Masszymes Review – Does BiOptimizers Masszymes Really Work?

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Are you looking for a healthier alternative to protein-packed smoothies and overprocessed foods? If so, Masszymes by BiOptimizers could be the optimal solution. These vegan-friendly, vegetarian-friendly capsules (dairy-free and soy-free) could help you gain more muscle with less protein thanks to its complex blend of enzymes and dietary fungi.

Instead of filling your gut with tough, insoluble vegetable fibers or hard-to-digest proteins, you could be optimizing your protein intake and utilization by supplementing your diet with Masszymes! But the question here is, do these capsules really work?

In this Masszymes review I’ll discuss the pros of Masszymes, some of the potential drawbacks, and answer some of the most frequently asked questions about Masszymes.

By the time you’re done reading this review you should have a pretty good idea on whether or not you want to give Masszymes a shot.

The Bottom Line: You know that protein is a required building block for muscle. Masszymes is one of the best supplements for breaking down protein and making sure your body is utilizing all the protein you are taking in. With a 365 day money-back guarantee you can try it risk-free. Just be sure you only buy directly from the BiOptimizers website to guarantee authenticity, safety, and security… there are too many unauthorized scam sites claiming to sell this product.

Features and Benefits of Masszymes

The primary feature and benefit of Masszymes is muscle growth. If you’re someone who enjoys working out and has been fueling themselves with high-protein shakes and diets for several years, Masszymes could make a significant difference in the way you build muscle.

Masszymes consists of a complex enzyme blend that breaks down the proteins in the foods you eat. This allows your digestive system to absorb and utilize proteins like never before. This supplement is also easy to swallow, relatively free of side effects, and fast-working.

Drawbacks of Masszymes

Even the best made things in life can have a flaw here or there. Masszymes is no exception. The primary drawback of Masszymes is serving size. While this potentially helpful supplement could help you see increased muscle gains, the standard serving size is three capsules.

For those attempting to adhere to a strict budget, the cost of having to continually buy and take these supplements might be too much. Additionally, those who struggle to keep up with multi-day supplement routines may struggle to reap the full benefits of Masszymes.

Masszymes Reviews

While exploring to find out more about Masszymes, I discovered some interesting reviews. One LA Weekly review got right to the heart of what I’d learned, stating that this supplement could help build muscle more quickly, especially for athletes and bodybuilders.

On Reddit, Masszymes has gotten a lot of hype for being one of the most sophisticated body-building enzymes formulas.

Naturally, customers from all across the US have shared their success stories, often mentioning just how amazing it was to gain muscle mass while consuming less protein than ever before.

Where to Buy Masszymes

Though a lot of third-party websites sell Masszymes, I only recommend you buy Masszymes directly from the BiOptimizers website. This is the only way to guarantee you are getting a genuine product and ensuring your safety, security, and avoiding any scams.

How to Take Masszymes

When it comes to taking Masszymes, you have two standard options. First, you could consume three capsules with each three of your major daily meals. However, you may tend to eat lighter meals and enjoy snacks throughout the day.

In this case, you could choose to consume between one and three capsules during meals, and one to two capsules between meals during your snack. The best option depends on your natural eating habits. I personally prefer to space things out throughout the day.

When to Take Masszymes

The best time to take Masszymes is while consuming a meal or a snack. Not only will this routine help ease an indigestion or digestive upset, but it’ll also ensure that the supplement digests more rapidly.

How Do I Use Masszymes

To use Masszymes, you’ll simply need to consume three capsules with each meal. You can also choose to vary your daily capsule amount to better fit your meal habits. The most crucial thing is to start with the base recommended intake. Otherwise, you may experience gastrointestinal upset during use.

Masszymes Side Effects

There are a handful of Masszymes side effects that potential customers should be aware of before purchasing Masszymes. For example, Masszymes is not appropriate for children or those with gastritis.

Additionally, if you have a stomach ulcer or open wound along your digestive tract, Masszymes is not right for you. Individuals who are pregnant or breastfeeding should consult with their general practitioner before taking Masszymes.

The primary side effect of Masszymes is dietary upset. Some users may feel nauseous or bloated after consuming Masszymes. Others may experience stomach cramps or diarrhea. Like with most supplements (such as creatine) this will go away with time.

Masszymes Ingredients

Masszymes is comprised of two primary groups of ingredients: Tri-PHase Protease and Enzymes. Let’s briefly take a closer look at these ingredients to find out more about why they might be beneficial.

Tri-Phase Protease

The Tri-PHase Protease category is chock-full of muscle-building peptides. These protein building blocks are sourced from a specific type of fungus, aspergillus. When fermented, some strains act as an enzyme, helping to break down tough proteins into easy-to-use parts.


The secondary grouping, enzymes, includes more than a dozen unique ingredients. Interestingly, all but one of these ingredients (bromelain) ends with the suffix -ase. This suffix is almost exclusively used to denote an enzyme or enzymatic action.


Bromelain, the single non-conformist of the enzyme ingredient group, is also an enzyme. It comes from pineapple plants. In fact, upon close inspection, nearly every ingredient in Masszymes is derived from a natural plant or fungus!

Is Masszymes Legit

Though Masszymes can cause stomach upset in some users, its effectiveness is backed by current medical science. We know that proteins can be broken down into smaller, easier-to-digest parts with the help of enzymes.

Pairing a protein-rich diet with an enzymatic supplement (like Mazzymes) may be one of the most convenient ways to help your body absorb the maximum amount of usable protein each day.

How Does Masszymes Work

Many proteins we consume are far too complex for our bodies to break down. Imagine being asked to take a solid cement building apart with a dull shovel. You’d likely spend a long time trying to get it done! And during that time, your body would consistently burn energy to keep you going.

The same is true of complex proteins. Our bodies have to work very hard to break them down into usable parts, and it can be a drain on our energy levels. At the end of the day, the protein our bodies are able to wrench out of these complex proteins might be very little, with the remaining portion being sent along to the final parts of the digestive system.

Enzymes are like hi-tech construction tools, designed to break down proteins into their smallest, most usable components. When you pair a high-protein diet with plenty of enzymatic foods (or Masszymes capsules), your body can get full usability out of every microgram of protein you consume!

The Bottom Line on Masszymes

To build muscle and stay healthy, our bodies require a daily intake of protein – you probably already know that.

But even if your diet is rich in protein, you might still be somewhat protein deficient. That’s because enzymes are crucial for proper protein absorption. Masszymes is great for breaking down protein and making sure your body is utilizing all of the protein you’re consuming to build muscle. With a generous 365-day money-back guarantee you can try it risk from. Click here to go directly to the BiOptimizers Masszymes website.