LadyBoss LEAN Review – Is this the right protein shake for you?

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Note: This review was written by my girlfriend.

If you are a busy woman like me, you know how hard it is to find suitable protein and vitamin supplements to fit your lifestyle. I’m looking for something that tastes great and works as hard as I do. Additionally, it can be frustrating trying to find a nutritional meal shake that will meet the specific needs of the female body. 

Are you tired of comparing all the different proteins and vitamin supplements?

Are you looking for a protein shake that is specifically formulated for women?

Do you want to try out LEAN by LadyBoss but are worried about the cost? 

If this sounds like you, your search is over! I’ve spent the time reviewing (and tasting) LadyBoss LEAN, so you don’t have to. 

LadyBoss LEAN is a fantastic all-in-One nutritional meal shake that will give a hard-working woman like you the protein and vitamins needed to keep working on the job and in the gym. Plus, it’s scientifically formulated just for women!

Features and Benefits of LadyBoss LEAN

LadyBoss LEAN is so much more than just a protein shake. It has a long list of features and benefits that make it the ideal nutritional supplement for women. Trust me… you won’t be disappointed.

Protein is an essential nutrient for keeping your body at its best. Plus, protein can help satisfy your hunger cravings and boost your metabolism. LadyBoss LEAN has you covered. Each serving of Lean has 15 grams of grass-fed non-GMO whey protein. Fifteen grams is about ⅓ of the protein you need each day!

LadyBoss LEAN is the perfect meal replacement. If you are a busy woman like me, you probably don’t always have time to make yourself breakfast or lunch. LEAN helps me get the proper nutrients even when I’m busy.

Additionally, you can add your favorite ingredients like fruit or peanut butter and use the liquid of your choice (milk, water, almond milk, etc.) when making a LEAN smoothie. Not only is it quick and easy, but it also tastes great! 

Most protein shakes emphasize protein and not much else. Lean is different and supports your immune and digestive health. It contains Vitamins A, C, and E and the digestive enzyme prohydrolase. This digestive enzyme helps your body as it digits protein and prevents bloating. 

LEAN helped me on my weight loss journey, and it can help you too. Lean can help you conquer those terrible late-night cravings. LEAN’s hunger-busting protein will keep you satisfied, but since Lean also tastes great, you can use it to replace those pesky sugar cravings.

It can be hard to stay on top of your nutrition if you are busy like me. LEAN can help you save time and money. Many protein shakes are expensive, but Lean comes in at a reasonable $1.60 per serving. LEAN’s great taste and affordable price can help you eat healthy without breaking the bank while still saving you time.     

Special Features (Pros) of LadyBoss LEAN

In addition to the features and benefits of LEAN mentioned earlier, some specific features stand out even more. 

One of my favorite features of LEAN is that it is formulated for women by women. The founder of LadyBoss is a woman who struggled with her weight, and after struggling to find the right supplements for her, she created LadyBoss. 

She worked with scientists and nutritionists to create a protein shake designed explicitly for women. Most of the protein supplements on the market are designed for male bodybuilders; there are not a lot of products designed specifically for women. LadyBoss LEAN changed the game. It is specifically formulated for the specific needs of the female body.

Another great benefit of LEAN is that it tastes great! A lot of protein supplements are unflavored and taste gross. I don’t know about you, but if something doesn’t taste good, I’m not going to eat it. I loved how great LEAN tasted, and I was even excited for my next lean smoothie. 

Finally, LadyBoss LEAN comes in a variety of fantastic flavors. While most protein supplements only come in vanilla and chocolate, Lean comes in vanilla cake, brownie batter, strawberry shortcake, German Chocolate cake, chocolate peanut butter cup, fruity cereal, cinnamon roll, lemon meringue, and pumpkin spice! There is a flavor for everyone.  

Drawbacks (Cons) of LadyBoss LEAN

LadyBoss LEAN is a great product, but it does have one drawback. This protein supplement comes as a powder which means you need to mix it before drinking it. Some pre-made protein supplements come ready to drink. However, I still think LEAN is an outstanding nutrition supplement.  

LadyBoss LEAN Reviews

In addition to my own experience using LadyBoss LEAN, I’ve searched the internet for other women who have used this product. Many other women have had great experiences using this product. I’ve included a few of them below. 

Jenny Lynn from the Workout Den praised LadyBoss LEAN. In her review, she said, “It tastes delicious…there is a little bit of sweetener in there, but nothing crazy like some other brands use.” She was also complimentary of the community that comes with the product.

Summer Banks from Diet Spotlight was also highly complementary. She said, “Love this! You can make so many different shakes with this and even bake with it.” I will be honest, I have yet to try baking with Lean, but after reading this review, I’m excited to give it a try!

There were also some reviews on Reddit. This one was also complimentary of the community with all LadyBoss products. “Great support system on Facebook and the App has great recipes, workouts, and alternatives to eating out.” 

Frequently Asked Questions on LadyBoss LEAN

Does LadyBoss LEAN contain whey?

Yes, LadyBoss LEAN contains whey protein.  

How many times a day can you drink LadyBoss LEAN?

You can drink LadyBoss LEAN up to three times a day!