate yourself to get up and work hard. Kettlehell will not work for you on the shelf.

Paying a real-life trainer would help with that dilemma – but it would be incredibly expensive. Most people can’t afford that luxury, so Kettlehell tries to create ways to help you stay motivated and on schedule, like their weekly workout calendar that is included.

Plus, a gym membership costs a lot of money, and you have to continue to pay each month, even if you forget to use it. Kettlehell is a great way to get into exercising that doesn’t risk breaking the bank or subscription fees. It will be there for you to pick up or put down based on your life’s needs.

Frequently Asked Questions About Kettlehell

Does Kettlehell require a certain kettlebell?

No, this does not require a certain type of kettlebell. You are encouraged to find the kettlebell that is right for you. They can be selected based on your weight lifting abilities. The program includes recommendations on choosing a kettlebell that is right for you.

Does Kettlehell work for both men and women?

Yes, Kettlehell is designed to be for both men and women. Each individual can modify the workout based on their needs and abilities. Tips on ways to do that are included in the package.

Do the exercise segments include warm-ups and cool-downs?

No, the exercises do not have warm-up or cool-down periods. That is something that each person can do on their own, choosing what is right for them.